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  1. Re: Isco and Aubameyang Milan let go Huntelaar as I remember
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... pique best cb in the world? your opinion he can be 95 for at least 8 years? where do you get them? )
  3. Re: Neymar Ganso Emboaba and Lucas Wow! Where do you buy the cristal balls? I need one, too, I can`t see how he`s ruined... Patience kids!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If Hazard would swap places with Di Maria at RM he won`t be in any shadow
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Agreed on this! Great AI )
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Di Maria 5 goals 15 assists. Hazard 20 goals 18 assists (best player Ligue 1 2010-2011, best player League 1 2011-2012). Just stats...
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Pfff, even better
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would swap Di Maria for Hazard anyday mate. Hazard is pure class. Above that Di Maria featured only 1344 minutes in RM`s setup last year in Primera. Definately do it
  9. Re: Neymar Ganso Emboaba and Lucas well you can`t really predict their "future potential". IMO they are all overhyped. If I were a very rich russian who owns a club i would buy them in this order: 1 Oscar 2 Neymar 3 Ganso 4 Lucas And my imaginary character would pay over 20 mil just for Oscar
  10. Straight swap, who gets the better player? Thanks in advance!
  11. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict Group Stage[/size] Group A UAE - Uruguay 0-3 Great Britain - Senegal (ESB)2-0 Senegal - Uruguay 1-3 Great Britain - UAE 2-0 Senegal - UAE 2-0 Great Britain - Uruguay 1-2 (FGS) Cavani Group B Mexico - Korea Republic 3-1 Gabon - Switzerland 1-2 Mexico - Gabon 3-0 (ESB) Korea Republic - Switzerland 0-3 Mexico - Switzerland 1-1 (FGS) Frei Korea Republic - Gabon 2-1 Group C Belarus - New Zealand 3-1 (ESB) Brazil - Egypt (FGS - )3-0 Hulk Brazil - Belarus 2-0 Egypt - New Zealand 2-0 Brazil - New Zealand 4-0 Egypt - Belarus 0-1 Group D Spain - Japan 2-1 (FGS) Adrian Honduras - Morocco 0-2 Spain - Honduras 5-0 Japan - Morocco 1-1(ESB) Spain - Morocco 3-1 Japan - Honduras 2-1 Bonuses Tournament Winners - [Nation Name]Brazil Top Goalscorer - [Player Name]Cavani
  12. Re: Spend young player I am glad to see this posts again, I wonder who`s better now, Albrighton or Reus?
  13. Re: Bas Dost You are not the only one, I had a huge argument with a lad about Reus being much better than Albrighton of Villa ) Poor guy was watching just EPL
  14. Re: sell Pjanic? Best player for AS Roma last match
  15. Re: My predictions for some young players!!! Don`t ask me why! )
  16. Re: Hazard deal So I should accept? I have Eden and he seems on fire this season. I am a big fan of Sahin but I really don`t know how severe his injury is and when he will get on the pitch again. Plus Coentrao stays in the shadow of Marcelo...
  17. Re: Hazard deal Even if Sahin is injured and didn`t played yet for RM? And Coantrao isn`t in the 1st eleven also, I think?
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