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    craig reacted to BigGameMo in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Ahead of the new season, I wanted a permanent post where I could provide a little information on the players I was selling as justification for their price, and add or remove players as I saw fit without needing to post the information on the newsfeed all over again. So I am using this thread to do just that. My top needs this offseason are an elite or young central midfielder and elite or young highly-rated GK, ideally with Hart going the other way. However, I am open to most young talents or players with potential for growth. I also would not say no to an improved left-back, though it is not of the highest priority.
    Nottingham Forest Season 18 Prep Transfer List:
    Miguel Layun (Porto - 28 - 89 - D,DM,M,AM(RL)) - Transfer Price: p/e. The Mexican jack-of-all-trades started the season strongly linked with Real Madrid, but unfortunately, injury problems and a good run of form for the team during that period saw Maxi Pereira preferred over him down the stretch. This transfer season, early rumors already have him on the radar of Inter and Barcelona, and given his lack of PT down the stretch, it is probable that he takes the opportunity to start anew elsewhere. A starting role at Inter or rotation role at Barcelona would definitely put Layun in contention for a +1, adding to the already high value of a playerc who can play 8 different positions in SM.
    Iborra (Sevilla - 29 - 89 - D,DM,M(C)) - Transfer Price: p/e. Sevilla's unsung hero, Iborra has managed to record another 7-goal season despite playing as a defensive midfielder for most of the season. He even recorded a hat-trick vs Celta Vigo as a centre-back! Sevilla were 8-2-2 in the games he started in the league, and 10-3-2 if we include the games he came on for at half-time. He will undoubtedly be at the center of the action next season if Sevilla are to match or surpass this season's performances. - EDIT: NOT currently available due to injury of Wijnaldum and transfer of Rooney.
    Walace (Hamburg - 22 - 87 - DM,M,AM(C)) - Transfer Price: p/e. Young Brazilian midfielder was instrumental in Hamburg's dramatic escape from the relegation zone after they were favorites for the drop at the season's midpoint. Hamburg is probably well above his level, and I expect he'll move on to a bigger club in due time.
    Zeneli - (Heerenveen - 22 - 85 - AM,F(RL)) - Transfer Price: p/e. Bright Swedish-Kosovan talent looked unstoppable in late 2016 before the season collapsed for Heerenveen and the club could not buy a win. The team and Zeneli will look to rebuild next season, but judging by his work in the Swedish Allsvenskan and early on in the 2016-17 Eredivisie season, he's got world-class talent that just needs to be nurtured in the right system by the right coach.
    Aminu Umar (Osmanlispor FK - 22 - 85 - AM,F(RL)) - Transfer price: p/e. Sharp, direct Nigerian playing in Turkey, who is capable of creating his own opportunities and has already picked up a few caps for the Nigerian national team. Still room to grow rating-wise with his club if he can up his consistency.
    Leigh Griffiths (Celtic - 26 - 85 - AM,F(C)) - Transfer price: p/e. Not much needs to be said here. Had one of the best seasons in Scottish league football history last season, and remains arguably the best player in the league. Has started to get opportunities for Scotland as well.
    Others potentially available: Giovinco (if anyone would like to preagree a deal for after his TB is up, p/e), Tosun (p/e), Compper (p/e)
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    craig reacted to BigGameMo in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Hey  guys,
    I've decided to quit SM at the end of this season. There are many reasons for my decision: it is partly due to limited time, partly due to frustration with SM as a game and partly due to hitting a ceiling with Forest. I've done a lot of terrific work with Forest over the years, building up the squad from very little, signing top talents and roaring back from relegation twice to finish in the top four twice. At this moment I am in the setup's top five managers of all time by points, and should manage to overtake Ben & Dan by the end of the season.
    Although I am very proud of my work with Forest, it cannot be denied that there still exists a massive gulf in quality between my Forest side and Liverpool, Sunderland, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and so on. And though I make a few good signings every season, I am skeptical that I would be able to close that gap prior to season 20 or more. 
    What really has sealed the deal for me is SM's current rules. For whatever reason, SM has decided that I am no longer eligible to acquire newly added players. This does not seem to be tied to squad value, as I've lost out on top talents to clubs worth more than mine, and it does not seem to be tied to squad size, as Ipswich has won several of these newly added player battles over clubs much small in size and value than themselves. Constantly missing out on the top newly added talents means that my primary vehicle for improving my club, via youth player rises, is foreclosed & sharply limited. This has happened on at least ten occasions in the last ten weeks, and is likely to continue happening, as SM still have yet to explain how this random lottery is decided.
