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  1. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity.

    Iswich Looking for Loans.

    Iswich are looking for loans' date=' Targetting Roy Keanes Ronaldinho and his raul Jake says " with these two in our team, we will be good, Jake is a great admirer of Keane and beleves him to be a really good manager, He is hoping that Roy will loan him them 2 players, If he does loan them him he will be very thankfull " he is also looking at buying a few other players that cant be mentioned.[/quote']

    to all manager i have finaly found a player that admirer me

  2. Re: English Championship 1663 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip.


    Blades Redy To Off Load.


    Danny Webber has today been told to start looking for another team the Striker has no part in Roy Keanes revalution and can leave for a cut price of 2M the striker has had only 6 game for Sheffild United in 3 seasons and scored 3 goals AvP of just under 7.5 so if anyone whants him make a offer he is a good player just not for me.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    It's in an older WC' date=' all big teams with big stadiums. Trust me when I say they have money. Probably more than me, and I've seen players go for a lot of money, beating my bid. He is at an unmanaged club. At least one forumer is in it. I hope he is not reading this. I have had SMFA block some deals in the past, or a chairman when I bid for decent players, and my bid was rejected, so the next bid lower than mine got him. I won't have 3 times his value, I could buy selling 2 strikers, but I do't want to leave myself up a creek if it goes awry.[/quote']

    what wc so i can help

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    If hes at an external club' date=' and bid will be accepted.

    If at an unmanaged club, then it can be stopped and i think it is roughly around x3 Of his current Chair Val.

    If you belive the others managers may bid near to the price then do it, but it may depend on how competetive your setup is.

    I myself would be inclinded to wait and see who bids, have a look at their teams maybe estimate how much money they have.


    i wold say offer 2 players and 60M to sweeten the deal so good luck

  5. Re: English Championship 1663 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip.




    Today J.Beattie has signed a 5 year deal with Sheffild United after rumers was going round Leeds was redy to brake the bank for the Striker the player has had a good run this year and since Roy Keane came to the Blades he has been on hot form 9 goals in 14 games with a ratio of 1.56 a game and scored a crustle goal agains Yeovil Town 2 days ago in there 2-1 win the manager was offerd 4M for the striker but has told press and over managers the striker is not going no were for pitty cash he has a tag of 10M on his head now and still may not be sold if that gets offerd he is the leagues top goal scorer and is going no were fast.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...


  7. Re: EC 99 (Hans Rotherham United) (Roy Keane Gillingham) Let the revolution begin


    The Gills Spend Big.

    Today Gillingham has signed 25 new players with only 1 leaving the biggest signing is Goal Keeper Antonis NIKOPOLIDIS that joined for just 800K the player that has left is Alex VON SCHWEDLER that has left to a un named team for 3.2M also another player is on his way in for 1M and Klemen LAVRIC is on his way out for just under 5M Gillinghams manager Roy Keane had this to say: "I am happy with the signings I have made I may have spent 26M but am happy with the players the cherman is happy with the way I have spent my cash and now my youth squad is looking good with a lot of tallent I hope this is the way forword and am looking forword to haveing a good relationship with my boss and team."

  8. 123_1192673039.gif

    Roma Name New Manager.

    Today Roma has named Roy Keane there new manager he is looking forword to managing the team and hopes he can make them a contender for a top 4 finish he will be making some new signings and selling some players one name linked with the team is Thierry HENRY the trade will see a big player and a big amount of cash going to the team Roy Keane had this to say:"Thierry HENRY is a big player none all round the world and now he could be coming to my team Roma is a good club with good players but if he joins he will be the best for years to come Julio BAPTISTA is a good player but if I have to make the dissition Henry wins all the time I hope the manager will come to a disition soon so I no were I stand in the tranfer window I was given 40+M to spend and I will to get new stars in to my team I will be in talkes with the news a lot as you are a good bunch of people so thanks and please keep reading."

  9. Re: Operation-A's New Custom GameWorld

    yo whats up bro i have been away for a while and all hell brakes loose with roy keane now firstly can i rep england with villa please and also how bad can it b everyone makes mistakes you no you are telling me you have never mucked up on somthing i have seen his thred and it looks like he is triying his best this game is for fun not fites i no it is rong what he done but if you look he has livepool juvenus and ac millan wating for the people he upset so give the guy a brake and also if he was to apply for a team here what what wold you say no i would understand but you have to rise above the bate so can i be aston villa and just forgive the guy just remember you only have one life live it in pice and tanks.

    my gamer tag is martin oneal.

  10. Re: Philippe KOCH 18 and will rise


    I told you all I had two players in mind and here thay are both 18 and are swiss thay both rose by two last update and gess what the dowow cost a mimsy of 500K there names are Admir MEHMEDI and Janko PACAR if you are looking to the fucher of your clubs then look on ferver more players will be added each day so good luck geting them to your teams.

  11. Re: European Championship 1175


    Chelsea Tranfer News!!

    Today Roy Keane is happy to anouse that Ricardo QUARESMA is on his way out of his team for just over 12M and striker Didier DROGBA is also on his way out to rivals Arsanal he has said he dose not normoly sell to rivals but when thay offer player like Emmanuel ADEBAYOR I have to give in so good dealing form him also chelsea are still seling top players for cash and have signed Souza ROBINHO, David JAMES, Robert GREEN and a legend Gary SPEED thay have sold Petr CECH for 24M and Anderson DECO for 10M thay have not lined anyone ells up yet but are looking for a midfilder so lets see were that gose.

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