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  1. Hi... It's the 5th season that I'm not the champion, when actually I should have been champion all seasons! I'm going to explain why I think this. My team is: Messi - 99 Ronaldo - 98 Iniesta - 97 Casillas - 95 Sneijder - 95 Fabregas - 95 Dani Alves - 95 Maicon - 95 Pique - 95 Lahm - 94 Aguero - 94 Xabi Aonso - 94 Sergio Ramos - 94 Petr Cech - 94 Nasri - 93 Benzema - 93 Di Maria - 92 Pato - 92 Badstuber - 90 David Luiz - 90 Pastore - 90 ...and many other invests that i've made of 90's and 89's. So can anyone wxplain to me how i can end everytime in 2nd place?! I've used all the tatics possibe with the players always green, but there is always one team that finishes first... and that team changes every year, but it's never me!
  2. Hey! Here's the thing... Soccermanager is 100% random... why? Because I have the best team on the championship, and probably the best of the entire game, and still.. I just won ONE championship... and I always use the players on the right positions! Here's my team: GKs - Casillas(95) and Cech(94) Defenders - Maicon(96), Pique(95), Sergio Ramos(94), Lahm(94), Dani Alves(94), Mertesacker(93) Middlefields - Xabi Alonso(94), Fabregas(95), Sneijder(95) Wings - Cristiano Ronaldo(98), Ribery(95), Benzema(93), Nasri(92) Forwards - Messi(98), Fernando Torres(95), Pato(92) I also have, Pastore, Di Maria, Badstuber, and many others, but those are for my Trophy Cup team. My overall team score is 95, the stronguest one of the championship... how can i just keep ending 2nd all the time?! Because it's random...
  3. Hi there, actually i'm trying to ger a Perfect Youth Team of future stars. Actually I have: - PATO - MARCELO - BALOTELLI - SANTON - BADSTUBER - CANALES - WELBECK - FONTAS - BRUMA - ERIKSEN - MUNIESA Wich ones to keep, wich ones to sell? Also... who should I buy more?
  4. I'm having the hard time on SM!! I have for sure the strongest team of the championship... and no doubt my best team ever... although... I can't seem to have a decent results =S I'm in the middle of the positions rank, and can't get the tactics right. Now I'm going against a team that plays 4-2-3-1. Here's the tactic of it: FREY (93) TOURE (93) - LEGROTTAGLIE (90) - JUAN (93) - SAKHO (91) CARRICK (92) - PERROTTA (92) SIMAO (93) - ARSHAVIN (94) - R GIGGS (93) TREZEGUET (92) or MILITO (94) Wich tactic and instructions should I use against this team? (I'm not playing home) My squad: GK - Casillas (96) Defenders - Maicon (95), Sérgio Ramos (94), Pique (also defensive midle) (92), Lahm (93) Defenders/Side Midfilders - Dani Alves (94), Marcelo (90) Midfilders - Fabregas (95), Sneijder (94), Nasri (92) Forwards - Messi (98), Ronaldo (98), Pato (92)
  5. I can't believe in this... I was champion 2 seasons ago, on last round draw in points with the 1rst, now... I can't win a game even with a better team than last seasons. Can anyone help me? I need a new tactic for my new squad. Can anyone tell me what to use, and wich instrutions should I give to team? My Squad is: CASILLAS, Iker - Gk - 96 MESSI, Lionel - Fwd/AM - 98 MAICON, Douglas - RB - 95 SERGIO RAMOS, García - RB/CB - 94 LAHM, Philipp - RB/LB - 93 DANI ALVES, Silva - RB/RM - 94 PIQUE, Gerard - CB/DM - 92 ALBIOL, Raúl - CB/RB - 92 MARCELO, Vieira - LM/LB - 90 RONALDO, Cristiano - Wing/Fwd - 98 FABREGAS, Cesc - CM/AM - 95 SNEIJDER, Wesley - AM/CM - 94 PATO, Alexandre - Fwd - 92
  6. I think SMFA is bugged... I tryed to give VAN DER SAR + 30M for JULIO CESAR and SMFA blocked the deal! Why?! If the president value of JULIO CEESAR is 25M how can SMFA block the transfer?
