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  1. Re: Chatroomer Of the Year 2008 - (Qualifying) Group 1 Daryl's vote has been added back on though seen as i voted for him Good luck Son
  2. Re: Why we love Soccer Saturday. Very good show i admit! All but video number 4 have been taken of of youtube though due to violation so i can't view the other 4
  3. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. Luke Coates - "Sky"
  4. Re: New English setup, joining stage! I'm in :)
  5. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread Las Palmas for me! Any loans available?
  6. Re: looking for... Your best bet is to keep looking for English setups, they only have the big 4 in it then you can buy who you within your budget from foreign teams The English setups (depending on who makes them at what time) tend to be released at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm so get looking
  7. Re: Rep reduction & accused of cheating by SM I think you might be best pm'ing Ste Gore about this Kylan! He may be able to take a look at it, i wouldn't get too worried if you haven't cheated, if you pm Ste he may be able to take a proper look at it when he gets a minute. Other than that i haven't a clue.. You sure you haven't cheated?
  8. Re: Custom Setup Wrong (both of you ) They're made at 09.30am (GMT) now
  9. Re: Mr Nice Guy's International Evolution I pm'ed you back Roll on the setup
  10. Re: Mr Nice Guy's International Evolution I won't be able to pick till about 10 o'clock tonight. That is if it gets to me by then anyway That ok?
  11. Re: Mr Nice Guy's International Evolution Hopefully i can see the outcome before i set off to work then (4.00pm)
  12. Re: maximum bid I don't know about this. In real life look how much Cristiano Ronaldo is (apparently) being bought for... something around £80 million. Surely on this game the maximum would be put at a lot less if per chance a team was ever unmanaged that had him in it? Anyway my point being there isn't a maximum amount clause for a player in real life so why should there be in a game that resembles real life stats etc? In real life football they have a mimimum release clause which is why SM have one on players too, (it is not called a mimimum release clause but it's the mimumum amount in wh
  13. Re: Mr Nice Guy's International Evolution Well well well, how about that... the last spot filled Thanks mate
  14. Re: Mr Nice Guy's International Evolution I'm 100% with Darshan on this mate, if there's spaces available, and they need filling up, then i'm just your man for a space I'll keep my eye on this thread and the progress of the setup from now on!
  15. Re: Gerrard Vs Ronaldinho (read before voting) I agree with Neller tbh! Gerrard, i love, being he is a Liverpool player (the best Liverpool player). Gerrard is in better form but if Ronaldinho was playing at full level of his ability then he would exceed Gerrard at football along with just about every other footballer in the world. Whether he gets back on form when or if he moves clubs is another question?
  16. Re: John Terry I very much doubt it, i mean don't get me wrong but 95 is a very high rating, especially for a defender. IMO he has been exceeded this last season by the likes of Rio Ferdinand, he is lower than him in rating so if anybody would be likely to go up it would be Ferdinand over Terry. Anyway this thread isn't about Rio, it's about Terry so i won't get too carried away Terry is a great defender, but i doubt his rating will go up as he hasn't done anything spectacular over a course of a number of games. He hasn't been involved at International level alot either so he defo won't ge
  17. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread Barcelona Results... Arsenal 1 - 1 BARCELONA The match between Anthony and Luke finished all square here at the Emirates Stadium. Wouldn't say it was the best game witnessed but as the 2 big guns collided, none of the players on either side could find that all important winning goal. In a boring first half, surely only the seond half could improve? And it did, only a minute into it when Ronaldinho got the visitors heads in front with a debatable goal that could have been disallowed for offside, but Canadian ref George Buckley overuled the line
  18. Re: Chatroomer Of The Year 2008 - Qualifying Rounds Desc. I've just like read through the whole of this for the last 20 minutes haha. I like how i'm still seeded Tom =) Would just like to say good look to everyone participating in this event! Tom's put alot of hard work into this so far and will do so in rounding up all the results etc so for the people who know who they are for slagging this off, bow your heads in shame!! Chatroomer for life
  19. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread Barcelona 2 - 1 Internazionale Luke's Barcelona got off to the perfect start the other night after a great performance against forum rival Lee Bradbury! In a difficult match against 2 of the world's finest clubs, it was the Spanish side that prevailed thanks to a fine second half comeback after going a goal down through Zlatin Ibrahimovic(38), goals coming from Lionel Messi(59) and Samuel Eto'o(79) to cap off the fine comeback for Barca. The result leaves the Spaniards in 8th place, outside all the other teams that picked up the win on goal diffe
  20. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread Barcelona manager Luke Coates made 1 last alteration to his squad before the game with Bardburys Internazionale tomorrow night. Jerome Boateng joined Barca in the early hours of this morning for a fee of £1.1M & Presas Oleguer & José Manuel Pinto from Hamburger SV. Luke says the young startlet won't feature in the first team line up but is a great addition to the squad for the long run! P.S...Chatroomers are the best
  21. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread Barcelona News, Day 3... New manager Luke Coates has been very active in the transfer window thus far, especially through the early hours of this morning, capturing the signature of 6 new players... Those are: Silvano RAGGIO GARIBALDI £10k Genoa Salvatore CATURANO £10k Empoli Ramos CÁSSIO £550k PSV Macauley CHRISANTUS £750k Hamburger SV Andrea DOSSENA £10.0M & Mendes SYLVINHO Udinese Goran PANDEV £20.0M Lazio Luke also sold a few players in a part exchange deal. Yaya Toure went to Chelsea for a fee of £6 mill
  22. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread New Manager at the helm of Barcelona New manager Luke Coates stepped into the Camp Nou yesterday and was "thrilled to be a part of such a great team with such a great squad to work with". With a budget of around £34.4 million to spend Barca look set to be in great stead for the division 2 title this season, or at least promotion to division 1. No more than a couple of minutes of Luke being manager there was a transfer bid from Munt's Milan of £5 million plus Flamini and Seedorf for Thierry Henry. The deal proved to be an exciting one for the Bar
  23. Re: the movie thread I also can't wait for Hancock! Looks brilliant
  24. Re: the movie thread Yeh Indie films are ones you have to watch with surround sound or at the cinema to get the full quality, i guess that's why it weren't as good. Thanks for clearing up about the Harold & Kumar film though, i'm definately going to go see it sooner or later
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