    Cash injections also remain deeply problematic. Although it is good that they no longer go the big clubs, it is disheartening and unfair to spend so much time scouting risers and selling them on to make, at best, a 3-4 million profit, only to watch X club which has sat around doing little in the market for the season get a 50 mil boost to spend come the next season. Makes it all rather pointless in the end. 
    Finally, I would be remiss to not mention the stagnation of the transfer market. Simply put, there are maybe five to seven clubs who actively look to engage in the transfer market. Of those five to seven, two or three are looking for a tier of players possessed by only two to four other managers in the setup. Meanwhile, a solid 75%+ of the setup engages in very little to no internal transfer activity. The setup sadly comes to life most in the mid-season when a club gets a new manager who in his excitement is finally willing to do some deals to change his squad and bring in new players. This state of affairs only helps to ensure that those with the strongest squads remain strong, and takes out an important aspect of the game. If I am not mistaken, it is partially what ultimately lead Dan to leave his Liverpool.
    I may change my decision, as everyone experiences the desire to leave at one point or another, which is partly why I've delayed the ultimate decision to the end of the season. I will conduct all transfer activity as I normally would until then, with the exception that I will not agree any deals with parts to be resolved in next season.
    Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone, except those facing me, with the rest of their season.
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    craig got a reaction from Gonzodan in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Sebastian LARSSON is latest player to join MILLWALL. This will be out last signing for now coz we have biggest squad to select from....ever.
    We will use players in rota system with on form players keeping their place in the team. Having lost our first match away to Leyton, we need to win our next match at home to Arsenal tomorrow.
    BETO,  PELLE,  RAFINHA & CORREA start but rest to be decided.
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    craig reacted to marcos vitorino in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Wolves performance along the years
    As you may know, although I'm not new to the GW, I'm new to managing Wolves. Because of that I decided to do a little recap of the League positions along the 15 seasons of the GW.
    Wolves are now in Division 3, hopefully trying to secure a playoff position and maybe a promotion attempt. Hopefully I said. But this was not always the goal of the team.
    Wolves started long ago in Division 1, where in the first season reached a mid-table spot. They managed to be there for 6 seasons and the best position ever was a 4th place.
    Relegation came upon Wolves on season 6, and here started a dark age for them. With 2 straight relegations (seasons 8 and 9), only 4 SM years later they were playing Division 4 football.
    I've created a graph so I can show better the evolution, but I think my skills are definitely on other areas . It is a bit confusing. Anyway here it is.
    The fourth tier experience lasted for 2 seasons, as on the second one Wolves were Division 4 champions. After the win came an average season on Division 3 followed by another relegation! Fortunately it was possible to bouce back immediately with another Division 4 Championship title.
    During last season the promotion could have been a reality. We missed it in the playoffs after the excellent job warren livesey has done. When he left for Man City, a new era started at Wolverhampton.
    I expect this to be a long term project that takes Wolves to the desired fame and glory. Unfortunately my poor management skills will make that task nearly impossible... At least I'll have some fun in the process.
    Good luck!!
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    craig got a reaction from Veigas in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Millwall sign PELLE and CAULKER agreed
    Millwall approached West Ham manager  to sign PELLE (£12m) and CAULKER (£8m). The price for PELLE was £12m so Millwall put this bid in first only to discover that the max price was £10m for PELLE. Millwall n Hammers had to renegotiate the deal in order to get it done.
    instead of paying £12m for Pelle, I paid £9m so both chairmen allow. I then added the £3m onto CAULKER deal. (he was max price £11.9m) so £11m was ok to bid.
    We spent same amount of money for players but reversed the prices on both to get both deals through within the rules. It became £9m and £11m instead of £12m and £8m which was agreed before we realised price range by chairman values.
    I was surprised to see Caulker price max more than Pelle's.
    So, it simply became  deals done within both Chairmen Values.
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    craig reacted to Veigas in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    I will be starting this season by making it my 375th gw appearance (115th as West Ham boss man) as the most deluded manager on this gw with an incredibly stupid and annoying split personality ever to set foot on this planet. I will be facing that pathetic Welsh team, who should never have ever played in the EPL.....Swansea.
    Who are now managed by some random unknown manager that calls himself Boris Respaka who is as active in the game as Arsene Wenger is in the transfer market. Fans still want and love their old manager Roy Keane ( Gold 1.⭐️) Strongbow....even tho he was just as useless. 

