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  1. Re: New Custom Set Up Custom setup in now open to the public Transfer ban in place so umanaged teams are fully complete, many top flight teams STILL available Game world is called World Club Championship 09 all are welcome:D:D:D:D
  2. Re: New Custom Set Up This Setup will be opened up tomorrow to the public, anyone interested its called World Club Championship 09....... Still lots of top flight teams available:D:D:D:D:D:cool:
  3. Re: Are you making a new setup? Can I get in on this setup soccerfanboy?
  4. Re: New Custom Set Up Still plenty of top flight teams available and if you fancy a challenge, see start of thread for who is left:D:D:D
  5. Re: New Custom Set Up There is a list of free teams at the start of this thread, I keep it up to date:D
  6. Re: New Custom Set Up Lee Hutchinson,I'm on page 8 or 9 of the Hutchinson's with a pic of Chevy Chase:D
  7. Re: New Custom Set Up Ilovehannah Dan Griffin MiddlesbroughFC Operation-A Need you guys to add me as a friend so I can send out the Job Offers:D
  8. Re: New Custom Set Up Sevilla is yours, game world has been created. For all those who added me as a friend and vise versa i'll be sending out Job offers, for those who did not ( you know who you are ) Pls do so.....
  9. Re: New Custom Set Up I've shortened it down alittle guys, gone to 3 divisions instead of 4 and less teams in each :D ( just for better opportunities to buy players )
  10. Re: New Custom Set Up Still plenty of teams to choose from guys, if you fancy a good challange;)
  11. Re: New Custom Set Up As soon as SM commission it:D
  12. Re: New Custom Set Up I'm updating the thread as and when guys, check below to see who has got what
  13. Re: New Custom Set Up The status says : Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 - 20:00 GT. So it may be tomorrow guys when its up:(
  14. Re: New Custom Set Up Not yet no, it says i'm next in the que
  15. Re: New Custom Set Up Sure scousers are yours, ben you've got Chelsea too....
  16. Re: New Custom Set Up Sorry fella barca has gone, any one else tho:D
  17. I have a new custom set up looking for managers for the long term UTD and Real Madrid already taken, every other club is free. PM me with who you want ,your user name and add me as a friend ( Lee Hutchinson with a pic of Chevy Chase:D:D ) and I'll send out the job offers, after which i'll open to the public.... Good Luck:cool: Teams are:- Division 1 Arsenal : Shack Chelsea : Ben M Liverpool : MiddlesbroughFC Manchester United : Me Fiorentina Internazionale : Dan Griffin Juventus : Chazz Milan : Zakkoo Roma : Barzy Jaza Atlético Madrid : 1martin oneal Barcelona : Operation A Real Madrid : Alex Sevilla Villarreal Division 2 PSV FC Porto Zenit Lyon : RGibbs Bayern Munchen : BOWESYY FC Schalke 04 Aston Villa Everton Manchester City : joshpez1997 Portsmouth Tottenham Hotspur Lazio Valencia : we-are-the-people-93 Ajax Division 3 CSKA Moskva Boca Juniors São Paulo Marseille Fenerbahçe Olympiacos Bayer Leverkusen Hamburger SV Werder Bremen VfB Stuttgart VfL Wolfsburg Celtic Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United
  18. Re: The best youth wingers? Antonio LUIS VALENCIA, especially when he goes to bigger club in the summer the same would go for Marko Marin hes top class but will only go so high at his current club
  19. Re: The best sporting film? Dodgeball Major League Tin Cup Any Given Sunday Kingpin Rocky 3 Karate Kid Caddyshack The Colour Of Money Mean Machine ( both versions )
  20. Re: mt's Summer Rating Predictions (Risers Only)
  21. Re: mt's Summer Rating Predictions (Risers Only)
  22. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 36 Saturday 23rd March Barcelona 3-0 Osasuna Ancona 2-3 Grosetto Bayern Munich 4-1 Stuttgart Nancy 0-2 Marseille Sunday 24th March Porto 2-2 Braga Kuban 1-3 CSKA Moskva (ESB) Gremio 2-0 Botafogo Espoli 1-1 LDU Quito __________________
  23. Re: Good deal? This is an AWESOME deal
  24. Re: Help Me With My Newbie Sigs? In user CP, then into edit sig, then browse find pic then upload it. Hope it helps:D
  25. Re: Spanish Ratings Stay:D:cool::cool:
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