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  1. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DEBBIE'S new album "NECESSARY EVIL" is released in IRELAND TODAY !!! ALL Blondie/Deborah Harry NEWS will be HERE. KEEP VIEWING AND COMMENTING THANKS Craig (Blondie/Deborah Harry thread)
  2. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread BLONDIE live in NYC in 2004, singing "UNDONE". from their album "THE CURSE OF BLONDIE"
  3. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread LATEST FOOTAGE This is Deborah Harry singing her new single "TWO TIMES BLUE" on the Late Late show on RTE. This footage is so new that it was only added 13 hrs ago. ENJOY
  4. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop - Well Did You Evah ? http://youtube.com/watch?v=D_kJeRJZQZE
  5. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread This BLONDIE/DEBORAH HARRY thread has now had an amazing 400 views. This was not expected by myself cos I thought that most SM forumers were too young to remember lol. it must be interesting enough to get 400 views, this gives me the incentive to go on and try to make this thread one of the BEST in SM. However, It doesn't matter what I put in the thread if NO ONE bothers to look at it. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL, FOR VIEWING AND COMMENTING. THANKS TO ALL KEEP VIEWING & COMMENTING, FEEL FREE TO ADD OR REQUEST etc. Craig (Blondie/Deborah Harry thread)
  6. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Thanks, keep viewing and commenting - positive & negative. Here's BLONDIE "LIVE" in Edinburgh Castle 2007 - "THE TIDE IS HIGH" (certainly was, with re: to the weather LOL) I wasn't there, cos i was away on holiday at the time. Hope you all enjoy. KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING. CRAIG (Blondie/Debbie Harry thread)
  7. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread A quick look at Debbie's new single "TWO TIMES BLUE". This has been shown again cos the release date is shortly. From the NECESSARY EVIL ALBUM Another good song from Debbie's album is "IF I HAD YOU". which can be heard on my BLONDIE myspace site. www.myspace.com/craig_07
  8. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Thanks Tom 1993 WBA . Its much appreciated. Re: Blondie on LOOSE WOMEN ITV 1. I've emailled the show to ask Debbie about her new website. Debbie's official site is: www.deborahharry.com but she has a new one at www.debbie-harry.com which isn't completed yet. I asked the show to ask Debbie the difference to her official site, why etc. That's all for now keep viewing everyone and feel free to comment.
  9. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Those of you who would like to see more Blondie stuff, you can visit my BLONDIE BLOG at http://craig655.vox.com and my BLONDIE "myspace" site at www.myspace.com/craig_07, myspace and blog are regularly updated. The picture of DEBBIE on my blog homepage - she in denim jacket and black hat - is the photo I got of her coming off the tour bus. (just before I kissed her). LOL lets get the views up to 500. I'll try to keep you all informed of the latest news. DEBBIE is promoting her new album so, most news will be of Debbie and not Blondie at present.
  10. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread A BREAK FROM THE NEWS STUFF. HERE'S "MARIA" No.1, from VH1's "Behind the Music" available on DVD. (In Sound Republic venue) http://youtube.com/watch?v=6FBZ_kY8ZS4 HOPE YOU ENJOY. ALL the latest news on BLONDIE/DEBORAH HARRY is HERE.
  11. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Tom 1993 WBA & Liam-h07 - Thanks for your kind words. This thread has 339 views now, I didn't expect as much views so its very encouraging to see. My BLONDIE memorabilia dates back to 1978. I try to add the up-to-the-minute news and gossip with some footage from youtube to keep it from becoming stale and predictable. Hence my list of Debbie albums etc. GOSSIP: It's not often that you meet your idol, but I was lucky to meet and KISS Debbie before a concert in 2004. After waiting 26 years to meet Debbie, I made sure I got a kiss before the bouncer pushed me aside. Debbie has a wonderful personality and she is very kind. THANKS AGAIN, FOR YOUR KIND WORDS, KEEP VIEWING AND COMMENTING.
