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  1. i have bid for javi martinez and the guy has counterbid marchisio+rami for martinez. rami doesnt get near my 1st team and marchisio only now and again. i feel like am giving away to much , a 91+92 rated players for a 92. is martinez getting game time at bayern??
  2. Re: player concerns cheers mate,bit of a nitemare as i'm 2m in debt, but selling off a few guys so al maybe just pay him off. out of interest which one of de gea and courtois do you rate higher???
  3. i have david de gea and thibaut courtois as my GK's, i was playing courtois all the time and de gea rose to level 2 concern. i have played him in every game since and he is now level 4, whilst courtois hasn't risen in concern at all. i look like losing de gea due to this. get it fixed SM :mad:
  4. Re: marchisio, carzola or eriksen marchisio and cazorla are not gonna gain much ratings any time soon, eriksen will rise +1, maybe +2 if spurs keep up good form, but he has lots o competition for a game. in my opinion Victor Wanyama is a better bet in the long run, he is an integral part of a very competitive Southampton team who sit in the top5 of the prem. (Best lge in the world, apparently,.)
  5. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS quality thread, hopefully help with an oldham team inn a v competitive set up
  6. Re: wiedenfeller or diego alves
  7. Re: wiedenfeller or diego alves is alves no longer 1st choice for valencia??
  8. hi guys i'm in a very competitive gw and i have a chance of signing sami khedira. i need to sell one of my keepers to help fund this though. so who should i sell wiedenfeller or diego alves??? wiedenfeller is 91 atm but has alves got a chance of gaining a rise any time soon ???
  9. hi guys what leagues will be reviewed next??? its saying france and italy gettin done now and next is england and spain. but they've just reviewed those lgs.
  10. Re: Friendly help nah mate afraid not, they're a good way for trying out new tactics though
  11. Re: The deadly twenty can i get man c or celtic m8???
  12. flynn67


    Re: pirlo cheers guys al keep pirlo just now and maybe nearer rating changes i'l ask again
  13. flynn67


    what will happen to pirlo in next rating change? i'v got a guy interested in swapping moutinho for him, with the diff in ratings should i ask for more or will pirlo drop and moutinho rise in next ratings???? cheers 4 any help guys
  14. Re: Can i do more than one deal with a club? you can do 3 deals per season with any club m8. dunno if it mite b a glitch tho, if u have absolutely no connection with other team/manager then report as a bug m8
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