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  1. BLONDIE/DEBORAH HARRY THREAD It was 43 years ago today (23rd September 1978) when Blondie released their 3rd Studio album PARALLEL LINES
  2. Yes, usually you can sign players at 10 rating higher than your average. If your squad average rating is say, 70 then you will get players rated 80 no probs but players may refuse if they are say 81+ when you buy few players at rat 80 this will bump up your squad rating to say, 72 meaning your next player could be rated 82 and so on
  3. BLONDIE vs THE TEMPTATIONS CALL ME ALREADY I do not own the music nor the images. Its a tribute to the artists and the person responsible of creating the mashup
  4. The youth squad wagebill will be added too, if you have youth squad, so your youth wages will add more to your weekly bill, just pointing that out coz I used to forget my youth wages when monitoring my wage bill
  6. BLONDIE/DEBORAH HARRY THREAD X OFFENDER REPOSTED THIS Here's the story about the "X-OFFENDER" song. Blondie originally called this song "SEX OFFENDER", But when they brought it to UK, The law wouldn't allow the word "sex" to be in the title so Blondie changed the title to "X-OFFENDER". However, the record was printed in vinyl and 500 copies were made in the factory before the name change. The 500 copies now fetch £1,000 each, making this Blondie's rarest 7" vinyl record around today. If you find a copy it'll have the serial number PVT90 on it. (Private Stock label, not Chrysalis) Hope you enjoyed the story behind "X Offender".
  7. BLONDIE\DEBORAH HARRY THREAD BLONDIE - SLOW MOTION - from their album called EAT TO THE BEAT This is one of my favourites from EAT TO THE BEAT Album. I would've released this as a single, however, Blondie released Union City Blue as a single from the album.
  9. a VERY RARE Blondie/Debbie Harry clip from CBGB's in 1975 - A Girl Should Know Better -
  10. My first ever Blondie concert was this one legendary Glasgow Apollo - 31st December 1979 - shown live on BBCTV 2
  11. Thanks for your kind words buddy
  12. RAPTURE RIDERS (Blondie vs The Doors)
  13. BLONDIE/DEBORAH HARRY THREAD just thought I'd repost this My personal story regarding DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN - THE BLONDIE MUSICAL It was at the NOVELLO theatre in LONDON (WEST END) It was a red carpet event with various celebrities attending on its debut. I was lucky enough to get TWO tickets for me and my wife. To get such freebies at a red carpet event is sensational and being a huge Blondie/Debbie fan, it was a dream come true. However, now the bad news. I couldn't travel to London coz I had a massive Stroke which put me in an induced coma for the first 48 hrs. At the time of the musical, I wasn't fit enough to travel. I was honoured to receive the offer tho at such a big event.
  14. they had 3 number 1's 1980 must be Atomic and call me 1980
  15. and sunday girl 1979
  16. you are right NO2, heart of glass
  17. was in Dreaming and Sunday girl 1979 ?
  18. I'll try tell you the song if you tell me the year you were born
  19. Happy birthday to Deborah Harry have a good one
  20. I was unable to login with error message and warning in red telling me not safe and to leave as maybe virus attack but it's ok now to login
  21. Allan, can you contact me on this thread - can't message you keeps saying my inbox is full, cheers
  22. wow been a while since started this thread
  23. Would be good to get the 7046 discussion thread back again
  24. Match 15 TOTD Division 1 & 2 added to the 7046 BLOG Click HERE to view
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