    My team will probably stay the same this season as most of my better players on the game are now rejects in real life but as long as they hold a decent rating they shall stay and be worshiped by the Hammers in the new 60k stadium which will never ever fill up even 75% of its full capacity (some of you will be thinking more like 50%).
    My hopes lay on Persie and Falcao to get us promoted, and I'm pretty confident......i mean get us enough points to avoid relegation.
    Any hows.....enough about my team, I'm not that vain.
    Looking forward to the following this season....
    - Raz begging to sign everyones top players, completing the mega multi part deals, having one of the best teams in the gw but still winning NOTHING! 
    - Dom saying this is my season, season after season after season...and again winning NOTHING!
    - Secasiu thinking he is an amazing scout.....one word, 'DELUDED'
    - Harman brothers, J.Henry and a few others trying to buy only EPL players...WHY!? I know EPL is the best league around (Secasiu will have a heart attack at this but oh well) but WHY?!
    - Jooles and SOP the has beens DESTROYING two of the most successful clubs in the gws even more.
    - Craig going on about what a great idea the blog is....MHMMM!
    and finally...
    - ME quietly thinking I could win the division this season....SHUT UP YOU DELUDED IDIOT!
    Just a few things I'm looking forward to seeing.

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    craig reacted to RieceM96 in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    This thread is looking good today! shows that if we try we can make it great again. Be nice to see the Blog doing well again and if this carries on I would to see quick match predictions/previews as they were always a great read back in the day!
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    craig reacted to taylor8 in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    5 First Teamers have arrived at White Hart Lane  KOULIBALY ,  HERRERA ,  HERNÁNDEZ ,  MERTESACKER & MESSI,
    Mertesacker - Returns after being shown the door when i first arrived and cleared out a sucssful squad which had won many titles, but were set up to play defensive, over time i binned the whole squad and finally won the title with a team full of my own players! 
    Herrera - Can play Defensive & Attacking Central Mid and was reason i signed him allows me the option to play a few formations with out changing players
    Koulibaly - Wanted a younger Centre back and when i seen he was available i made a move, maybe overpayed a little but think he can go on to be a great signing for us, but has big boots to fill in replacing Garay who was fanstasic last season
    Hernandez - Required a back up striker, was lucky that Benzema never had any serious injury's last season or the title certainly would not of been heading out way!  Chicharito will play a supersub role this season! Sad to loose Payet but need for a striker was greater
    Messi - Tried to sign him last season but got knocked back by the former Manchester City Manager, So when he was replaced i made contact, again got knocked back but received a surprise Pm that a deal could happen, after a bit of negotiation a deal was agreed! Messi was on his way, sad to loose my 2 stars of last season but the chance to have Messi was too much! Lets see if i can make him tick as his stats in 7046 are poor to say the least!
    This season I think i priority shall go after the cups, seems to be more cash in winning a cup and i had a history of doing quiet well in the cups with West Ham, and i need cash to pay Messi's wages! 
    Unsure of what formation im going to pay tried 3 so far since Messi joined and he;s been MOTM all 3 times and scored, see if this continues!
    Title Prediction - Chelsea or Sunderland
    Surprise Package - Brighton 
    Relegation - Northampton Town
    Next Match Everton in the Charity Shield!
    Good luck Everyone!
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    craig reacted to bigtunna in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    A season to forget at Walsall as we suffer relegation back to the 2nd tier. Don't want to dwell too much on it, what's done is done and moving forward my aim is to continue to build the squad for the future and aim to bounce back stronger. On a happier note I have become the 18th member of the 7046 500 game club and am hungrier than ever to get this club to the top.
