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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    I'm almost positive you're asking this for "World Challenge"' date=' mate. :D

    Even tho you're competition, I'm gonna help you. :)

    If you mix real life potential with SM terms, these would be my 5 choices:

    André Gomes

    Raphael Guerreiro

    Bernardo Silva

    Bruno Fernandes


    It was super hard to keep Rafa Silva out of that list, but Braga ain't that big a club. :(

    After several years of neglecting our youth, the reintroduction of B teams came to the rescue of Portuguese football.

    Now Portuguese youngsters can play in the 2nd division, which has the right competitiveness level. It's the perfect bridge for young footballers, to make the transition into professional football.

    I guarantee you kids like Bernardo Silva wouldn't be where they are today, if they hadn't played 2nd division football.

    Portugal has been suffering from a huge lack of quality, these past recent years.

    But now we have a tremendously talented generation of players (I could name you at least 2 per position) with 23 years old or below.

    Lads such as Marcos Lopes, Carlos Mané, Cavaleiro or Tobias Figueiredo are also very nice bets.

    And I only mentioned players with 21 years old or less. ;)[/quote']

    Thanks mate, you were right, it is about that gameworld. I decided to go for Lopes, Guedes and Guerreiro

  2. Re: Viviendo El Sueño

    Viviendo El Sueño Team of the Round

    (supposed to be 4-4-2)


    -Bravo-Club America-


    -Lahm-Chelsea- -Howedes-Milan- -Benatia-Milan- -Marcelo-Chelsea


    -Griezmann-Milan- -Silva-At Madrid- -Cazorla-Club America- -Vela-Chelsea-


    -Falcao-Boca Juniors- -Benzema-Ajax-

    I think Neuer should be in the Goal as he received the same rating (9) but he had more shots on goal to save (14 Neuer vs 13 Bravo) :D

  3. Re: Every Person's Dream

    Seeing as a lot of players wont be free agents and the fact most people have got expensive players as there two picks' date=' I think we should stick to the 250m budget.

    Just waiting on Club America now.[/quote']

    If we are still waiting could I swap PSG for BVB? :D

  4. Re: European Dream

    Griezmann goal secures first 3 points for new manager

    Griezmann scored and secured all 3 points in what looks like to be his last game for Spurs.

    Its is believed that Griezmann is on his way to Liverpool in a p/e deal seeing Sturridge and Shawcross plus just over £2m heading our way. Also part of the deal we have agreed that Ashley Young will be joining Spurs for £12m.

    Griezmann heading to Liverpool to help Reds achieve promotion. Sturrige, Shawcross and Young are off

  5. Re: European Dream

    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2WaLJsg17Ee5_Dt2rvy5RIarN18G-BBPB6r-mZAI0PYhVGvmX0A TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS0x7Qb1BAyA9GDyaKRDcBmPvJ1_01lX2rp6DMHttsvKVY5BoFh2g

    Players Transfer Listed

    • Begovic
    • Vertonghen
    • Cheriches
    • Schmelzer
    • Schneiderlin
    • Capoue
    • Paulinho
    • Dembele
    • Sigurdsson
    • Ayew
    • Griezmann
    • Any player in youth team that is NOT English

    Only interested in deals that include English players coming in as part of the deal but may consider very very good non English players in p/e.

    Msg me in here to declare interest please.

    Interested in Griezmann and Scheiderlin

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