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  1. Re: Who Will Rise? PLEASE READ! I think ratings done on friday are published on saturday likewise no ratings sunday and no ratings monday (because of the weekend ) so the rating done today will be published tomorrow...... I think:D
  2. Re: Gozgoz8 Summer League Project!!! (ONLY CONTAIN RISERS) Awwww thats okay " Fazmundo " you can have a rep too:rolleyes:
  3. Re: Gozgoz8 Summer League Project!!! (ONLY CONTAIN RISERS) Hear, hear
  4. Re: WILLIANS, Domingos : 2009's Rafael Carioca? Good find:D
  5. Re: Ivan Tomecak Very good thread fella, keep it up:D Rep
  6. Re: Gozgoz8 Summer League Project!!! (ONLY CONTAIN RISERS) Brilliant thread m8, helped me no end with russia and ukraine rep4u:D
  7. Anybody know how Diniyar BILYALETDINOV @ Lokomotiv Moskva will do in the russian rating changes?
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Cheers Toggs, Repped:D
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Anybody know how González DANIEL JARQUE of Espanyol ratings will go stay, rise or drop?!!!!
  10. Re: Lm 90+ Cheers George:D Rep4U
  11. Re: SASCHA BIGALKE --- German Talent! Great Scout, yet again:D:D:D
  12. Re: Lm 90+ Mata, I can't get him. Anyone else???
  13. Re: Lm 90+ Cheers Man United, was thinking more after the spanish ratings tho:D:D Rep you tho anyway:cool:
  14. Anybody know of any young LM/Wing that will go 90+ during the next ratings changes??????
  15. Re: David Villa Still 95!!!! He will stay!!!
  16. Re: setup I'm setting up Gold membership as we speak
  17. Re: setup Sorry fella not a gold member:(
  18. Re: youngsters,who to keep who to sell
  19. Re: Italian rating predictions Have to say I agree with all that especailly Marek JANKULOVSKI should have rose
  20. Re: setup Iwould like man utd pls
  21. Re: Who Will Rise? PLEASE READ! Pirlo drop to 94
  22. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Summer Ratings Edition) Can anyone tell me if Diniyar BILYALETDINOV of Lokomotiv Moskva will rise in the summer changes and by how much?!!!!! Cheers:D:D
  23. Anybody got any links for upcoming mexican rating changes
  24. Re: Stefan Reinartz - future talent and +6 riser at least Excellant write -up REPPED
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