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  1. Re: Any good and high rising RB/RM AZPILICUETA, César Thats the fellow, he maybe get a rise. Hes a good young player, one for the future, id try and bag him while you can!
  2. Re: Sell Van Persie for 25il + Borrelio + Flamini?
  3. Re: Top Cm's+Rm's to buy at this moment in time??
  4. Re: Top Cm's+Rm's to buy at this moment in time??
  5. Re: Top Cm's+Rm's to buy at this moment in time??
  6. Hey guys, My Milan squad has alot of left sided players (which is quite rare) with : Ozil, bastos, pranic, modric, olic.. Im looking for a center mid, and a right mid whos more than capable to play on the right wing, at the mo im playing Higain there, hes doing ok but nothing special, milner also the same. Hamsik in the center with gago (wanting to trade) Up front, Villa, Aguero, Dzeko (higain and olic) Any reccomendations..?? the better players to be buying now, with rises etc, much appreicated guys. Ryan
  7. Re: Best center mid to buy at the mo??
  8. Re: marin , lennon or young. Just to throw this into your mind....Lennon came on for England last night, and left the mexicans dead for pace, hopefully without injuries hes got the ability to become world class. Ryan
  9. Hey guys, ive got a decent team, but i have no major superstar at center mid, my teams Milan in WC 5537 ( sorry guys no good at links..) Ive got 40mil to spend and the likes of gago and adler to use trading...ive tryed for sneijder but the real manager countered 79mil and my David Villa and Aguero haha...
  10. Re: Villa for Torres Hmm, Bit extreme there... Both Torres and Villa are world class strikers, both are 1st/2nd in the Spanish national side... I reckon if Villa went to a bigger side, I.E Manchester United or Chelsea, he would become a much stronger striker after a season of premier league games! I'd get rid of Henry for Torres. Why did you buy Pirlo.....??? Not the best choice
  11. Re: Arsenal Transfer Help Ok 1, how much money have you got available? I'd be proud to get my team to 3rd with that team to be honest, its a decent squad just think you could add a few more. I would sell Asenjo, try buying Lloris or/and De gea (-should be able to get very cheap!) You need another RB why not try buying David Santon (is a Rb/Lb) brilliant future prospect.
  12. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hey guys, need some help. I am really low on money (1.5mil) and my wage budget is 1.05mil, ideally i need to sell a player or two...but im struggling on who to get rid of as i think my squad is pritty ok.... Any help will be very much appreciated. Private Messages would be even better Ryan.. CECH ADLER DE GEA *new BALE *new CISSOKHO JOHNSON AZPILICUETA SANTON GARAY CHYGRYNSKIY VERMAELEN THIAGO SILVA KJAER * new AGGER HUMMELLS * new BLIND * new JEROME BOATENG * new RAMIRES MILNER GAGO JOVETIC PJANIC BASTOS MODRIC * new DAVID VILLA AGUERO HIGUAIN BORRIELLO DZEKO OLIC *new
  13. Re: Unexperienced Hamburg coach seeks advice.. Ranieri is a good signing, boateng is worth a punt..try buying some youngsters such has Hummels, Davis Luiz, Carrico.... Defour is a good player...how much have you got to spend? why not buy a player like Luka Modric, James Milner???
  14. Re: Squad update and help, please!
  15. Re: Squad update and help, please!
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