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    I'm just a bored person who finally got a Windows computer after 13 years with the MAC.
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    Playing Soccer, Using the Computer, And of course, Playing SM.
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    Secondary School Student
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    Manchester United, Barcelona.
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    English Championship 5579
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    I used to like David Beckham and I still do
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    -NIL- ):
  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread United starts off the month of September with a 3-2 win over Newcastle United with United's winger Santi Cazorla opening the match before Newcastle took over the lead through Ba and Lincoln before Christian Chivu and David Silva finishes off a very close game. United now tops the table with 54 points, 6 points more than second places Portsmouth. United are going to prepare for their next match, against Arsenal. On a side note, United have a agreed to sell striker, Fernando Llorente for a sum of 11M to Millwall.
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Hey guys, how's it going. Haven't been posting a lot lately but have been viewing the thread day in and day out. Relatively happy with the form my United is currently having due to the poor finish last season. Hope you guys do well with your teams with quite a lot of turns more to go. Good to see the league progressing very well.
  3. Re: New Dream League I will need to know about these players whether you want them or not; England Manager: Do you need any 3 of the English Players I have? Argentina Manager: Offered Tevez to you, but do you want Zabaleta? France Manager: Do you need Vieira? Spain Manager: Do you need David Silva? Brazil Manager: Do you need Jo? Waiting on for a manager in Bayern so that I could make deals for Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Muller. Plus why did the Inter Milan manger bid one Özil?!?!
  4. Re: New Dream League Well to make what you have said simpler, Arsenal = England, Barcelona = Spain Fabregas = Cash to Barca = Yes Yes Yes Fabregas = Players that are not English + cash = No No No
  5. Re: New Dream League The rules states that you have to sell your players to another manager at Chairman Value, so Chairman Value it is.
  6. Re: New Dream League Ah yes, Tevez, I don't think we could do any player-exchange deals as I'm sure Real Madrid doesn't have any German players. I'll hold on to him if you want me to so that you could buy him off of me when you have the cash + do you want Zabaleta? If not I could sell him to external. And to the England manager, take your pick to who you want to get from ManCity XD. MR.HAMMER, I'm waiting on you if you want Silva. PS. I can't make any deals since my application has not been accepted since MR.HAMMER is offline.
  7. Re: New Dream League To Rob Walshe, I'll put a bid on Lahm with De Jong part of it. Hold on to Müller and Schweinsteiger for me.
  8. Re: New Dream League My account's Chaos Lightning, accept my application.
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Ohyeah ~ Moved to the top of the table after a 2-1 win against Blackburn Rovers. Serdar Tasci and Santi Cazorla with the goals.
  10. Re: New Dream League I changed my mind, I'll have Manchester City instead. Thanks
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