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  1. I cant offer contracts to 2 of my players and they have about 2 weeks left on their contracts. They are 91 and 90 so I dont want to lose them... Why can't I offer them contracts? I have had to sort out their concerns this season but they're happy now so whats wrong? Is there any way of fixing it?
  2. For some reason I can't offer Wilshere or Blind new contracts. They are not unhappy, although I have had to address their concerns this season... I am going to lose them for free in a couple of weeks if this isn't sorted, does anyone know what to do?
  3. Re: Wont let me swap a player!?!?! I think Evra is a better player than both of them! Abidal has shown how poor he is for Barcelona and Clichy isnt quite of Evra's standard yet...only position im lacking is a proper LB or good quality. Guardado is LM but i play him LB so i need someone cheers for your suggestion
  4. Ive offered Andres Guardado 91 + 15 mill for Patrice Evra who is 92 rated. But my chairman keeps stopping it saying he does not want to swap Guardado in this deal??? How can i get round this? Am i offering too much money as well??? or does my chairman think Guardado will increase?? :S i dont know! any ideas?
  5. it says i havent logged in for 22 days, but i log in everyday! what do i need to do? who do i contact to get it sorted?
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