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  1. Re: new set up I am Monorn yet I did not get Liverpool so now I am getting offered Bayern Munchen I did not get what I was promised and am quite frustrated...
  2. Re: Time zone dif What time will it be up for people in the East Coast ? I live in Boston, MA
  3. Re: Champions Of The World New Custom League/ Tranfer And Match Report Thread. Liverpool has named Rohit Gautam as the new Manager: Rohit Gautam got a call in his home to immediately leave Boston, MA and to arrive in Liverpool to became the new Head Coach of the team. "I am grateful that I have been given the chance to coach such an amazing squad boasting one of the greatest players Torres. Our goals this season is to win and become champions. I wish luck to all the other managers and will begin working on my squad this weekend but for now will start to get settled in my new home and explore
  4. Re: New English Championship For Forum Only Liverpool?
  5. Re: new set up Barcelona if open? Or Liverpool? Heh
  6. Re: Gold CHampion question Ah sorry meant 59. I am in 58 atm so I can still join 59 right?
  7. Hi I do not know if this was the right location to ask this but I am currently in GC 59 am I still allowed to join GC 60 the new one coming out monday or Must i leave my old GC to join the new one -Thanks
  8. hello i do not know if this is the right area to post, but I am looking to join a setup that has active members all around each division and who post stories about their club players and everything that happens. I am just looking for a active setup in those aspects as I am very active and happy to take on any team depending on the right situations
  9. Re: Gold Championship 58 Hello!!! 10char
  10. Re: Gold Championship 58 US Boulogne - Overview Rohit Gautam coming in believes he has a solid squad to work with and is happy to see a crop of young players and already sees a couple of stars. Rohit Gautam let the media know blockbluster deals could happen in seasons to come.
  11. Re: Not Match Fit Ok thanks! I just wanted to clear that up
  12. Hello, either I was lazy and did not look hard enough or it was there and i did not notice, so I apologize. I am just curious to ask this question: If i want to keep the starting lineup pretty much the same and my players get NMF and they have no games for 2 days do I need to take them out of the starting lineup to get them rested faster or can I keep them in the starting lineup and they will still rest up on days there are no games? -Thanks
  13. Hello I am in my second season with Athletico Madrid and was looking for some help to utilize my players as I believe I have a very talented squad COUPET, GrégoryGk 36 91 LEO FRANCO, NoerenGk 31 90 FABIO, Pereira da SilvaLB/LM 18 75 PAULO FERREIRA, RenatoRB/LB 30 88NMF PEREA, LuisCB/RB 30 91 PABLO, IbáñezCB 27 90 LAURSEN, MartinCB 31 90 MAXI RODRIGUEZ, PabloRM/AM 28 93Int MARCOS SENNA, AntonioDM/CM 32 94 PAULO ASSUNCAO, da SilvaDM/CM 29 91 SCHOLES, PaulCM 34 92 RAUL GARCIA, EscuderoCM 22 91 MANICHE, NunoCM 31 91 AQUILANI, AlbertoCM/AM 24 91 MIKEL, John ObiCM/DM 22 91 EDERSON, H
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