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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread

    hi derby power just like to know if hulk or falcao's rating predictions have changed as i've heard hulk has only scored twice this season:eek:.

    so i would like to know their rating predictions and what the percentage of them rising to that rating. Also when are the portugal ratings cos i want to buy hulk.

    hulk and falcao are good talented youths however do you think jovetic has a better chance of rising and being a good player as appose to these two. also who is suarez dont know which league he plays in just wondering if he's going up.

    need urgent help:confused:

    thanks alot:)

  2. Re: Talented Strikers and Arsenal Players Prediction

    walcott= season been disrupted by injuries but very promising and if he had injury free season could hit 90 ' date=' and maybe get into WC squad. but he is very young and a good buy. injury free 91/92 in a couple of seasons easily :) although hard to predict that kind of thing.

    bendtner will only ever be 88. he is not that talented to rise above 88 , ok he may get 89 in special case / season but i dont see him ever being that good tbh.

    vela is a good player but more of a long term prospect. atm hard to predict anything as he only plays in cup games etc and not near the league starting 11 regular.

    denilson is good but i think will peak at 89/90 although as he is young he could get 91/92 if he improves :)

    hope this helps[/quote']

    thanks alot m8 i will sell vela and bendtner which i was planning on, any other suggestions both of youse repped.:)

  3. hello forumers, i would just like to know that what are the rating predictions of the following players?, are they going to rise, drop or stay? The players are as follows: miroslav klose of bayern munchen 93, nicolas anleka of chelsea 93, frederick kanoute of sevilla 94, and last no not least adrian mutu of fiorentina94. I have the money to buy 1 of ant of these players.

    Also can i have some insight on the following arsenal players and their rating in the future: theo walcott 89, niklas bendtner 88 , carlos vela 87, and denilson 89.

    thanks for any help as it will be most appreciated and rewarded.

    bye again, and all have a wonderful day. :)

  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread


    I think he has 85% chance of rising. Starter and captain in Porto' date=' starter in the National team, plays in the Champions League, has scored some important goals, including two which were instrumental in Portugal's qualification for the WC 10', and of course the last season also counts, where he was simply outstanding. He must get the 93. :)[/quote']

    yes thanks mate you,ve been a real help.:)

  5. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis

    Capdevilla will stay at 92' date=' while Escude has a slight chance of dropping to 91.

    Young rising defenders would include:

    Jose Angel, Roberto Canella, Alberto Botia, Macedo Michel, Filipe (Deportivo) and Juan Forlin...[/quote']

    thanks mate also for the players you mentioned what will their rise become too.

    Thanks again you've really helped me. :)

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