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    rumours have been going round that arsenal dont deserve 3rd place at the end of the season and that liverpool do instead!
    any1 else hear that rumour?? lol
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    Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread

    Barcelona manager Luke Coates made 1 last alteration to his squad before the game with Bardburys Internazionale tomorrow night. Jerome Boateng joined Barca in the early hours of this morning for a fee of £1.1M & Presas Oleguer & José Manuel Pinto from Hamburger SV. Luke says the young startlet won't feature in the first team line up but is a great addition to the squad for the long run!
    P.S...Chatroomers are the best
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    I'm so sorry
    I honestly am truelly sorry guys!!
    I had no intention of playing 5 instead of 6 under 82 rated Scotts in my starting line up. I left the team with 6 in place in the line-up, but Bullen got injured and must have been replaced with Zannetti, meaning i then only had 5 players. I was unaware of this because i hadn't viewed my team for some time. Only to find out when i went to check how my Clyde had been getting on, i had a pm from Kev exlaining what i'd done wrong, so i changed it there and then to have 6 players in. At the time i didn't think it was a problem and thought it was only going on for 1 game, but to find out tonight it had been going on for 6 games I feel now i have let everyone in the setup down, may have been unintentionally cheating but it was still breaking the rules and i have now ruined the setup for everyone by doing this
    To be honest i feel like quitting the team because being accused a cheater isn't nice, maybe i have cheated but it was unintentional i can say that! But i don't feel as if i'm a part of the setup anymore having let so many people down and got so many people mad. I love this setup don't get me wrong and would love to stay as my interests are at full for my team, and it has some of the best managers in it alongside myself which makes the setup so good. It was just a silly mistake of not viewing my team for so long that lead to these circumstances. If people want me to stay after what's happened then i will stay and keep on top of my team all the time now, but if people want me out then that's fair enough and i have to bite my lip and quit the team.
    I'd just like a few views of it the managers still want me in the setup. Obviously this season is a no win for me as i have broke the rules, but i am hoping everyone can see it was unintentional and keep me in the setup so i can try win the league next season without being a cheat..
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    Re: eduardo da silva-poll
    I reckon Da Silva is going to be a great Arsenal signing! (Yes i said it )
    Imo he is a decent player and i feel he may, just may be the next Henry for Arsenal! I personally (even though im a Pool fan) can't wait to see how he adapts to life in the Premiership!
    I can honestly see him settling in well at Arsenal and feel he's got a bright future ahead of him! He should be around an 89...for now! If he improves even more, scores a few and starts well for the club then he may even be worthy of breaking into the 90+ barrier in the next rating changes!
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    Re: Battle of the tribes setup
    Aye mate but if you'd of pulled ya finger out Wolfie it could of been the top 3 positions we were all occupying lol
    Meanwhile....Another win for Clyde' date=' this time beating Sheena's spirited Cork City at home by 3 goals to 2! It was an exciting match which saw the away side go 1-0 and 2-1 up, but a brave fightback from the Mickey Mousers kept there title dreams alive
    It was Sheenz men that opened the scoring, in the form of Billy Woods(13), who knocked in a truely sensational goal past Pagliucia, giving the Clyde keeper no chance at all!
    But Clyde were on level terms in the 36th minute as Jose Calderon struck to hand Clyde the deserved equaliser, but Clyde took their foot off the gas, and were punished 3 minutes later as Neale Fenn converted for Cork!
    Clyde however, didn't give in, and came out shining in the second half, seeing plenty of chances before finally in the 56th minute it paid off, with Jose Calderon getting his, and Clydes second goal of the game to equalise yet again!
    This time Clyde showed what they were made of by holding on firm and pushing for the winner, and justice provailed for their 26 shots on goal as man of the match Hakan Suker lashed home in the 78th minute to give Clyde the winner! He truely is on fire!
    Comiserations to Sheena and her men, but it is safe to say Clyde did deserve the win having 61% of the possession, 13 more shots than Cork and 12 more on target
    In other results in division 1, Callys Linfield kept up the chase for the title and kept a firm grip of Coatesys leash as his side got a great 3-1 win against Roscoe's former Division 1 League and Cup Champs Livingston! Cally will be most certainly pleased about this result!
    The Boh's, under management from Jack Dimmick, got a respectable 2-1 victory away to Leammys New Saints to keep up the pace with the run aways Clyde and Linfield!
    Wolfcatt's Drogheda also kept up the chase for league glory with a 2-1 away win to K G's Llaneli!
    Mark's St Johnstone got a surprise loss at home to Colin's Airdrie United, losing out 4-2 in a great match which saw plenty of goals!
    And last but not least, Andy's UCD looked on course to take all 3 points at home to Adam's Chickenville, only for Andy Hammil to equalise 2 minutes from time to give the away side a respectable point!
    [b']Tune in next week where the league title battle hots up even more when league leaders Clyde play host to a difficult Livingston, whilst Linfield travel to face UCD! Should be another great week in the tribes, so tune in soon to find out all the latest in the battle for the Division 1 title![/b]
    P.S...Come on you Mickey Mousers
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    Re: Battle of the tribes setup
    Mickey Mousers Round-up!!!

