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  1. ashmcfc

    football boxing

    didier drogba an jens lehaman. now that would be pure class
  2. he is on fire at the moment and quite deadly 9 goals in 9 appearences that is quite somthing
  3. ohhh thats a relief. how did you reverse them?
  4. im glad to c city get a good tie as it will be good 2 c wether nugent can perform against premiership oppersiton and i think city will win it easy as we are on some form at the moment and hope it will be city in the quarters for the 3rd yr running.
  5. defineltley coventry's home grown garry mcsheffrey now playing for birmingham and showing his class can't wait to c him in the prem next year!
  6. ashmcfc

    Porn Star Names

    mine would be benny brierly lol
  7. NO WAY!!!! he is wrecking the setup he has brought cannavarro and henry!!!
  8. ashmcfc

    Ashley Young

    he was easily one of watford's best players so far this seaosn if not the best. and its not just all about scoring goals to get an increase its about assists, work ethic, skill, etc get the point. and aswell young is a quality player an can't wait to see him link up with agbonlahor, they will play great together.
  9. i agree 110% for got about him ever since he left they havent been the same.
  10. no its for people i know and i only have 8 teams in the setup and they are all taken but thanks for trying lol
  11. go on stats on the home page on the green bar then go on managers and it is on their. if you can't find it just say.
  12. for starters they need to work from the back ( defence). they need some quality CB's e.g curtis davies etc. and i think they would be fine because one thing everone knows is newcastle dont lack attackers and they just need polishing the ones they have like martins he is playing great but not consistent at the moment and maybe he needs to work on that.
  13. hey welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your self and make a good contribution to the forum. if you need any thing dont be scared to ask everyone does it. and remember be yourself!!!
  14. thanks alot m8 my setup is back up and running and would like to thank you for the effort you guys have put in on fixin the problem
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