  7. Can anyone predict the ratings of this players? BRLJAK, Darko REPONEN, Eemeli VAS, Arpad PIQUE, Gerard BUSCH, Beau MANGALA, Eliaquim ROMO, Pedro SNEIJDER, Wesley DELPH, Fabian BRUNO GALLO, Vieira VASQUEZ, Omar MOKOTJO, Kamohelo ARDILES, Roberto MOYA, Lucas RASIMUS, Konsta WESTO, Johannes PATO, Alexandre KRAMARIC, Andrej KIROV, Aleksandar NAPOLI, Aiman ANORUO, Obi ALBIOL, Raúl SANTON, Davide HINES, Zavon MARENICH, Aleksandr KULA, Michal DE WOLF, Kevin KNEZEVIC, Filip KULM, Henri RIESS, Stefan SALONEN, Juuso COATES, Colin CAULKER, Steven GUNNING, Gavin COX, Raphael NOBORIZATO, Kyohei LINGANE, Issoumaïla TUSHA, Gerhard PHIRI, Sebastien CIMPRIC, Nik CRNIC, Matic ADEYEMI, Tom SUBERO, Cristian ROBLES, Carlos PRINGLE, Ben OKLAND, Sverre Hjelle FABBRI, Erik LAMBE, Reggie MELLIS, Jacob ORSIC, Mislav LIZARAZO, Carlos LOWRY, Peter TAGUCHI, Taishi OLISEH, Sekou GIBSON, Billy PEDRO BEDA, Henrique SASIAIN, José KEE, Billy FJODOROV, Vladislav VALENCIA, Andres WHITE, O'Brian BOWEN, Tristan TROFIN, Pavel CRACIUN, Catalin ADAM, Jamil GOLUB, Viktor HAJDARI, Blerti ROHRACKER, Dominik I supose most of them are risers, at least that's what i've read on the forum, but they are taking too long to rise....
  8. Between HIGUAIN and AGUERO, who would be the most promissing future star? I know someone posted some days ago a similar question about PATO.. and of course PATO would be a future 97 for sure... but I need an extra striker and I surelly want a promissing one.
  9. Re: Right Back???? buy Glen JOHNSON rated 89 rising to 91/90
  10. Re: Help with Tactics-3412 URGENT On 3-4-1-2... as in 3-5-2... you must choose wisly if to attack throw the middle or mixed. As my personal experience... I play always as 3-5-2 and 3-4-1-2... I use mixed attack when I'm not playing against a wing based attack and I have the strongest team. Always use attack throw the middle if the other club is probably going to win the possession and plays as 4-3-3 (wings) or 4-2-3-1 or any other tactic that uses Wings. In this case, make your LM and RM defensive if they are not LM/Wing or RM/Wing. If the other club is going to win the possession but it's not using wings tactic, mixed attack with 1 or preferably 2 CM/DM or DM/CM in CM positions.
  11. Re: Help with Tactics-3412 URGENT -----------------------Lloris--------------------------- ------------Toulalan------Cannavaro-------Chielleni------ --Camorenesi-------Felipe-Melo------Gourcuff------Ribery ---------------------------------Diego------------------- ------------------------Forlan---------Aguero----------- Ok i have backup for everyone, just wanted to know how i shud use this formation. What tactics? Tackling Style: Normal or Hard (Use Hard if other team is stronger than yours and you don't have yellowed cards players) Mentality: Attacking or Normal (Use normal if other manager attacks throw the flanks or plays in a 4-3-3 wings or 4-2-3-1, or any tactics that uses wings, or if your team is the weaker) Attacking Style: Mixed or throw the middle (Use throw the midle if you are playing with your LM and RM defensivelly) Passing Stype: Short Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Play Style Counter-Attack - Yes Men Behind Ball-No Tight Marking-Yes Play Offside Trap-Yes Use Playmaker (Diego)- Yes ONLY if you are attacking throw the middle, else NO Use Target Man- No (Both your strikers have similar rating) If you have any more questions ask them here
  12. str8jackit


    Re: Spam's Guide to 80 -> 90 Players and Must Keepers Yes it can!! Noone knows for sure... but in the toturials you can understand that a winger on a LM or RM looses about -2 of is valor, and a -1 if you have front arrows and attack throw the sides. Have a nice gaming.
  13. Anyone knows any LM that is going to rise to 91 or more?
  14. I have 30M to spend. My question is.. The game let's me do 2 offers of 30M to different players. I've noticed that it happens that both offers get accepted. What happens next? I get the 2 players and -30M on my account (bank rupted)... or do the transfers auto-cancel after a while?
  15. I have a pertinent question about this player. I play as a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-1-2 and i would like to know if Cristiano RONALDO play well as a LM or RM since he is a Wing/FW. Is there any difference between using an AC or a FW in the front?
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