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  1. Re: English Championship 3687



    Today Ben FOSTER has joined westham on loan also Gary NEVILLE is joining tomorow for 3m and westham is selling Savio NSEREKO to

    Bradford City for 5m westham are after Gabriel AGBONLAHOR from asten villa and Louis SAHA from evinton for around 16m for the 2 players.

    Westham has told him to finish mid tabble (10) but roy keane has told press he whants (4 to7) place and has the players to do this and is brining in players to do this as well.

  2. 44_front_small.gif85_1193758928.gif271_front_small.gif

    West Ham Tranfer News

    Today westham has named roy keane as there new manager and he has singing Louis SAHA for £7.0M also thay have Pereira da Silva FABIO from manchester united and thay are triying to sign Paolo MALDINI for a fee to be over £1.0M and a player worth £4.0M

  3. Re: European Championship 1166


    marseille Tranfer News

    Today marseille named roy keane as there new manager and he is already signing Giuseppe FAVALLI for around 1 mill and also singing Dietmar HAMANN and Mickaël SILVESTRE for around 5 mill also he has managed to loan millan goal keeper zeljko KALAC for the season and if he playes well he will move for a fee of around 1.5 mill so good luck to all of them more tranfer news when it happens.

  4. Re: XBOX 360 Fifa 09 Torrnoment

    Here Is The League Setup

    England PremiaShip.

    1st Manchester United Taken glen c

    2nd Livepool Fc

    3rd Chelsea Fc My Team Taken

    4th Arsanal Fc

    5th Astan villa

    6th Everton

    7th Fulham

    8th Tottenham Hotspur

    9th West Ham United

    10th Manchester City

    11th Stoke City

    12th Wigan Athletic

    13th Bolton Wanderers

    14th Portsmouth

    15th Blackburn Rovers

    16th Sunderland

    17th Hull City

    18th Wolverhampton Wanderers

    19th Birmingham

    20th Sheffield United

    English League Championship

    1st Reading

    2nd Burnley

    3rd Preston North End

    4th Cardiff City

    5th Swansea City

    6th Ipswich Town

    7th Bristol City

    8th Queens Park Rangers

    9th Sheffield Wednesday

    10th Watford

    11th Doncaster Rovers

    12th Crystal Palace

    13th Blackpool

    14th Coventry City

    15th Derby County

    16th Nottingham Forest

    17th Barnsley

    18th Plymouth Argyle

    19th Newcastle United

    20th Middlesbrough

    21st West Bromwich Albion

    if you whant a team message me or leave a reply

  5. Ok im making a tornoment on fifa 09 it will be the best ever you will be able to od tranfers and also loans it is for premiar ship and champeonship teams you will have game scedarals ever wensday and sunday if you get a red card you get 3 game band and if 5 yellow cards you get 2 game band (players for the teams) i am going to be chelsea and if anyone whant to join pm me or leave a reply on here my gamertag on xbox live is K4F Mad Man x so good luck and i hope you message me back.

  6. Re: English Championship 3322


    Zeljko KALAC Set To Join Norwich City For £1,0000


    Australian Goalkeeper zeljko KALAC at 36 years old is set to join norwich tomorow for around 1mill and the goal keeper had this to say "I am happy to be goining such a world class manager he has proven him sellf over the last week with big names and now im in the tranfer windo with him i will play my best but no it will be hard to play with such a well worked club so thanks for this chance."


    Željko KALAC Playes last game in millan strip

  7. Re: English Championship 3322


    Norwich city tranfer news


    Today Ledley KING has told press he is haappy to be joining Norwich and hopes that Jonathan WOODGATE will follow him to the div 2 club nowich cherman had this to say "When i brought in roy keane i new he would bring in big names and it is happening king is a big name and so is woodgate thay are both brilleont defenders and im happy to pay what i am for them also he is bringing in a brill youth squad and also a big name wht i promist to fund as well so good luck to my new manager and player i have 100% fath in him and his choses for tranfers."


  8. Re: English Championship 3322


    Norwich Get Keane As New Manager And He Vowes To Make Impact

    Today Roy Keane has signed a two year deal with Norwich city and has told press he is sorry to middlesbrough fans but the chearman whantid me out and sold my contract so i had to leave my first tranfer targets are Ledley KING and Jonathan WOODGATE thay are both at my new club dealing for a contract and i hope the deals go threw but no it will be hard to keep up my repetation as a manager after leaving middlesbrough last night but now im here and that that so good luck to them but now im dedicated to this team and only going one way up.