    Been a busy few weeks in terms of transfers. Sacrificed some short term quality with the aim of bringing down the average age and starting a fresh. With that said we've managed to bring in Kane, Mane, Alli, Nolito, Baba and Kurt Zouma with hopefully one or two more to come in the next few weeks.
    Looking forward to this season it's hard to really know where were at in terms of ratings. On paper I feel like we should give Div 2 a good run and the Chairman wants a title challenge but in terms of ratings our average rating is only 89 but hopefully got some risers in there in time. My favourites for the title however has to be Huddersfield. Amazing squad for Div 2 and will be difficult to compete with.
    Coleman Zouma Morgan Baba
    Dembele ????
    Mane Alli Nolito
    We still need 1 player to complete our team for the upcoming campaign. CM is a priority with the new season closing in and Shelvey on his way to Southampton for a medical. We have £20m to spend + a few players outside my starting 11 and some youths to get the right man so anyone looking to boost their bank balance get in touch. Not after anything too flashy just a solid Prem CM 87+.
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    craig reacted to BigGameMo in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Hi all,
    Number of things currently going on @ Forest:
    1 - On the hunt for a top RB; either under 25 and 88+, or under 32 and 90+. I have been working on a deal with Stoke, but would love to talk with others in the event that does not pan out.
    2 - The following guys will be TL'd soon, so do your research and lmk by in-game PM if they might interest you: 
    Rodrigao (9/6), Riveros (9/20), Duarte (8/29), Ferrareis (8/31), Ermel (9/3).
    3 - Players still available for loan: Politano, Younes, Jahanbakhsh, Lapadula, Ruiz, Tannane, Hanni, Kainz, Hendrix - each one of these guys is a riser so do your research and lmk by bidding if interested. I would say Younes & Lapadula are likely to rise soonest but Hendrix & Hanni have the highest potential at the moment.
    4 - I'm looking to generally do 2 for 1s, where I offer two of players for one good one. Squad is bloated and is in need of shrinking for sure. If you've got an interested in a couple youth players, or Ben Yedder + a youth player, let me know.
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    craig got a reaction from Longnose in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    If we post regular again in the 7046 thread, I will bring back the OFFICIAL 7046 BLOG where we can have writers' again keeping us updated about their team etc.
    C'mon everyone in 7046, lets keep this thread busy and get the blog back where we can list cheats etc.
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    craig got a reaction from marcos vitorino in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    As we try to tidy up 7046 Gameworld by removing cheats, it would be an idea if new members posted here to let us know that you've joined 7046.
    a few teams in 7046 were removed due to cheats so let us know you are genuine by posting here.
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    craig got a reaction from Sir Rahul in Thought i'd pop by and say hello!   
    yes, the forum needs revamped or old one back in order to get folks just to visit.
    forum was the engjine room at one point
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    craig got a reaction from S04 in Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)   
    (I'm playing on my PSR9000 Keyboard)
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    craig got a reaction from Alurcard in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Millwall should be ready for our next match at home to Sheffield Wednesday.
    We lost to QPR last match which was down to us having too many NMF players after a CUP match and had to use our youth.
    That result was disappointing after working hard to get up the league to 3rd spot. Great results against the top sides helped us get a decent run going. We are "work in progress" as we try to release older players for a younger squad. A "squad" that will have depth so we can cover NMF and be able to rest players etc.
    Maybe being too ambitious but we are aiming for automatic promotion which means finishing 2nd.
    However, I would settle for a play-off spot and hope to earn a place in D3.
    We have been helped greatly by the performances by KLOSE, his scoring rate has been first class for us and we hope he will continue to find the net in the coming matches.

