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    Adelaide United 1st Division Winner with Cristiano as Golden Boot in Australian Championship 31

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  1. Re: Wolfsburg kit!!!!!!!! Apart from the fact he's a man u fan but seriously, its a game. just enjoy it if it ain't perfect, learn to live with it!
  2. Re: Jesús NAVAS for Olano XABI ALONSO my formation is 3-5-2
  3. Re: Jesús NAVAS for Olano XABI ALONSO anyone at all?
  4. Re: Jesús NAVAS for Olano XABI ALONSO http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1294436&clubid=11676007&sid=25659 Team list
  5. Re: 90-99 LM / RM / Wing issue i second that
  6. Re: Jesús NAVAS for Olano XABI ALONSO how do post ur team list?
  7. I have Navas. I dont know whther to sell or keep, he has a bright future but alonso... help me please!
  8. Re: Cazorla or Navas ? I'm biased but Jesus Navas. I hope he overcomes his homesickness and plays for his NT one day. but no moving clubs!
  9. Re: Diego BUONANOTTE and Honorato NILMAR for KANOUTE http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad&clubid=11675891 thats newcastles team http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php thats mine
  10. Re: Diego BUONANOTTE and Honorato NILMAR for KANOUTE so... what should i do? personally im thinking of accepting it as kanoute is 32 but i still am unsure. i hate being 13, u never know wat 2 do
  11. I am sevilla and newcastle have offered those 2 ^^^ for kanoute. advice would help heaps, thank you
  12. Re: diego capel for antonio valencia? i would. capel is a regular at sevilla and valencia may stuggle to get a game a man u
  13. Re: Rodrigues FABIO AURELIO for Gabriel heinze? i wouldn't do it. Aurelio is two years younger and can do midfield roles too. i wouldnt do the marcelo deal either. hope i helped
  14. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid he'll be wearing the spain red shirt!...sorry, but seriously, i dont want him to go to the galacticos, i think some sort of a makelele situation, just my feeling, profess how wrong or right i am
  15. Re: BASSONG+ 8.2 mil for SQUILLACI i rejected it, thanks for the help guys
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