    Drogheda United 1 - 3 Clyde

    The Mickey Mousers marched on yet again, this time at the hands of the Drogs who now have lost 2 of their last 2 to fall from the leaders, Clyde and Linfield! It was Clyde who got their sweet revenge on the night as Luke looked at Wolfcatt and grinned at the end of the 90 minutes as if to say, your not putting me down anymore lad Yann Lachuer opened the scoring for the away side, with Allan Johnston making it 2-0. Michael Kightly pulled one back for the home side but Scott Wilson restored Clyde's 2 goal advantage just before half time, and thats how it stayed till full time! Clyde stay top then by a point from Linfield, with Bohemians leapfrogging the Drogs for 3rd, with the Drogs now occupying 4th position!
    Clyde 2 - 0 Airdrie United

    Clyde got back on form as they got a comfortable 2-0 win against Colin's Airdrie United. Jose Calderon and Joao Pinto's 2 goals in 2 minutes were enough to seal the win for the Mickey Mousers and keep them a point in front of Linfield in the table, as Cally's men beat the Drogs 4-2!
    Bohemians 1 - 1 Clyde

    Clyde felt the pressure of being on top of the pack in the last game by stumbling to a loss, and now could only manage a 1-1 draw with Jack Dimmicks Boh's! Hakan Suker thought he had it rapped up for Clyde but Philip Cocu's late equaliser proved to be enough for a draw at the final whistle! Clyde however, stayed top by a point!
    Clyde 1 - 2 The New Saints

    Clyde slump to their first loss in 7 previous league games, having only recorded 1 loss at the hands of the Drogs on the opening day of the season! Clyde went into the game full of confidence but were pegged back by Leammy Steve's warriors! Paul Evans and John Hartson got TNS's goals, with man of the match Hakan Suker's goal for the Mickey Mousers only proving to be a concelation!
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    Luke_c90 reacted to Sinny in Battle of the tribes setup   
    Re: Battle of the tribes setup
    York City 0-2 Portadown
    Tom Sinar's 2nd game in charge resulted in his first win with Portadown against York City managed by Matt Jenkins, a fellow chat room user. It also showed the debuts of former Linfield keeper Alan Mannus and former Real Madrid ace Roberto Carlos.
    The game started on a high note for Portadown, their first shot in seconds hit the bar and York keeper Steve Banks had to stretch full force to catch the rebound.
    York defender Anthony Lloyd showed some fine tackling like in the 3rd minute to get the ball but in a result, didn't lead into a goal for them.
    Turu Flores showed some fine agility on 20 minutes but scuffed the shot making the ball go over.
    In two minutes York striker Clayton Donaldson had two fine chances but couldn't get them past Portadown debutant Alan Mannus.
    Then the real action came in the 33rd minute when Portadown striker Andrzej Juskowiak scored from an angle outside the box and got deflected on its way in to make the Club's top scorer to tally his goals to 5 this season.
    Then less than two minutes later Portadown defender Phillip Craig scored a tradesmark strike.
    The 2nd half looked like York could have scored from a corner but Alan Mannus towered over them to collect the cross.
    There was no more real threats until Clayton Donaldson hit the cross-bar from 25 yards out and then a real scare when Andrzej Juskowiak was found injured and is now out for 6 matches.
    The result now brings Portadown to the top of Division 2 and 1 point ahead of Crusaders who's results haven't been going there way.
    Tom Sinar commented on Andrzej Juskowiak's injury, " It's a blow indeed, we really need him to finish off the season to get us promoted but it looks like we won't see him for most of the duration of the season".
    The result also continues York City's previous poor results and a scare for Matt Jenkins who's team is still last of Division 2.
    I hope you enjoyed the commentary, the game finished...
    York City 0-2 Portadown.
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    Re: Creme "your shout"


