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  1. I have Barcelona in a world setup, which is very difficult to buy players in. Eto'o has just been injured for 8 weeks, and I have the chance to buy Ibrahimovic for £15m plus Eto'o. Should I take this? I play three strikers, and my other forwards are Messi and Villa, with Bojan and Jovetic as backup.
  2. Right, I have Eto'o for my Barcelona in a setup where transfers are are very inflated, mainly part exchanges. I've received an offer from Valencia of £15m plus Silva and Albiol. Should I be looking for more?
  3. Game world Id is 28399. Its a spanish setup in i think its 4th turn at the moment. Anybody that wants to join is more than welcome.
  4. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo League has only just started, so basically its only ones that start there. If I can get Alves, I'll have a very good backup RB, and then I can use Garay and Robben to maybe get Ribery. I'm trying to build a squad of 22, where if I get injuries or suspensions, I can put in a replacement which will not hurt the team. In no game world has Ronaldo shone for me, and in this one, there has been one league game which he got sent off for elbowing, and one friendly in which he got sent off for an 'off-the-ball incident'
  5. I have him for my real madrid team, full squad below.. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=839912&clubid=15190177&sid=28399 I have just agreed a deal for forlan, so thats a 94 rated FWD to add to the list. The Barcelona manager wants Ronaldo, but who should I be looking for in return? The manager has no cash available. I want Iniesta as part of any deal, and wouldn't mind Alves, but should I be looking for someone with a higher than Alves as the second player? I've already asked for Puyol and been rebuffed, as he won't give 2 96 rated players in the deal.
  6. Re: Torres = Bojan + Marquez plus 30m? Thanks everyone. We verbally agreed the deal, but now I'm just waiting on him to officially accept.
  7. I want to buy Torres, and can afford this deal. At the moment, my defence is Alves, Pique, Marquez, Puyol. But I have abidal on the bench and can move puyol to cb to marquez's position. Bojan I can also afford to lose. Whats the most cash i should give with them? If I can do this deal my team will be: Frey Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Xavi Pirlo Iniesta Messi Torres Etoo
  8. Im arsenal in a setup, and want to sell fabregas, but its not essential. I have 2 offers for him. 1. Robben plus cash. 2. Robben plus Higuain plus cash. How much cash should i be looking for in each case?
  9. Re: SMFA blocking raul=26mil...??? I tried to sell henry for 10m plus pirlo. It was blocked by the chairman who didnt wanna let pirlo go in a deal. so i purchased pirlo for 25m, and then sold henry to the player for 35m to get round it.
  10. Re: Serious managers wanted for new setup Its in the first post. Have a look at my thread on the page, if you have another slot open. (not trying to take over the thread)
  11. Setup ID 25831. A good custom setup, world championship. Plenty of clubs are free. Open to anybody with 45+ rating. No buying from external or unmanaged clubs. It's a challenge if you're up for it.
  12. Re: Serious managers wanted for new setup Public league. Porto available.
  13. Re: Serious managers wanted for new setup Lol guess not.
  14. Re: Serious managers wanted for new setup Can i have chelsea? PM'ing in a sec.
  15. Re: Managers wanted setup id 25831 Just a little bump.
  16. Re: can ronaldo and messi play upfront together ? Yeah they can. I played them up front for a few games, and both of them scored in every game.
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