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  1. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United Boss being called a Cheat Manchester United boss Rohit Gautam earlier got an announcement from President of the league that he has been considered cheating and breaking the rules. "The only place these allegations could have come from is Nicholas Burdisso the second Argentine on the senior side. I know I was picking up another Argentine but it was for good reason to actually sell next season. I wanted him to have a game or two friendlies under his belt but in my mistake I forgot and kept him there. All he wa
  2. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Catalan News With recent injuries to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Santi Cazorla Barcelona had no but to sign German International Lukas Podolski. "We hope Podolski can reignite our flame and get us some wins as we are a talented side but have not been playing to our potential" said Rohit Gautam. "He will get the start on the wing in this friendly match hopefully with some good results."
  3. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Latest Loss comes with a price Barcelona 1-2 Juventus Barcelona lost in Tournament play to Juventus but at a price that seems to hurt Barcelona's chances even more. Barcelona will be without Zlatan Ibrahimovic for 13-15 days and will miss matches that are crucial. "To counter this we will bring in a veteran in the coming days said Rohit Gautam. We hope to get back on track once we have him.
  4. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United Roll On Milan 0-3 Manchester United Manchester United were playing against Milan who they have had a tough time last season getting by. Manchester United were facing a pesky defense and team and it was showing in the first 45 minutes with Manchester United being unable to break down the Milan defense while at the same time Milan threatening shooting but Man U's keeper making some great saves to keep the game tied at half. Manchester United in the second have appeared to be pressing forward as a flurry of goals ha
  5. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Red Devil Inquirer Manchester United has signed a deal that exclusively gives the community access to Manchester United news, interviews by players and coaches and letting the fans respond to the Red Devil Inquirer which is a new news paper that is all about Manchester United. "This is great for the fans and players to interact and bring some togetherness. All our news will be posted their and fans will be more then welcome to submit questions and on occasion one fan will be chosen for a sitdown with a player or coach for one ful
  6. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Nick Justice you doing great bud a lot of dedication and sticking with your club, awesome!
  7. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona 3-3 Manchester United Six Goal Thriller Barcelona played a thriller against Manchester United in which each side score 3 goals and gave each team 1 point. Scoring began early for both sides with Ji Sung Park netting a goal in the 17th minute followed by Messi bringing one back for Barcelona then it was Messi again in the 34th minute. Many chances occurred with Messi almost netting his third and with Ibrahimovic missing a late chance. At halftime Barcelona was leading 2-1. Second half provided some stunning perform
  8. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United Shaky but Win First Game! Manchester United were facing newly promoted FC Porto but had a tough time dealing with them as the game was sluggish. Roberto Carlos got the start in this first match and was a bit sluggish but in form as he streaked up and down the flanks providing balls. "It is understandable that Carlos will be tired he flew from Turkey to England and that is a considerable amount of jet lag right there" said Rohit Gautam. New keeper Vyacheslav MALAFEEV also got the start and is the reason why Man Un
  9. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United Bring in New Faces It was announced that Manchester United brought in two players this offseason so far to bolster the defense and goalkeeper. The buzz has been about Manchester United prying Roberto Carlos from Fenerbache and getting him to the EPL. "He is excited to play back in one of the most competitive divisions in the world said Rohit Gautam in news. He is such a talented LB and their is so much you can do with him and he is deadly upfront so do not be suprised if he is seen streaking down the left fla
  10. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup Clubs that need managers Villarreal Shakhtar PSV Hamburger SV Athletico Madrid Everton Bayern Munchen Second Season to begin AUGUST 23!!! HURRY HURRY
  11. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports The Special Setup to Being Season 2! The Special Setup in Season One was an amazing season to some managers and to others heartbreak, but nonetheless the fans stayed true to the teams and the tv rating went up. The second season has many story lines opening as some teams are still looking for head coaches while other teams are preparing their squads. The stories of the season that will unravel: 1. Will Fiorentina Sevilla, and FC Porto do well in Division 1 2. How will Arsenal in Division 1 defend its title 3. How will Manchester
  12. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona 2-4 Milan Barcelona after two wins lost against Milan in a dismal fashion. After defeating Juventus and Boca combined of 7-2 they lost. "Tough one against Milan but we should have done better. Our players know we could have done better but we just did not show it" said Rohit Gautam. Cazorla picked up a 3 day match ban and with some players complaining about fatigue who knows what will happen in the up coming games.