  9. Re: european championship 741


    Marseille news

    Today marseille has named Roy Keane as there new manager and he is looking forword to his first mach in charge of them he is targeting David DI MICHELE from west ham and also da Silva Melo GILBERTO from tottenham also in news Djibril CISSE has been linked with a move to the french team roy keans first mach in charge is in the playoff final against werder breman how will thay do is yet to be none so good luck to both teams and thanks for this chance to manage this team.

  10. Re: English Championship 3322

    Crystal Palace in talkes with roy keane

    crystal palace has today told roy keane thay whant him and thay will pay up to 17mill for the manager thay are in talkes with the manager and Middlesbrough have told press it is up to the manager on his thucher with them after he told them he will help them as long as thay whant him also after the manager is a few teams including

    Reading Fulham and Norwich City so what will happen to roy keane in the next week.


  11. International teams

    I think it will be a good idear to let people apply for international teams in gc and also if somone leaves there team insted of offering the team to a manager let people apply for the job and it will be good if thay start a league just for internatinal teams so people dont have to wate till the end of the seasons to play and also internatinal manager have a budiget to spend to use over teams players E.G England use D. James in goal thay pay portmoth or what team he is at to use him and the same for other contreas the better the coses of players to play the more monney you get to use.

    Shels : Been suggested allready, Threads Merged.

    2nd Idea, Players do not get injured/suspended/unavailable for club when on international duty so there is no need for any sort of compensation for clubs.

  12. Re: English Championship 3322


    middlesbrough tranfer news

    Darko LAZOVIC set to join teaside


    18 years old Darko LAZOVIC is set to join middlesbrough tonight roy keane had this to say " the 18 year old Serbian Attacking Midfield/Striker has been a target for some time and now i am making my move im swaping Matthew BATES pluss 550k for this player also Sanli TUNCAY has asked roy keane to be soled after he was told by a inside man that roy keane was only going to use him if injerys came up to his striking forse also 24 year old Stewart DOWNING is to leave middlesbrough for around 13 milleon after he was caled un reliyebul with fitness and a joke to the middlesbrough team and he was told no to tern up to trainig today and was spotid training with west ham unitd erlear today so good luck to him in the fucher and good luck to the new players joining from tottenham in the next week.

  13. Re: English Championship 3322


    Middlesbrought Tranfer News

    Max TONETTO Joins On Loan From Tottenham


    Tonetto has joind middlesbrough on loan for the season after tottenham comfermed he will not be a first team regaler but thay dont whant to sell the star at this time of the season.

    Middlesbrough are in danger of relagation and now roy keane is starting to make them look like a wining team can he proform the grate ascape for his teams fucher in the mager league.

  14. Re: English Championship 3322


    Middlesbrough Latest Tranfer News

    Jonathan WOODGATE, Ledley KING In Talkes With Middlesbrough


    Today Roy Keane has anounsed that the english defender is in talkes with a move to his team for a fee of around 14 mill or more the manager has told press he whants king and WOODGATE at his team and is willing to pay money for the duwow so whach out england middlesbrough is storming the tranfer rade.

  15. Re: English Championship 3322

    50_1201894192.gif Middlesborough last night lost 3-0 to wigan and that is a bad game for new manager roy keane and he is in talkes with aready a move to Reading but has told middlesborough fan dont wory i will be staying for the season or an to i get you out of this relagation battle he has already signed new player including Nélson DIDA from millan for free pluss jones Fernando MORIENTES for 300k pluss Jeremie ALIADIERE and Diego FORLAN for 11mill pluss Josh WALKER and now is 24h away from Roman PAVLYUCHENKO of Tottenham Hotspur puttign pen to papper and signing for 13 mill also in news Gary O'NEIL is on his way to FC Sion for a fee around 6.5 mill as roy keane has caled the midfilder un reliyebul and also Stewart DOWNING is going to leave them after being droped for no reason just because the new manager dose not like his atercude.

  16. Re: Gold Championship 58


    Dean Ashton moved to le mans in the summer for free and is on for goals in as many games the player has been linked with moves to big clubs like Almería and the le mans manager has been linked with the job with Juventus but has told press le mans has no problem with him and he is staying put till he is not neadid no more as for dean ashton thats a compleaty diferent picher when his tranfer band comes off the le mans manager has amited to press it will be hard to keep the star striker and he is 75% shore the skiper will leave so thanks for the help so fare from him.

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