    Liverpool 3 - 0 Valencia
    Liverpool were again celebrating a great victory, this time putting 3 past Valencia at Anfield to enlighten the Kop and send the away fans back to sunny Spain with nothing to smile for!
    The 2 P's yet again struck, in the form of Philip Cocu and Robin Van Persie to send Liverpool's flags flying high!
    With 64% of the posession and a lot more shots, who ever dared say the Kopites would lose this game? Not me that's for sure, as the mighty Pool ran riot, the haul was started off by a brave Luis Garcia in the 38th minut, admittidly knowing he was in an offside position after the game having watched the replays, still managed to find a way out of the situation to slot home Liverpools opener.
    Number 2 came from the in-form Philip Cocu in the 52nd minute as a masterful ball from Garcia on the left wing was crossed in for Cocu's head to meet the ball with power and precision to send the Pool 2-0 up!
    The Kop were really singing with high voices 15 minutes from time as another in-form player, this time Van Persie, put Liverpool 3-0 up to put the game to bed! The goal was brought on by a freakish error between the Valencia defence and their keeper which lead to Van Persie only having to casually roll the ball into the back of the net to wrap up all 3 points!
    The win keeps Valencia near the bottom of the table, but more importantly gets Liverpool back on track for promotion and possibly title hopes after their only previous loss in the league to Milan a week ago! It now leaves them 3 points behind Real Madrid and Milan in 3rd, but with 12 games to be played it is still anyone's for the taking
    Liverpool next face a tough trip to play Marseille, with Marseille currently only a point behind them in 4th! A liverpool win will certainly give them breathing space, but a loss will keep them right in the middle of the muddle
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    Re: Georges Elite Setup
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    Re: Georges Elite Setup

    George's World Elite - Turn 3 review:

    Division 1:

    Juventus 3 - 1 Bayern Munchen

    Tom's strong Juve side took the 3 points in exciting game against Mighty Gull's Bayern which had plenty of shots.
    Eidur Gudjohnsen, Jose Reyes and Luca Toni scored for Juve, David Bentley for Bayern.
    MoM = Eidur Gudjohnsen

    Manchester United 2 - 0 Milan

    Steve Reynolds' Man Utd produce a good performance to beat last year's division 1 champs, Mr Nice Guy's Milan.
    Wayne Rooney and Gaby Heinze got the goals with Rooney also winning MoM

    Arsenal 3 - 2 Barcelona

    Adam's Arsenal carry on their good start to the season with a close win over George's Barca.
    Gianluca Zambrotta put Barca in front, before Samuel Eto'o drew Arsenal level, David Villa gave the lead back to Barca but Eto'o came back to haunt his own club, equalising again.
    Arjen Robben got Barca the winner.
    Adam's side are definitely a team to watch, in the predictions this season, his side was written off, and I know how he feels about it, but he is one of the guys challenging for the title, I'm 100% sure. There is no way you can write off any team of Adam's
    MoM = Samuel Eto'o

    Chelsea 3 - 0 Sevilla

    Grant's Chelsea pull off a good win against Ali Bremner's Sevilla who are finding div 1 life tough after last season's promotion.
    Joe Cole, Andriy Shevchenko and Thierry Henry got the goals, with Henry awarded MoM.
    Valencia 0 - 4 Internazionale

    A huge win for Matt's Inter over WolfCatt's Valencia.
    Matt often produces some awful performances with his team's but he can also bring off a superb win, and this was one of them.
    A double from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and single goals from Dejan Stankovic and Xavi made sure Matt's side got the maximum points.
    MoM = Hernan Crespo
    Team of The Turn = Internazionale - Matt Jenkins:
    This was very close, could of gone to Adam, but a superb result for Inter.
    Division 2:
    Real Madrid 1 - 4 Werder Bremen