  13. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread sorry i was assuming you were going to use them I was suprised u didnt
  14. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona Cruise Past Boca Barcelona seemed to find their form with their latest win of 3-1 over Boca Juniors. "Our team is growing said Rohit Gautam. With all the new additions it takes time for a team to come together but Messi Zlatan, Henry alongside subs Cazorla and Luis FERNANDINHO. As we string together some wins we will gel together even more and I am not worried about that."
  15. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona News Reporters caught up with Rohit Gautam the next day to ask how he felt about his win against Juventus. "It was what a manager asks for...a win. That is what keeps us happy. Ibrahimovic is on form and our attack group is gelling nicely with lovely passes being played. We have a tough up and coming match against Boca Juniors and they are not to be taken lightly as we have noted their success with some of our players as well. We hope this win leads a chain of many other wins."
  16. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester United Preseason News One of the biggest things players and fans alike are waiting to see how Ronaldo responds to the new season after being injured after 5 games in a loss to Schalke in the cup. "Ronaldo will do well when the season starts, he has a bright future with us and will answer his critics. The sad part is he was in form last season and ready to do more but this injury sidelined him and he was distraught. We have new life in us and the goal this season is to win the cup and league. Clubs should still fear the att
  17. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona 4-1 Juventus Barcelona got their first win of the season with a terrific display of goals against Juventus. There were a lot of shots in total as both sides shots in general came to 59!Barcelona began the scoring with Messi handling the clean up duty of a ball that came off the crossbar for a easy toe poke. Juventus answered right back with Nedved scoring a curling shot from outside 25 yards to send a statement to the Barca side. Scoring then died down with a array of saves and shots by Valdes and Messi respectably.
  18. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Lyon in need of a new Manager
  19. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Liverpool is unmanaged take them someone!!
  20. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup Everton is Free!
  21. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports A bitter taste in the mouths of the Red Devils "All we needed was a win said Rohit over and over again in his press conference. A simple 1-0 victory would of sufficed and we would be champions right now but we tied this game and did not capitalize on their numerous losses and ties. I am a little heartbroken right now and so is Ronaldo who had been yearning to play will be finally fit for the beginning of next season." Transfer News: Andrie Arsavhin is still one of our top priorities and we are still looking to bring in a new keeper a
  22. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona Salvage a Draw against Werder Bremen Barcelona 1-1 Werder Bremen Barcelona have yet to find a win in this season and were in danger of losing this match. Barcelona were the favorite here to win by a large amount but ever since the beginning of the game Bremen looked poised to threaten and in the 11th minute Tomás Necid scored a surprise goal leaving the Catalan Giants to play catchup while Bremen held on to the ball giving Barcelona very little chances. Bremen with their spirits high finished the first half with a 1
  23. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports If i would have won even with the score 1-0 I wouldve won
  24. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Zanetti to finally arrive in Barcelona Barcelona has confirmed putting in a bid for Zanetti and it to be accepted with the approval of the Chairman. "I am ecstatic to bring Zanetti to the Camp Nou finally and he will enjoy his time here working with Puyol. He will enjoy his time in Barcelona and will help us win the league this season! For now this is the last move we believe until the end of the season." Zanetti after his first match being notified of moving to Barclona.
  25. Re: Love Thy Rival! STANDARD SETUP PRIZE Rohit Gautam= Man City waiting for invite
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