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  1. Re: Battle Of The Roses - Team Selection and Discussion Thread
  2. Re: Battle Of The Roses - Team Selection and Discussion Thread Sorry, I am not making this any more. But, for one very good reason. I have decided to leave the game, might still go on the forums but I have decided to stop playing the game. This is because I don't enjoy it any more, and I can't be bothered playing it any more, and I think there are better things I can do. I apologise greatly to those who had agreed to join it. I am sorry for any inconvienience, but I didn't want to spend money making the gameworld and then quit three weeks or so later. I am sorry.
  3. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I'm not really happy about Jo. We are loaning him out again, after he was quite good at Everton. Maybe he would do a better job at City now than before? Secondly, why buy a player for £18 million and loan him out for one and a half seasons? If Hughes doesn't want to play him, then just sell him, or use him in part exchange for somebody, most sensibly, Lesott. Thirdly, if Everton don't want to sell us Lescott, then I find it an absolute joke that they have even tried to get a player as good as Jo on loan, AGAIN. I think quite a few clubs would want him (maybe for money, maybe in part exchange) so why the heck should we loan him to a club who will not allow us to buy one of their players when we seemingly really want them. Why not just do a part exchange? Disgraceful from Everton, if they don't plan to sell Lescott. They get Jo yet we can't have Lescott. Sell Jo or play him!
  4. Re: Football Manager 2009 Yeah, as I recall he was a pretty good player on FM 07? Was he?
  5. Re: Your All Time Top 10 Songs! Yes. I really like the tune of Chelsea Dagger, and enjoyed dancing to it when City got beat 8-1 away to Middlesbrough. I like dancing to it anytime. "Roll With It" is my favourite Oasis song, I enjoy singing that and it makes me feel happy. And as for 500 miles, that's just purely brilliant. Maybe I should have included Papa's got a brand new Pigbag, by Pigbag.
  6. Re: Your All Time Top 10 Songs! In no order: Don't Stop Me Now She's A Killer Bluemoon I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) Roll With It Poker Face Chelsea Dagger Human Ring Of Fire Hey Jude
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Lol Adam, that's quite good. We need a good one to the tune of the Torres song, I think. One that lots of people will sing.
  8. Re: All time top EPL goal Mills against Everton in 2005 and Elano's against Newcastle in 2007 were great goals, especially that Mills one. Whoah! Never get board of watching that. Another good City goal was a 35 ish yard drive from Michael Tarnat against Blackburn in 2003, the last time we won at Ewood Park. At the time it got likenend to Roberto Carlos' famous free kick for Brazil.
  9. Re: Official Manchester City Thread It's obvious that City are looking to improve in the central defensive area. We have had another bid rejected for John Terry and now it seems we are after Lucio. I would be quite happy with either, but Lucio is about 31 now, which is something which could put me off him a bit, I wonder how many good years he has left. What about Carvalho for a new CB? Or Sebastian Squallachi (spelt wrong)? Can any City fan think of any new songs to sing next season?
  10. Re: League Predictions 2009-2010.. 1. Liverpool 2. Manchester United 3. Chelsea 4. Arsenal 5. Everton 6. Aston Villa/Man City 7. Man City/Aston Villa 8. Tottenham 9. Sunderland 10. West Ham 11. Fulham 12. Portsmouth 13. Wigan 14. Blackburn 15. Bolton 16. Burnley 17. Stoke ----------------------- 18. Birmingham 19. Wolves 20. Hull
  11. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? Yeah' date=' seriously. Very good point, lol.
  12. Re: Soccermanager Football Manager Team I'm creating an FM team with people from my school. We are starting in the Conference North, lol .
  13. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? I would (refuse) .
  14. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? Are you joking or not? (seriously) He is a charecter on a TV soap called "Eastenders".
  15. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? This person:
  16. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? She's OK, but I wouldn't say she is fit. Who did she play on Dream Team?
  17. Re: Why are women attracted to Phil Mitchell? Probably because he has got a lot of money and two businesses. He's never had any good looking ones though, has he?
  18. BenMotty

    The Ashes

    Re: Ashes 2009 I think Harmison should have been in. He's had a good break from the team and has been bowling well for Durham, and has been a threat to opposition batsmen. He also gave Phillip Hughes a few tough balls when he was playing for the England Lions in that warm up match. I think he would have put a lot of pressure on the Australian batsmen, and we could have used his pace and bounce very selectively and have maniuplated it well. When on form, he could win us a test match and I think he would be on form. I don't think Bell should be in the squad, I think Solanki or Carberry would have been better. I think though that we can win this series, but we need to play very postively and have a lot of belief.
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