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  1. If you have a facebook and would like to support my page for "The Chance" hosted by Nike it would be much appreciated. If you have a page I will support you as well. I would love to have your support as I have been this site for about a year and have been part of a great community! -Thanks http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rohit-Gautam-The-Chance-Nike-Academy-Footballl/135076819835731?ref=ts
  2. Re: World Championship anyone?FORUMERS NEEDED! im interested only if others are active
  3. Re: A New Competative EC I am interested in a EC or WC I post reguarlay on the news paper and am active so if I was to join I would like to join a serious league where others are regulars as well.
  4. Re: Nike Football Academy Also I think you can support me here as well http://www.nike.com/nikefootball/write-the-future/players/search?locale=en_GB&s=Rohit thanks and sorry for the double post!
  5. Hey guys I have been part of the SM Community for a about a year now and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I am a football player from the states and entered this competition hosted by Nike. It just started yesterday and was hoping other passionate fans/players might be able to help me. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Rohit-Gautam-The-Chance-Nike-Academy-Footballl/135076819835731?ref=ts If you could like my page that would be great and tell your friends as well. If you have a page I will return the favor. http://www.nike.com/nikefootball/write-the-future/campaign?locale=en_US here is t
  6. Re: McDonalds Premiership - We need managers Real Madrid? Inter? Barca?
  7. Re: Win your own game world any room for me to still be qualified for winning the prize?
  8. Re: *** Fair Play League *** Chelsea Manager Irate Rohit Gautam was furious after the match between Real Madrid and Chelsea. "I am not angry that we tied, but I am angry at the officiating. It was horrendous and there players deserved a at least one red card and a couple yellow cards. Michael Essien is out for 8 weeks because of ankle injury and my striker Luis Fabiano is out for 6 weeks. I feel the refs are not protecting our players. Maybe he is trying to make sure we do not win the league?" When asked about this to Lampard he was more subtle "When two of our key players are
  9. Re: *** Fair Play League *** Chelsea News Chelsea have seemed to hit their stride and have put themselves in first place after a thrilling match against Manchester United. Chelsea got off to a great start with a goal in the 2nd minute by Nicholas Anelka and controlled the tempo of the game until the 32nd minute when Wayne Rooney scored to equalize. The first half had some tackles, but it was a relatively calm game. The second half provided much more thrills as Drogba scored in the 46th minute retaking the lead from their hated rivals. Chelsea were on top of their game pressuring and
  10. Re: THE FANTASY CHALLENGE LEAGUE - Discuss/matchreports/transfers/news Can I join a club?
  11. I think Landon Donovan should be bumped up to 90 (Yes I am an American) but with his recent performances in England for Everton going from 88-90 is well deserved a player like him who was able to shine when given the chance..Maybe finally we can have an American on here who is 90 and not a goal keeper This is just my opinion but he has done a lot on the field to get this rating I think.
  12. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Got my eyes on Robben or Ribery
  13. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! I think we need to write in newspapers
  14. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Hey could I get Real Madrid (first choice) or Inter my SM Name is Rohit Gautam and I am in your setup with River Plate
  15. Re: New Setup Tips? In the Special Setup I am in the main rule is that each club can only have a 1st team player and young player from the same nationality. For example I have Manchester United and I decided out of all my English players I was going to keep Wayne Rooney and a youth player (under 21) So you need to have only one player from 1 Nation on First Team and Youth. So If you have Barcelona and want to keep Xavi (First Team) Bojan (Youth) then you must sell Puyol, Valdes, Iniesta, and etc.
  16. Re: Forumers Elite League Match || Report and Transfer Gossip Thread Sevilla Tie First Match with Rohit Gautam in Charge Match Details: Lyon 3-3 Sevilla J.Navas 4th minute (Sevilla) S.Squillaci 7th minute (Sevilla) F.Kanoute 39th minute (Sevilla) L.Lisandro 41th and 84th minute (Lyon) L.Modric 58th minute (Lyon) Sevilla before the match quickly unvieled its signing in veteran Left Back Roberto Carlos where he said a few words before the match. "I am excited to return in Spain it has been so long but I think I am still fit enough to make an impact. For this evening lets begin
  17. Re: XBOX 360 Pro Club Ok as interest grows will setup positions needed etc
  18. Re: XBOX 360 Pro Club Well I am not the best at live, pretty decent just wanted to see if any people were interested then from there start something up, would really like to compete against others and win , if we do this I would try setup spreadsheet etc to get an organized way of doing this. my xbl gamer tag is monorn
  19. Would anyone who plays Xbox 360 and uses Live with Fifa 10 be interested in creating a club together?
  20. Re: Forumers Elite League Match || Report and Transfer Gossip Thread USA Hire Rohit Gautam as Coach of US National Team USA management announced that Rohit Gautam will be also manager of the national side along with being manager of Sevilla. When asked in Spain how he felt he was emotional: "This is one of the greatest honors ever, I am able to coach the National Team. The United States has always been written off due to our lack of interest in football but I promise this World Cup we will go far. I will be looking into players to call up and first we must win the group and advanc
  21. Re: Forumers Elite League Match || Report and Transfer Gossip Thread Sevilla Hire Rohit Gautam Sevilla hired American born Rohit Gautam earlier this morning and presented him to the press. Rohit Gautam had a few words to say about his squad and his tone was annoyance. "Well I arrived in Sevilla to see my funds depleted and players who are talented but will make no immediate impact this season quite honestly. I have people intersted in Jesus Navas but how can I trade him when my squad is not deep enough as other big clubs. If they really want him they must sacrifice more then I but o
  22. Re: Johnny's Jumbo League - Match Report and Transfer Gossip Thread. wrong forum and team I AM NOT VALENCIA SORRY Arsenal bring in reinforcements for new season Arsenal manager Rohit Gautam introduced all together his new signings: Alexander Doni Jesus Navas Yuri ZHIRKOV Aleksandr ANYUKOV Yoann GOURCUFF David TREZEGUET Ivica OLIC "I am pleased to announce these players to the squad and we will be mounting a serious campaign to get promoted into Division 1. Arsenal are a division 1 team and we are capable. I have used virtually all the money given by me so I
  23. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United headed into Division 1!! Manchester United tied Schalke but that did not matter to manager Rohit Gautam when he say the score of Valencia's game. Manchester United recieved their trophy and ticket into first division. At the press conference Rohit Gautam spoke about a few things: "I am truly happy for the team and all we did, there was a lot of emotion on the field and after the highs and lows it has been an emotional roller coaster. We are ready to get back into Division 1 and take the crown." When ask
  24. Re: New custom set-up to be made tonight!!! Will stay on waiting list
  25. Re: Johnny's Jumbo League - Match Report and Transfer Gossip Thread. Rohit Gautam takes over Valencia Valencia announced new manager Rohit Gautam and got right to business with introducing Javier Zanetti to the squad. "He has such immense talent at his age and is still going on strong he will be a leader in the squad and will make us better at the back. Other then that I have no news on any other players." There have been rumors that Barcelona have been interested in David Villa
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