    The two sides relegated from division 1 last season came together for the 1st time this season, and Son of Pluto's Werder Bremen pulled off a great win in Madrid over Paul's side.
    Ruud van Nistelrooy gave Real the ead but Werder came back to win through goals by Torsten Frings, Sol Campbell x2 and Kevin Kuranyi
    MoM = Sol Campbell
    Liverpool 2 - 1 Roma

    A close game between two very good managers, Luke coming out on top against Kevche.
    Peter Crouch and Luis Garcia scored for Liverpool, David Pizarro for Roma.
    MoM = Dirk Kuyt
    Ajax 0 - 2 Atletico Madrid

    Juve Fan's Ajax put up a good fight against James Eliapenda's Atletico, but it wasn't good enough as Atletico took the 3 points.
    Ibanez Pablo and Maniche got the goals for Atletico with Pablo awarded MoM.

    West Ham 0 - 1 Villarreal

    Scott Grainger's 1st game in charge of Villarreal is a good one as his side beats Emilio's West Ham, although they put up a good fight.
    Rodolfo Arruabarrena was the hero as he scored the only goal.
    MoM = Guillermo FRanco
    Lyon 1 - 2 Zaragoza

    Luka Drezga's Zaragoza get the 3 points in a close encounter against Teje's Lyon.
    Pablo Aimar and Andres D'Alessandro scored for Zaragoza, Filipo Inzaghi for Lyon.
    MoM = Filipo Inzaghi.
    Div Team of the Turn = SV Werder Bremen - Son of Pluto
    A 4-1 win away to Real Madrid, enough said
    Div 1 Table:
    1 Manchester United 3 3 0 0 14 0 14 9
    2 Arsenal 3 3 0 0 11 3 8 9
    3 Internazionale 3 2 0 1 9 6 3 6
    4 Juventus 3 2 0 1 7 7 0 6
    5 BARCELONA 3 1 0 2 6 7 -1 3
    6 Bayern Munchen 3 1 0 2 3 5 -2 3
    7 Valencia 3 1 0 2 4 7 -3 3
    8 Milan 3 1 0 2 2 6 -4 3
    9 Chelsea 3 1 0 2 4 13 -9 3
    10 Sevilla 3 0 0 3 0 6 -6 0
    Div 2 Table:
    1 Liverpool 3 3 0 0 9 2 7 9
    2 SV Werder Bremen 3 2 0 1 8 7 1 6
    3 Atlético Madrid 3 1 2 0 6 4 2 5
    4 Zaragoza 3 1 2 0 6 5 1 5
    5 Villarreal 3 1 1 1 4 6 -2 4
    6 West Ham United 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 3
    7 Lyon 3 0 2 1 4 5 -1 2
    8 Roma 3 0 2 1 2 3 -1 2
    9 Real Madrid 3 0 2 1 3 6 -3 2
    10 Ajax Amsterdam 3 0 1 2 2 5 -3 1
    Btw, this is my 3,000th post, had to make it something special
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    Re: Creme "your shout"
    Liverpool 2 - 0 Newcastle United
    Liverpool were successful yet again this season as they made it 3 wins from their last 3 games, and now take their run to 5 games unbeaten from the start of the season as they brushed aside Mark Dodds Newcastle United at Anfield last night. It was a match where Liverpool dominated in posession, but Newcastle dominated in shots, but just couldn't find the net in what was a frustrating night for the Toon and their travelling minions. It took 13 minutes for Liverpool to open the scoring as Luis Gonzalez poked home from a goal mouth scramble to get the Kop on their feet. Newcastle had their chances to equalise before half time but many chances went begging. It was just one of those games where you could tell Newcastle would rue their missed chances and be frustrated throughout. It hit frustration point for them in the 55th minute when Daniel Bonera's silly professional foul got him a straight red card. Newcastle's bad luck was topped off in the 85th minute as substitute Fredrik Ljungberg beat the offside trap to slot home easily. Having looked at the decision on replays after the match however, it clearly shows that Ljungberg was in fact offside! Liverpool had 2 shots on target and converted both, leaving Alexandre Ricardo a bit red faced after the game! He didn't have a lot to do, but when called upon he didn't reply with any goods. Jose Reina however, did well yet again saving quite a few shots and for the 4th time in succession, has kept a clean sheet in the league for Liverpool
    Some may say Liverpool were the lucky ones tonight, but al Luke has to say is, 'That's the way the cookie crumbles!'
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    Re: Rep points???
    Exactly! I aren't one to complain but this is a joke to see me down to 7 reputation points, when really i haven't done a bad post
    It would satisfy me more if we could actually see who has negatively commented on some of my posts, but you can't even see who's done it now, so that is a bit of a shocker really!
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    Re: Creme "your shout"
    I'm going to make more of a contribution to this setup and it's thread as Cally is a good friend of mine and i want to achieve all i can to make this an intresting setup again So here i am, posting on behalf of myself and my old chum Cally
    Liverpool Round Up!!!

