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  1. Re: Ciso's Setup!Match Reports/Transfer news

    115_1199412364.gifmillan is set to talk about there por start to this season

    big tranfers in


    joined for 7 mill and is still wating for first game what a wasted


    joined for 17 mill and not maid a impaced at all what a wasted


    joined for 48 mill and yet to score whats up with him


    joined in a trade with kaka and still to see a clean sheat


    been named as millan bench wormer


    the only new player to score a good goal


    yet to score

    this is what went rong so millan is 3rd and westham above them wth its time to spend big and bring in more big players dont you think

  2. Re: Custom Game World?

    na mate you cant i made one and i found out the same thing all you can do is pick teams and tell people who thay can by (age and price) and if you can by from un managed teams if you are making one still can i join second chose

  3. Re: Gold Championship 58


    Dean Ashton is set to sign a 5 year deal on top of his 2 year deal after le mans won 3-1 aganst Bordeaux and dean aston scored his second goal in as many games also in news roy keane has amited he will be going back to england if a opercunity comes around M.RIQUERO has also signed a 2 year deal the 26 year old scored last night to help le mans win 3-1 he is happy to be with a team like this also roy is in talkes with a player worth up to 23 mill WHO COULD IT BE

  4. Re: Gold Championship 58

    395_1195857065.gifVs 326_1205534750.gif

    le mans last night played in the smfa Shield Round 1 against Eintracht Frankfurt and one 4-3 but the main point is le mans came back from 3-0 down to win 4-3 what a game M.FINK scored on the 30 min to put enintracht 1-0 up but 6 mins later F.TOSKI maid it 2-0 le mans manager looked shocked then like that was not enoth M.STEINHOFER scored on the 55 min to make it 3-0 and le mans looked like thay was packing up shop all fans was leaving the mach but R.WALLWORK 62 he made it 3-1 then T.SINCLAIR scored on the 71 to give le mans a life line the score was 3-2 and then the un finkerbull J.RAMARE tiyed the mach up on the 85 minit it looked like it was heading to e.t but then on the 87 le mans L.CHAVARRÍA socred to make it 4-3 and that is how it endid. the le mans manager had this to say at the end "that was luck no team will say we desorved that i fee like a mad man and my team is a descrace going 3-0 down is imbarsing but at least we one all my team is going to be loaned out i am bringing in 10 new player but 1 man that is staying is D ASHTON as he is my best out fild player.

    players in to le mans in the past 12h

    8018_1213148384.jpgAgustín ORION joined for 18 mill he is one of the bigist playes brought with money and the 27 year old loves his new team

  5. Re: International league 09/10


    Buying from Unmanaged Clubs - NOT ALLOWED

    Buying from External Clubs - NOT ALLOWED

    No buying over the age of 37 years old.

    Cannot do cash transfers over £50m.

    Transfer window ONE between Turn 1 and Turn 3

    Transfer window TWO between Turn 10 and Turn 12

    Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club

    Manager sacked if they finish in bottom 1

    Manager must login to this Game World at least every 7 days


  6. Re: Dan's Fantasy Football

    47_1190143104.gif today man c named x man u player roy keane as there new manager he has been very verbull about trades and his team have been in talks with Chelsea and have been trading

    players into man c


    Florent MALOUDA has joint from chelsea on loan to the end of the season also in the news is Souza ROBINHO IS SET TO JOIN Chelsea FORM Manchester City FOR £4,000,000 plus Salomon KALOU and Michael BALLACK THE MANAGER AT MAN C HAD THIS TO SAY HE IS A GOOD PLAYER BUT THE TIME HAS COME FOR HIM TO MOVE ON AND Chelsea MADE THE BEST OFFER

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