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  1. Re: Love Thy Rival! STANDARD SETUP PRIZE Man City if available
  2. Re: The special set up Transfer News and match Reports Manchester End Losing Drought Manchester United got back to business beating Lyon 2-1 and bringing them back in second place. "I am excited but also sad it had to come down to this as we had the lead in the beginning of the season and squandered it. We must win our game and Arsenal must lose and then we must win on Goal Differential. We are even at the moment and I hope to score more goals, but it will be against a difficult opponent as we face Inter as we tied them 2-2 last time" said Rohit Gautam The game was started off slowly wit
  3. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Cech the Enemy!!! Petr Cech was the hero in tonights match against Barcelona. "My side came out strong but had difficulties penetrating Cech their last line of defense." The match started off with a bang as the Camp Nou was filled and the pressure was on Barcelona to win. Cech makes a brilliant save in the 5th minute to deny Barcelona, in the 22nd minute a close header floats by Iniesta but gets pushed away by Cech. In the 34th minute it was Chelseas turn to strike and did so with a blazing shot by Frank Lampard who gave Chelsea it
  4. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona vs Chelsea Match Preview Barcelona's new manager gets ready to make his debut against Chelsea a fierce competitor with a great manager. "It will be a tough task getting a win but starting the season of with a win is very important, especially since its a home game. Chelsea are regarded as a top club in England and we are in Spain so it should be a match of titans. We have to be careful with Drogba as he can create problems in any defense but I will we have a lot of depth there even with having Zanetti *Rumors swirl
  5. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona Transfer News Barcelona has brought in a few players all with experience which hints that Barcelona are going aggressive this season to capture the title. "We want to win said Rohit Gautam. We are better than all these clubs and we will show it in the depth we have and starting line up. Newest Signings to come to Barcelona: Montero has been told he will not be guaranteed first team football and will be coming off the bench or starting if a player is injured. "Montero has a a lot of potential and being a native of th
  6. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Catalonia News Javier Zanetti will be arriving to Barcelona training camp if the deal goes through. The deal sees Maxwell heading back to his previous club. "Maxwell did not get a chance to prove himself in Barcelona but he must return as we are wanting to bring Zanetti" said Rohit Gautam Zanetti would be joining the likes of Puyol and Alves in practice and on the pitch. "Zanetti of course will get playing time and we will work that out we have a very strong defense and it looks amazing right now. Now we must focus on the midfie
  7. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Talks Resume! Talks have seemed to resume on the side of Barcelona for Javier Zanetti. "I would like to bring him here as Messi also hinted interest in bringing him over to Spain" said Rohit Gautam. Messi was also along side Rohit Gautam for this meeting. "I look up to him during our international matches, he provides me inspiration with the national team and on club level Puyol inspires me. I can have the best of both worlds having both my captains on the team" said Lionel Messi Messi with his teammates Riquelme and Zanetti.
  8. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikesoccer/en_US/barca_contest?entryID=3433301601 Vote for me real quick 5 stars! much appreciated
  9. Re: Match reporter (july nominees) I would like to nominate Mr. MCFC as I have been in setups with him before and is always fun to read his match reports and statistics that he puts up! http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=687393&postcount=4
  10. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Catalonia News! Rohit Gautam unveiled that that under him Puyol will retain his captain's armband. "Puyol is a great player and has been the heart and soul of Barcelona and always leads with a fiery passion. This is why he deserves the captains armband. Co captain will be unveiled in due time but not now. I cannot comment much on transfer news as that is still in the process but we are in talks with some clubs."
  11. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Bojan on the move! It has been confirmed that Bojan Kirkic will be loaned out to Boca Juniors. "I feel this is necessary for his growth, as we have a lot of forwards here and he would be used limited. Now if Bojan is needed due to fitness or players injuries he will surely return but I expect him to play a lot of football for Boca as I will be monitoring that closely."
  12. Re: Arab Champions League Rohit Gautam
  13. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup gogogooo
  14. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona unveil new coach today! Laporta confirmed the signing of a Rohit Gautam to lead the Blaugranas. Laporta was commented saying the following "I am extremely happy we could get Rohit Gautam as manager and I believe he can lead us to victory. It will be difficult but I think he is the right man for the job." Rohit Gautam also hinted to a few players maybe leaving the Nou camp and one player that he must have. Rohits first order of business seems to be securing the services of Inter's Captain. More to come as Rohit Gaut
  15. Re: Barcelona Contest: Field Reporter noone wants to help a fellow footballer
  16. Re: Barcelona Contest: Field Reporter I hope this is allowed dont want to be breaking any rules
  17. This contest is hosted by Nike/Eurosport and ends tomorrow at 12 the prize is a meet and greet with Barcelona at practice and watching the game on the field against Chivas August 8th in San Francisco. Finally your articles and etc will be posted on nikesoccer. All are free to enter and I hope you guys vote for me aswell as I am around 80 votes back from first Much appreciated to the SM community which is one of the biggest about Football http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikesoccer/en_US/barca_contest?entryID=3433301601
  18. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup ty very much
  19. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup Uhhh i cant answer quick >.> it says inbetween those times and gm is already past that so iono maybe not
  20. Re: "WIN A FREE STANDARD SETUP" My Final Custom Setup you are currently in position 3 in the Custom Game World creation queue. Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT). Sorry as soon asits ready I will invite
  21. Re: Cannt complete Transaction Now where do i find my custom setup O.o
  22. Re: Cannt complete Transaction All good i had to do it froma diff comp for some reason
  23. Re: Cannt complete Transaction yep the sooner i can figure out why the better lol
  24. Re: Cannt complete Transaction Payment Error This transaction cannot complete successfully. (#10001) Please try again and ensure you have entered all your details correctly. Please submit a Support Ticket for assistance. Here is what it says
  25. Re: Cannt complete Transaction After putting in the card information which does work it says what i stated abvoe i was purchasing a custom game world for a setup (Elite Managers Lounge )
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