    Liverpool 0 - 0 Juventus

    A frustrating goalless draw for Liverpool on the opening day of the season at home to Tyler's Juventus with Liverpool deserving the win, creating far more chances than the away side, just not putting any of those into the back of the net!

    Celtic 0 - 5 Liverpool

    Luke's Liverpool stuffed Shelbourne's Celtic at Celtic Park to make amense from the frustrating 0-0 draw last time round thanks to goals from Mohamed Sissoko(2), Luis Gonzalez(15), Robin Van Persie(22, 68) and Philip Cocu(50). the goals proved Liverpools accuracy in the game having a total of 5 shots on target, with 5 going in. Shame on the Celtic keeper Artur Boruc who was in goal!

    Chelsea 0 - 3 Liverpool

    Another great victory for Liverpool this time at the expense of Paul's Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Dirk Kuyt(11) opened the scoring, then 2 goals in as many minutes through Philip Cocu(51) and Robin Van Persie(52) were enough to seal a great win for the Pool!
    So it's 7 points from 9 for Liverpool, scoring 8 and conceding 0 in the league which leaves them in 2nd spot, 2 points adrift of the 100% record of Real madrid. Liverpool will be full of confidence going into Tuesdays game with Tottenham Hotspur in the Creme Cup! Good luck to you Tom (manager of Spurs), but it's safe to say i'll be rooting for a victory against the Londoners as their record of LLL isn't really looking too good for them going into this game
    Tune in after Tuesdays game to find out the result......bye for now
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    Re: Rep points???
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    Re: Creme "your shout"

    Liverpool (p)2 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

    Two forumers battled it out tonight to earn a place in the second round of the Creme Cup and it was the better forumer who scraped through 5-4 on penalties after both sides were locked at the horns at 2-2 as Luke's Liverpool knocked out the brave Tottenham Hotspur tonight!
    In a match which Pool dominated from the off, neither side had many chances in the first 15 minutes but a clumsy back chat to the ref on the 16th minute saw Steed Malbranque straight red carded for verbal abuse for Spurs. Things got worse in the 23rd minute too as Dirk Kuyt grabbed Liverpools opener from a spectacular long range effort that left Frank Rost with no chance! But Spurs were level 5 minutes later as Ahmed Hossam Mido slotted it home after some neat footwork! Both sides went in level at half time but Liverpool again came out of the tunnel looking the brigther and were awarded in the 48th minute as Philip Cocu diving headered the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-1 to the home side. But Tottenhams resiliance paid off yet again in the 62nd minute when Edgar Davids volleyed the ball into the back of Jose Reina's net to level the scores for the second time in the game! Both sides pushed for the winner but the match ended with both sides on 2 each with Robin Van Persie coming the closest to winning the game for Liverpool in the 78th minute only to see his shot cleared of the line by the Spurs defender!
    So on went the match to penalties and it was Liverpool who triumphed, not missing a single penalty to win the shootout 5-4 after Spurs missed their final penalty! So into the next round the mighty Pool go, with a home tie to George's PSG in the balance at Anfield
    Comiserations Tom, maybe next time eh?
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    Re: Rep points???
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