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  1. What a improvment


    Yesterday martin Oneal was named as Sunderland’s new manage his first game was against a team with new hope man city but Sunderland came out with one thought in mind win Sunderland’s C.KANTE scored in 13 min to put Sunderland 1-0 up but on 43 min M.BENJANI scored a screamer to put man city back in with a chance but Sunderland had a lot to prove to new manager and on 58 min F.INSUA proved that he will be a grate player and scored a goal but was not finished there he then scored again on 66 min and what a goal at that but Sunderland was not finished there on 75 min H.MADURO scored so that it was 4-1 what a start for martins new club but today Almen ABDI and Jack CORK signed for Sunderland with Djibril CISSE going the other way also Andrei TIKHONOV has completed his move to Sunderland from Panathinaikos for £550,000 with that the manage said he is still looking for player but only looking for player exchange and wishes all manager good luck in there up fucher games.




    Tranfers out


  2. new boss


    today Gillingham has made mattuie beckett there new manager and hope he will bring grate new player to the team and win cups for them as thay need a good new star to play for them this is what he had to say "im looking forword to managing in england and will be looking for 3 players to loan but will spend 4 mill on 1 good player i will be talking with my contacks and will be hoping to clinch promotion but no it will be hard i am looking at a few player but 1 stands out and will be offer for i have to say goodluck to all managers and thanks for this chance


    shaun newton FREE AGENT SNN1518SN-280_531127a.jpg

    john hills FREE AGENT jhfwjackson.jpg&w=500&sq=Y

  3. New start

    titlebrighton.pngToday brigton has made martin oneal there new manager and has said thay will be looking for a way to promotion and hopes he will help them the x Fc Nurnberg manager had this to say "I am happy with this chance to manage this club i am willing to do anythink for a chance to help them and now im hear and tonight having a big mach aganst a big club will help i have already loan SCHAFER a gk from newcastle untill thay need him back but he will be a good player to have on brighton and will help us i am happy with the team i have but will spend 2 mill to bring in new player im looking at a few free players but am selling BANGURA for tranfer money so i can bring in new players i will be hoping for a grate time with this club and hope that it will last for a long time i will post the new tranfers in and out when thay happen thanks to my fans i will be hoping for a full ground on the 2nd for my first league mach." he will be incharge for 1 year but could get a new contract if promotion or top 10 finish.

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