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  1. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity.


    Arsanal Manager Speeks Openly To Press!

    Today Arsanal manager Roy Keane has told press of his grate frendship with blackpool manager cun jue peh and hopes he gets promotion the the best league in football he has came out saying thay both trained to gever and now are big names in football if thay could one day get 1st and 2nd in the english premiaship thats would be the gratest acheavment for both manager so good luck this season and I hope to see you next season in div 1

  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread


    Grimsby Town Get New Manager!!

    Today Roy Keane has told press he is happy to join Grimsby Town and firstly looking for loans also he is triying to get the clubs money back into the pluss zoan after he joined with -£1.3M so he will be selling there best players to fund bringing in a hole new team more to follow tonight.

  3. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity.


    Arsanal Tranfer News

    Big Names In and Out!

    Today has been a big day in the tranfer window for roy keane so here is the new players in and the players out so far striker Thierry HENRY looks like he might be reterning for 10M pluss Nicklas BENDTNER+Alves da Silva EDUARDO also striker Dimitar BERBATOV is joining for 14.6M and also joining is millan playmaker Assis Moreira RONALDINHO for 7M pluss Carlos VELA+Alexandre SONG and last in line is Brian JENSEN for 2.5 pluss Vito MANNONE but just moments ago roy keane told press Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC could be joining for 1M pluss Emmanuel ADEBAYOR+Emmanuel EBOUE leaving Arsanal is Francisco MERIDA for 1.7M to swindon town also leaving is Aaron RAMSEY to astan villa for 4M and also leaving is Johan DJOUROU for 6.8M and Lukasz FABIANSKI 4M to reading and Zaragoza more infomation later.

  4. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity.


    Arsanal Tranfer News!!

    Today Arsanal has told press that Manchester Uniteds striker Dimitar BERBATOV is on his way to the Emirates Stadium today to talk about a contract he had this to say, "I am happy to be joining Roy keane I amiyerd him when I was young and now I get to play for him and when Manchester United Said to me that there is a good intrest in me by a big club and thay are onedering if I wish to leave I said ok I will leave if thay wish for me to go." Arsanals manager is happy with this signing and are looking forword for him training with my team tomorow this means that Emmanuel ADEBAYOR will be leaving on first offer that is good enoth for him so I hope people will get intrestid in him cash or player extange is posible.

  5. Re: English Championship 3712 Match Reports/Transfer Activity.


    Arsanal Tranfer News!

    Big Names Joining!

    Today Arsanal has told Sky Sports News thay are after Assis Moreira RONALDINHO from Millan for a big offer that will see two big names going in the other direction and also Thierry HENRY could be making his way back to Arsanal for two big names as well leaving aresnal is only one player for now but will concider all offer so get bidding.

  6. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


    Krylia Sovetov Tranfer News

    Turkish striker Sanli TUNCAY could be joining

    Krylia Sovetov

    Today Roy Keane has told press that striker Sanli TUNCAY from middlesbough could be joining his club after he offerd a deal many managers would acsept so we will se if he has sence to acsept this one off deal never been done by me before.

  7. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread


    Krylia Sovetov Tranfer news

    Today Krylia Sovetov has revild to press the rumers are no rumers no more thay are fackts 25 year old Evgeni SAVIN is on his way to rivals Zenit after both manager came to a agreament for the striker it is beleaved to be around 6M and the striker had this to say:

    "I am moving for my own good I fee like I am not respectid by Roy Keane anoth to be a main striker at his club and when he came to me and said this "I have been offerd a good mony deal for you and am ondering if you wish to leave the club" I replyed yes that would be kind of you and about one hower later a Zenit spocksman caled me offering a desont contract so for onece thanks Roy you have helped me get to a big named club.

  8. Here is my top 3 Suggestions for this game to make it more real.

    1. I think a lot of managers are getting anoyed when thay get a club that has a good amount of cash (£15M) and dont have anyone over 83 Lev can not get any deasont players because all players worth that amount are iver un avalerbule or player extange only so here is my chance to shine with a brileont idear anyone over 93 can only be p/e with cash and anyone under 93 can only be sold for cash or nothing at all.

    2. After a manager acsepts your bid for there player insted of them joining strate away (24H) you have to offer them a contract so that over team can do the same as well and depending on you funds you can offer better salery and less lenth on contract.

    3. Free agents why thay caled this when people are paying 10M for one of them why dont thay be free the best team to offer or the best contract gets them E.G I.Walker is a free player I no he is a 78 but small team like him so why dont thay get him for free and when thay offer for him you can offer a fee for signing for your team and the contract you offer for them.

    I think this might help this game a lot expesaly GC so please leave a reply thanks for your time.

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