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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Loan concerns are a joke, and should be scrapped asap imo.. Why would a player not develop any concern when not even getting a game yet when he is out on loan getting games he develops a concern.. Crazy
  3. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Hey buddy, if you get time would you be able to do a Wesley Sneijder pic in a Man Utd jersey.. Just a normal size pic if thats ok. Thanks Also a Chicharito pic in a Brisbane Roar jersey.. This is just if you get time of course.
  4. Re: SMFA Blocks I just signed up as a Div 4 team and have managed to sign Jo from Man City. I then saw SWP was transfer listed so i put in a bid that got accepted and for some reason the deal got blocked? I bid on Bellamy and that also got blocked .. these are players they don't even need and are looking to get rid of and for some reason i can't buy. I sent him a pm asking if he knew why and he's from a different country (lucky for translator).. I am so annoyed because he seems to be the only "big club" willing to sell players for decent prices. Can you send tickets for these issues? I have never cheated in my life and never plan on doing it especially for an internet game.
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I agree player concerns are good for the game (makes it more interesting) but the player concerns due to not getting enough games is far too strict. I've got players in my team playing 15-20 games for me so far (still a lot of games to go) and they're unhappy with that? Fair enough maybe under 10 apps or whatever.. Also got players who have only just signed new contracts and a week or 2 later they are unhappy with wages? Certainly needs some improvement.
  6. Re: When on earth are the chinese ratings going to happen? Joke that they haven't been done, same with alot of other leagues, SM really need to catch up. So many regular players in the CSL that aren't even on that database.
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) If you don't need him i'd sell him.
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Anyone think Cabaye deserves 89 > 90 .. I do.
  9. Re: Continuing Injuries to Same Player - What is Going On? Javier Pastore gets injured in all 3 gameworlds i play.. He'll come back after a few weeks off and get injured sometimes the first game back, so annoying!! Really want to keep him but what is the point if i can't even play him. Like i said this isn't just in 1 game i play but all 3, is it a bug or something? Also hate when about 3 of my best players get injured during the same game, ease up on the injuries please SM!!!
  10. Re: Player Concerns I'm a low table club with very limited money so i buy players that i know are going to rise big on purpose to save on wages.. Now that this has come in i just can't cope and i'm going broke.. I have to keep selling players to survive and i simply don't have enough.. I think this is the end for me and the club i was working so hard at promoting
  11. Re: Left Back Luis Filipe (89) - Moved to Atletico last year has a chance of 90 in the future i would say. Badstuber (CB/LB) (88) - Not a left back but he is at the moment on sm. Antonini (88) - Milan Regular Davide Santon (87) - More of a RB but he has been playing LB at times for Inter and is RB/LB on sm. Jordi Alba (86) - Good young prospect plays for Valencia but the others would be better options i would say. Kieran Gibbs (85) - Won't be rising a whole lot anytime soon but still a great prospect and is in the England NT setup, and is cheap. Hope a few of them helped, obviously Bale is the best option but it's not likely you would be able to get him.
  12. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 What do majority think about Lucas and G.J... Does Lucas have a chance of hitting 90? Even though Liverpool have been poor it's obvious he has improved his game and been one of their best this year. G.J got dropped for a period there and in a pretty poor Pool team that may deserve a drop, his game has been rubbish this year to say the least... What does everyone think?
  13. Re: Player Value Changed when Bought Yeah but like i said i'm a lower div team, i only had 2 Keepers and my highest rated was 82 so really that shouldn't have made a differance to his value.. Could it be a bug?
  14. Re: Player Value Changed when Bought im a div 4 club mate.. In another one of my gameworlds i'm on right now his value is $9,090,000 and my chairman rates him at $15,390,000. happy now?
  15. Re: Player Value Changed when Bought That dosn't make sense usually before i buy a player i look at what value they will be when they arrive at the club and for some reason it dropped alot when i bought Hart like i already said.. I'm well aware of how good he is but i'm on a tight budget and i only really bought him due to the fact he was supposed to increase to 16mil.
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