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  1. Hello, Need help deciding which player to buy. Nicolas Gaitan or Sofiane Feghouli? Which would you preffer?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ghoulam or Tabanou, which is better for long term? and also is Hamouma worth buying? seems a little aged already, but scoring goals. What do you think?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would you guys do a deal and sell Fellaini for Dzeko? Fellaini is my best player in a very competitive setup, that's why I was offered a 92 rated Dzeko for 91 Fellaini. What do you think?
  4. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread Give me my Everton.
  5. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread
  6. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread I got Malaga... Not a big fan of Spanish football, so would gladly swap teams. If anyone would be interested in team with Isco, Toulalan, Camacho, I would be willing to swap with almost anything
  7. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread I think you completely misunderstood my post. There was a discussion wether this GW should be inverted or not, and there was an oppinion, that with divisions inverted it will not be a tribute to WC, because it will be too different from a World Champ. Now when you'll have less managed teams and plenty of external teams to buy from, it will not be in any way closer to a world championship and it will be pointless to have any rule of not buying from unmanaged, when there will be only managed clubs and external ones. It's so boring to play in EuroChamps because of the short season, plenty external teams and the only interest in having enough money to buy all the good external players. But it seems this is the preffered way for many forumers...
  8. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread So when we have divisions inverted it's not a tribute to WC, and when we have 36 teams managed and 44 teams external and up for grabs - it is a tribute to WC. Seems more like EC to me. A strong emphasis on managers that don't buy from unmanaged and then - an effort to have no clubs unmanaged, by reducing the number of teams. Something is really wrong with your logic, guys.
  9. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread
  10. Re: Mundus Originibus - The WC Discussion Thread Sorry to annoy you again, but as long as this setup is not yet created, i might say a word or two, as I see that my idea of inverted divisions is acceptable. Celtic in division 3 with Barca and Man Utd... poor guys Also I see that in your lists there are teams without any good players like Basel, Celtic, Olympiacos or Anderlecht, when there are some teams doomed to be external, although they have good enough players to be (un)managed. Why not change these weak teams for stronger ones like: Anzhi Sevilla Hamburger Lille Athletic Club It's much more interesting, when good players are in the game, not in the market. Makes it more realistic. I also would like to join and play in this setup. As Hyina made a good point, would love to take Man Utd, as I never get the chance to play them.
  11. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread..
  12. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread..
  13. Re: Home page/club list There was quite convenient feature where you could go directly from player's profile to real life squad of a club, there was a link. Why was it removed? You made player tab 'more convenient' by removing features and flooding the tab with useless statistics and a graph about rating change? How on earth do you think it is more convenient to anyone? Another annoying feature is with shortlists. Now if a player in my squad is on several clubs shortlists, in a player tab I can see Interested 5 Clubs Why do you think that hiding that is a good idea? one more click is of course 'so much more convenient' than information visible by a glimpse. Just the same with Actions button. There were all the actions at the bottom of a tab, i could go directly to transfers or contracts or else. Now I have to make one more needless click to get to where I wanted. And you go about bragging, that these changes were made for our convenience
  14. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Let's agree to disagree, but how come in a gameworld that was full there suddenly appeared unmanaged clubs? This wasn't because of cheating, it was because SOMEONE LEFT. And then you just prove my point, when long termers reacted too sensitively, they left the gameworld and THEN it started going downhill, because there were clubs to ravage. Even then others stayed to play with their teams and compete. Some others like me joined anew. You say WC 10000 is ruined, I think it is fine as it is. Soon a new season will start and new managers will come, increasing the manager count from 55 to 65-70 (temporarily). I just won Div 2 and will have a challenge to play in Div 1 with an average team rating of 89. Looking forward for a very interesting season.
  15. Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread.. Exactly, this isn't a perfect world and you can't make everyone avoid buying from unmanaged. My point is - don't quit a gameworld because of that! As long as this gameworld has a core of 40-50 managers, it will stay competitive and interesting. Others will come and take teams to their liking. Someone would look for Barcelona or Bayern, someone else - for a div 4 challenge. But there is the same problem with clubs like Rangers or Basel etc. They look as much unattractive with real life squads, as a destroyed Fiorentina team (with say 150 M cash in the bank for players it sold). If a manager comes looking for a challenge, both examples will do. If they come looking for easy game, both examples won't. But no one will come to play in a gameworld with ~30 managers at the end of 2nd season. That's why you either commit to stay here regardless of difficulties, or you quit and ruin this gameworld now.
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