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  1. Re: Key Game Improvements

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before - I think SM should introduce a different manager ratings system, i.e. Dependingon club, league, and finance etc, and number of games won, lost and drew etc.. I think this is a must.. leading to a manager reputation. what do u guys think?

  2. Re: Mauro Formica

    I think this lad deserves an 84? he's a regular first team performer - goals and assists - only questions i have is how well is his team doing and ratings of other top players in his side? Also how much does his team rely on his classs.... A RISE TO 83/84 for me.

  3. Re: Formation Positions

    HELP - I have an Attacking Midfielder (AM only) I have the choice of playing him either at RIGHT/LEFT midfield or Centre midfield? which of these positions is most appropriate where he will perform better? Thanl you very much.

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