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  1. Re: Argentinian Analysis what will happen to franco zuculini?
  2. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo-does he deserve a 98 rating? Bar Iniesta and Messi. No one player can be the best in the world, because since ronaldinho, no player has done the business at the same level for 2 years in a row. Ronaldo was awesome last year, messi this year. Kaka before ronaldo. Kaka has done nothing for two years now, so his rating dropped. If ronaldo doesnt do something similar to last season in the coming season, he may also drop. but at the moment he is well worth his 98 rating.
  3. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo-does he deserve a 98 rating? wrong. loads of goals but many assists?? he got 8 last year. im sure xavi has an obscene about of assists this year. and messi this year, 38 goals and 19 assists.
  4. Re: Barcelona Tactics Thanks. I'm trying to sign some widemen, but we have a no buying from unmanaged or external clubs rule.
  5. I need help, my team is midtable, and I desperately need to improve. My squad is.. Name-Position-Age-Rating FREY, Sebastien Gk 29 93 VALDES, Victor Gk 27 91 OIER, Olazábal Gk 19 78 ABIDAL, Éric LB/CB 29 93 DE CEGLIE, Paolo LB/LM 22 88 DANI ALVES, Silva RB/RM 26 94 [Ln]RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva RB/RM 18 86 MARQUEZ, Rafael CB/DM 30 93 PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 22 90 MUNIESA, Marc CB/LB 17 75 PUYOL, Carles Def 31 96 CACERES, Martín Def 22 89 JORDI PABLO, Ripollés RM/Wing 19 78 YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri DM/CM 26 92 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM 20 88 VICTOR SANCHEZ, Mata DM/Def 21 83 XAVI TORRES, Buigues DM/CB 22 77 XAVI, Hernández CM/AM 29 97 KEITA, Seydou CM/DM 29 92 MARCHISIO, Claudio CM/DM 23 89 KUZMANOVIC, Zdravko CM 21 89 RUEDA, José Manuel CM 21 77 INIESTA, Andrés AM/Wing 25 96 GUDJOHNSEN, Eiður AM/Fwd 30 89 GIOVINCO, Sebastian AM/Fwd 22 88 GAI ASSULIN, Yigaal AM/Fwd 18 78 FASCIANA, Franco AM/Fwd 19 78 THIAGO ALCANTARA, Nascimiento AM 18 77 PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 21 83 JEFFREN, Suárez Wing 21 78 MESSI, Lionel Fwd/AM 21 98 ETO'O, Samuel Fwd 28 96 HENRY, Thierry Fwd 31 95 BOJAN, Krkic Fwd 18 89 JOVETIC, Stevan Fwd/AM 19 88 At the moment I'm playing the Barcelona 4-3-3 Wingers. Frey Dani Alves Puyol Marquez Abidal Yaya Toure Xavi Iniesta Messi Henry Eto'o Any suggestions to an alternative formation?
  6. Right, is it just me that thinks red cards for two yellows are totally unrealistic? Tonight, I had Eto'o sent off for two yellows, the first for not retreating 10 yards, and the second for time-wasting, when I was 3-2 down! The match engine needs a little upgrade, just so that these sorts of booking become more unlikely. They should happen, as they do in real life, but the probability of it happening should be reduced significantly. With regards to time-wasting, I think it would be a lot of work to say 'if winning' and 'if losing', so just reducing the probability in general would be fine. Anyone agree?
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings I think Alves is now correctly rated after some thought, he still lacks the defensive abilities of a 95.
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Abidal was, which is why he dropped. And at a push so was Alves, maybe why he didn't rise.
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Yeah but at least Nicky Butt's scored for us.
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings I'm not saying Spain isn't overrated, I'm saying the Barcelona team deserved their ratings. I haven't mentioned a single non Barca player apart from Albiol, because I only watch Barcelona and Atletico from the Spanish leagues. EDIT: I know Albiol doesn't play for Atletico, just thought he deserved a rise.
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings Take off your United glasses and then look at it again.
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings Are these ratings finished or might there be more tomorrow?
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings No rises for Eto'o, Alves, Albiol, Gago?? Can anyone think of why?
  14. Re: Good deal? Tevez hasn't been great for me..being consistently outshone by Ronaldo, Messi, Maxi Rodriguez and especially the awesome Forlan.
  15. I just sold Carlos TEVEZ (93, Chairman Value £22m) from my United team, for £15m + Gonzalo HIGUAIN (90, Chairman Value £11m) + Fernando GAGO (91, Chairman Value £14m). With the money I received from the deal, I signed Ismael BANGOURA (90, Chairman Value £8m) and Lubos KAMENAR (85, Chairman Value £3m). I think that's a brilliant deal, but my brother doesn't agree. What do you think? Manchester United in World Championship 5190, Check it out.
  16. Re: Smfa blocking deal what if he buys your payer, including quaresma in the deal?
  17. Re: which deal is better Which deal is better.. Carragher plus 10m for Henry, or the equivalent of Terry + 20m for Henry and Keita?
  18. Re: Smfa blocking deal To be honest, that would lose me too much. Because the Chairmans Value for Terry is about £10m higher than Henry.. Why do SM block deals?? It was an honest deal, with both clubs happy.
  19. Re: Smfa blocking deal Does this mean he can't buy Henry off me then?
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