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    Erick Estéfano Torres Padilla (born January 19, 1993 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) is a Mexican footballer who plays as a Striker for Club Deportivo Guadalajara of Mexico.

    Name - Erick Torres Padilla

    Club - Club Deportivo Guadalajara(Chivas)

    D.O.B - 19/01/1993

    Nationality - Mexican

    Position - Striker

    Eric "el Cubo"Torres, 18 years old playing for Chivas, Same club as Chicharito. He has Played 9 games in 1st division and has scored 6 times. He's good with both feet, and has a perfect aerial game. Did I mention he is only 18?

    He's on the DB rated 75 playing for Chivas de Guadalajara, just wondering if anyone else has heard or has any info on him as he is apparently on of Mexico's rising stars???

  2. Re: Jokes

    and after the first set of cases he continued to allow kids for sleepovers...

    And which he later admitted it was okay for a grown man to sleep in the same bed as children, which he did.....

  3. Re: Jokes

    i dont care if i get an infraction for saying this so.

    You didnt know the man personally TOGGS did you no so shut your ******* mouth about him and by the way if he was twisted and sick why was he found not guilty of all the allegations MATE...

    Wasn't that the second set of charges he faced?????

    The first set he settled out of court for $18 million, so why settle if you've done nothing wrong?????????

    Another kiddie fiddler off the streets..........

  4. Re: Teams dissappeared. Urgent help please.

    My Oldham is gone which I've had for ages, my mates in the same leauge have got there teams and have never lost them

    And my mates are now telling me that the message on their overview says that I've resigned from Oldham stating that I've done all I could do for my club.....

    SORT IT OUT SM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Re: Becky B's International Challenge

    Ok all the guys that have got a team add me as a friend and i'll open the league nah' date='[/size']

    Im going to add fc porto - portugal, so if anyone is intrested then leave a msg on here and then u can have them

    If you don't get any interest i'd be more thn happy

  6. Re: Potential Setup

    I know this idea gets banded around alot, but the International set-up sounds good. A random draw is made for teams, then a second draw is made for what nation that team should be for example if you get Man Utd and Brazil, you then have 3 or 4 turns to change Man Utd into the Brazil national team or at least have to just Brazillian players......Likewise with the other teams

    Just an idea :D

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