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  1. Shocking!!! NEWS - Record crowd watches Leverkusen. 20,000,000 fans turned out to watch Leverkusen against Chelsea breaking the previous home record attendance. IS EVERYTHING OK WITH SOCCERMANAGER??? i signed Kroos for 20 million and i get the message for 20, 000, 000 people watching chelsea against leverkusen - I NEVER EVEN PLAYED THEM???? HELP
  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread PEDRO (barca) must get at least 87/88 in the next changes - for meashe is a part of the playing squad at Barca he shud be looking at 88/89 as he's notjust been playing but scoring and playing well???
  3. Re: Busquets I think he should get a 90 considering spanish ratings are abt 7 weeks away. Regarding PEDRO Rodrigues of Barca, he should easily get an 88/89 definately BECAUSE he is arguably at the best club in the world, getting frequent appearances, and playing very well. If this was the case at a mid-table club then yes maybe he should get an 86 but what needsto be remembered is that he's fighting for a place with all 90+'s!
  4. Re: any midfielders rising?? javi garcia from 87 to 89 (he's cheap also) Huddlestone (87 to 89) Pjanic (87 to 89) Moussa sissoko (86 to 88)
  5. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything
  6. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything will KARADENIZ rise? and by how much? which other Turkish youngsters will get big rises? Thanks_
  7. Re: Risers to: 90+ in 2009/10 season Ozil, micah richards, bendtner, marin, renato augosto, sakho, vermaelen, busquets, BOJAN, BALOTELLI
  8. Munna

    Debt Help

    Re: Debt Help I guessnobody has any idea??? please help!
  9. Re: adam jonson will adam jonson of Middlesbrough rise in next ratings change?
  10. Re: Most Potential? will Adam Jonson of Middlesbrough rise in next ratings change?
  11. Re: Key Game Improvements What about unmanaged clubs bidding to loan your players? I'm sure this must have been suggest before.
  12. Re: Marko Marin 90 or Mesut Ozil 91? Any chance of OZIL hitting 91? and Marin hitting 90? in the upcoming german ratings.
  13. Re: Adam Johnson Whats he highest rating Adam Johnson can expect in championship if he cntinues in this terriffic fasion?
  14. Re: A Guide for Newcomers I play with 3 at the back. Is it best to use a LEFT BACK onthe left side of the 3 or a CENTRE BACK... I have always gone for a centre back and his average is less than 7??
  15. Re: Shoudl Britain withdraw form Afghan & Iraq? Ideology? The people of Afghanistan dont want your ideology. BT Afghanistan has never been occupied by foreign forces. These guys are bornfighters and no one can win with them.. why are we wasting important lives of soldiers of this country (uk)? Afghan r no threat to uk and neither is Osama (wherever he is) Where were all these terrorists before 9/11?
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