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  1. Re: Left Backs of the future ... people all seem to busy talking about the small names. I believe Kieran Gibbs and Ryan Bertrand are gonna be excellent
  2. I am in European Champion game world 156 managing 156. Recently the Celtics club is taken up and the manager bought 2 mediocre players from Milan at maximum price. I report that these 2 transfers are illegal. Now the transfer fee of the 2 players are cut to normal price, but apprarently there are action against the Milan and Celtics managers. I am very angry now. I think they should be banned.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey, i want to ask whether Song or Mikel will have a brighter future I need to buy one of them to be the backup of Alonso and money is not a concern or if anyone has any idea of a DM/CM in the range of 88-91? no Khedira and Busquets. they are already snapped up
  4. Re: Anyone with a high rated team and a small stadium, please read... I always think the stadium is the club stadium in real life. Like I have a Bolton team so my stadium in SM is Reebok Stadium which has a capacity of 28723. Last season I win the premier league so the % of attendence is the highest among all the teams. I find it unfair that Man U has a lot of income every home game even if it sucks. And this season my stadium size remain the same
  5. Re: Your best SM transaction! more than 1 year ago, these two deals happen: sell: M. Diarra (at that time 27 yrs, 94 rated) i get: 30M + Busquets (20 yrs, 85 rated) + Pique (22 yrs, 88 rated) sell: segio ramos for 93M then i use the money to guys like david silva, thiago silva, alexis sanchez and a few more promising guys from unmanaged clubs
  6. Re: Anyone with a high rated team and a small stadium, please read...
  7. vito


    Re: Bonucci hey Cheillini's best position is definitely CB. I agree that Santon should take up RB or LB but Bonucci... in my opinion, even Bochetti is better than him. But of course, as time goes by, he may improve. Btw, people usually think Bonucci is gd coz he scores quite a lot from corner or penalty kick but his defending abilities now is not satisfactory. rather like a scoreless Johnny Evans, i'd say.
  8. vito


    Re: Bonucci hey NariN, have you read my reply in the essien thread? anyway, if you have ample money and have no other positions that you want to strengthen, Bonucci is a gd buy as a free agent, but he is not, and never will be, as gd as the CBs that you have now. but buying him as a riser is not a bad idea
  9. Re: Now essien? Bonnuci is highly overrated. Juventus made a lot of silly signings this summer except Krasic. But the fact that he starts for Juventus and national team now will earn him a +1 in the next rating change, though I'm sure he'll be replaced by another CB in Juventus next season and by Rannocia in national team in the long term.
  10. Re: Sissoko, Makoun or Veloso definitely veloso!! sissoko and mikel stagnant the others are done
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hey guys. i just get a deal accepted. i get de rossi in exchange for lass and mata. is this deal gd? is de rossi worth it? urgent. thanks in advance
  12. i just get this deal accepted. i'm getting de rossi. gd deal? urgent
  13. Re: rising goalkeeper!!!!! urgent!!!!! have said many times b4 marchetti of Caligari, i know he's not very young, but next italy and also AC milan first choice keeper
  14. Re: My Team, the risers and fallers... rui 50% +1 rio will-1 marcelo will +1 albiol won't rise garay will stay higuian 50% +1 pato will stay i'm very sure about these predictions
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