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    craig got a reaction from Longnose in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    It's good to see some posts here, we need to keep active on 7046
    lets show the other gameworld's that 7046 is still THE GW - ingame AND in the forum area.
    Good to see longnose back in 7046 again - it's always good when the BEST guys return to 7046, speaks volumes for the gameworld.
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    craig got a reaction from VatreniUnited in [UKfsc] EPL 2014/2015 Predictor   
    Re: [uKfsc] EPL 2014/2015 Predictor


    1st - GIZB
    2nd - PHIL

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    Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread


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    Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread


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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    Didier DROGBA joined Millwall from MK DONS in a swap deal for BENDTNER and £475k.

    The 37 yr will partner Miroslav KLOSE upfront..


    We hope the veterans will score a few goals together and be the "new" DAD'S ARMY at the Den.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    Holtom returns to 7046

    After doing all he could for Burton Albion, and in the process becoming their most successful manager ever, Ashley Holtom decided it was time to step down to concentrate on other projects.

    Fast forward 7 months and the enigmatic Englishman has made his return to setup - this time with Leicester City. The lure of arguably the best setup on soccermanager was too much to resist & after messages from several managers in the setup, he finally got the job offer he had hoped for.

    The Squad
    In his own words he admitted he has an inherited an interesting squad - "we have such a mix of players, golden oldies like Di Natale, Weidenfeller, & Cole - players who still have their prime years in-front of them like Susaeta & Michu and some undoubted future stars like Durm, Vidal & Barbosa Gabriel - chuck in the 'squad' players like Munoz & Behrami and there is no way a manager can be unhappy with this group of players. Would I like to make my own mark on the team? Of course. Will I be able to? Time will tell, but at the moment I am happy to have inherited such a good squad in such a tough league".
    Leicester sit in 7th in division 4, one place outside of the top 6. "Top 6 would be the aim for me, I'd want automatic promotion obviously but such is the gap from 4th place that for this season, getting to the playoffs is the priority".
    Captains Fantastic

    Holtom was quick to name his captain and vice captain.
    The mercurial Italian Antonio Di Natale has been names as captain, with Holtom hoping the captains armband will help inspire the former Udinese man to find his goalscoring boots once again. The vice captaincy has surprisingly gone to workhorse fullback Erik Durm, while a bit of a left field choice, Holtom has his reasons for this - "Antonio brings years of experience, and this is vital for us, but Erik is an all action full back who runs for the whole game, even at half time he is out before the other players, I see him as the Philipp Lahm of my team and for this reason, he is my vice captain"

    The First Game
    First up for Holtoms' Foxes is an away game at Wycombe Wanderers, a team Leicester have struggled against in recent times, a baptism of fire he is just fine with.

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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread


    MIROSLAV KLOSE has agreed to join MILLWALL in a swap deal for CANNAVARO.

    It is understood that KLOSE 36, will be Millwall Striker until the end of the season.

    FABIAN LUSTENBERGER agreed to join Millwall in swap deal for ANTONINI (and cash)

    Lustenberger plays at D©

    "We are delighted with our triple transfer swoop. When I had the chance to sign a "world class Striker" I decided to swap CANNAVARO(33) coz we need a "class finisher" upfront to help get back to winning ways. I'm sure the supporters will be delighted and they know its good commercially as well.
    EBOUE was purchased for £3.7m cash and he will slot in at D® - ESSIEN will be changed to M© as I feel he is better going forward to support strikers.
    LUSTENBERGER D DM© was bought in swap deal for ANTONNINI (32)
    - who did well for us but was always short term. LUSTENBERGER (26) will play D© beside Bruno Alves so we hope this will give us options in various positions. The transfer deals will be over for this season. We will blend in these new purchases until season ends and decide where to go from there".
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