  12. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Hi, Thanks for your input to the thread. I'm just keeping you all up to date with the latest info on Blondie & Debbie, which I hope you all find of interest. Apologies for sounding like a geek lol. I've been a Blondie fan since 1978 so I've plenty more stories/articles to post. I'm in my living room at home - not out stalking Debbie - as some may think . I'm not part of Blondie in any way, apart from being a diehard fan. I'm trying to vary the thread, and not have youtube videos only on it. I take your comments as a compliment. THANKS FOR POSTING TO THE THREAD, THERE'S PLENTY MORE GOSSIP/VIDEOS ETC SO KEEP LOOKING (and its FREE LOL) MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE A BOOK AND MAKE ZILLIONS LOL. MORE COMMENTS PLEASE, KEEP THEM COMING
  13. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DEBORAH HARRY's new Album NECESSARY EVIL will be her first album in 14 years. DEBBIE'S ALBUMS: NECESSARY EVIL: 17th September 2007 DEBRAVATION: 24th August 1993 DEF, DUMB & BLONDE: 29th August 1989 ROCKBIRD: 29th November 1986 KOO KOO: 8th August 1981 Solo Albums only WIND IN THE WILLOWS 1968, was Debbie's band before Blondie so it doesn't count. (not solo)
  14. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread
  15. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread The DEBORAH HARRY Signing session in DUBLIN tomorrow starts at 11am. If anyone attends this, could you post here and tell us all about it, thanks. I hope all SM members are enjoying this thread - its good to see 302 views - feel free to add anything. Craig (Blondie/Deborah Harry thread)
  16. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Latest on Debbie's appearances. Sept 15th - Dublin signing HMV Sept 16th - BBC1 Andrew Marr show, 9am Sept 18th - LK Today (GMTV Lorraine Kelly show) 08.35 - 9.25am Sept 19th - Loose Women ITV 12.30pm Sept 25th - Radio 1 9pm Also, the next 2, are shows I've heard but not sure of the dates: (post here if you find out the date/time, thanks) Steve Wright - Radio 2 BBC NEWS 24 - Hardtalk
  17. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN opening night has been postponed from OCT 12th to the 16th OCT.
  18. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Deborah Harry will appear on the "Andrew Marr" show on Sunday 16th Sept @ 9am on BBC1 TV. It's all happening, hope I don't miss anything out LOL.
  19. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread On September 15th, Blondie's drummer CLEM BURKE will attend the "Marc Bolan: the celebration" at London's Shepherd Bush Empire. A concert featuring Marc's son and Marc Almond of Soft Cell, producer Tony Visconti, T-Rex tribute band - T-Rextasy and many more.
  20. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread RE: DEBBIE SIGNING SESSION IN DUBLIN You can only gain entry by wearing a wristband. wristbands will be handed out on the day at HMV.
  21. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DEBORAH HARRY will be on TV show "LOOSE WOMEN" on wednesday 19th September at 12.30pm - 1.30pm (uk time) ITV1 LONDON (hope this includes Scotland) LOOSE LADIES: Jackie Brambles, Coleen Nolan, Carol McGiffen meet DEBBIE and heart throb Enrique Inglesies, who performs live. If anyone hears about DEBBIE HARRY being on TV etc, post it here. Debbie will be in a lot of places to promote her new album "Necessary Evil". thanks
  22. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN: A new musical based on the hit MGM movie with the songs of Deborah Harry & Blondie to open in LONDON at the "Novello Theatre" on 12th OCTOBER with a PRESS night on 15th NOV 2007. Features ALL the best-loved Blondie tracks including: One Way or Another, Call Me, Heart of Glass, Rapture, Sunday girl, Atomic, The Tide is High, Dreaming, Hanging on the Telephone. The production has "Moment of Truth", a new song by Deborah Harry & Chris Stein, written especially for this romantic comedy musical.
  23. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Thanks for your support and kind words teb. (I was hoping for members to respond more), but I'll keep the "Latest NEWS" re: Blondie/Debbie posted here for SM members to see. (255 views, so they are looking) I won't be there at the signing session. I just posted this info for SM members - in Grafton St area of Dublin - to get the chance to be there. Thanks again Teb
  24. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread DEBORAH HARRY will do a signing session at HMV on Grafton Street in DUBLIN on Saturday 15th September. The release date of "Necessary Evil" in Ireland. DEBBIE will will be hosting an episode of "Radio 1 Legends" on September 25th from 9pm - 10pm on BBC Radio 1. The program will be part of the "Radio 1 Legends" celebrations.
  25. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread Rapture Riders - BLONDIE V The Doors FANTASTIC MIX ENJOY
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