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    Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread..
    Being reading the debate, and feel that both have a point really, to sum it up, as I don't think this argument need to go any further:
    Against Buying from unmanaged:
    - More difficult to attract managers to teams that have lost their best players
    - Thus with less managers gameworld will tend to get less competitive until it becomes just a handful of clubs with all the best players.
    For Buying from unmanaged:
    - Helps smaller clubs with no outstanding players, like a Rennes/Sporting, to become a better team with better players, which will help them challenge the bigger clubs, and ultimately make the gameworld more competitive.
    Overall, I'd side with allowing to buy from unmanaged, purely because, although we say this is a forum based WC, it really isn't. It is publically open and anyone, or persons, can join, as we can see clearly with all the 40-45 rep newbies who are probably just one guy with many accounts.
    Because this isn't a true forum based GW, even if we all can agree not to buy from unmanaged (which will be extremely hard to do), there are those who are not forum based and they will definitely not listen or respond to our PMs which we send to them. And once you get a handful who do break the 'non buying' rule, then it really isn't a rule at all, and things will break down, some forumers may want to compete signings from unmanaged and then those who still stick with the rule will argue with them and what you get is a major fall out over such a small issue.
    If this isn't a custom, then we can't enforce the 'no buying from unmanaged' therefore we shouldn't try to enforce it on our own.
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    Versus got a reaction from Anri in WC 33333 Discussion Thread..   
    Re: WC 33333 Discussion Thread..
    Hi guys,
    As I manage Hamburger in WC 33333, a couple of guys asked me to join the forum section of this gameworld. You might add me to the list of forum managers if you want, but after I read posts about deals and matches, I see no point in being active in this forum. I get all the relevant information in the game itself. But there was an interesting part, where people talk about the prospects of this gameworld, so I will say a word or two on that.
    You say, that the main thing about long and successful gameworld is not buying from unmanaged clubs? I think this is not so important. This gameworld has a catchy number, so managers might come randomly and join a gameworld, that has not fallen apart after one season. Experienced managers are usually looking for challenges, so a new gameworld with mostly up to date teams looks attractive. On the other hand, some teams that have no stars or hot prospects will mostly look unattractive, whether they are as close as possible to the real life squad or not.
    I see quite a few of you complain that you are going to quit if you see managers buy from unmanaged clubs. I think the attitude should change, if we want this gameworld to be successful. A lot of forumers took good, popular clubs which are anyway taken in any gameworld. They brag, how they deal with players like Aguero, Cavani, etc. That's cool, but if we want this gameworld to continue for more than a couple of seasons, forum managers should take up the hard task of managing smaller unpopular clubs and ensuring, that no one would rob them, no one would destroy their teams. Clubs in div 1 like Barca, Real, Man Utd, Milan, Bayern etc. might be taken by random managers not involved in forum talks, but THEY WILL BE TAKEN, because some teams are always popular. This way there will be a core of forum managers determined to stay in this gameworld with their smaller teams and some coming and going managers with the big clubs, which is not a disaster by itself.
    a couple or a few teams eventually might become unmanaged and maybe even robbed by other managers. But if we form the core with managers in all divisions, others, who are looking for a challenge, will come and join if there are available teams regardless.
    I do not want to offend anyone with this lengthy rant, just I think that the attitude should change, because I want this gameworld to be successfull for seasons to come. So stop complaining and planing your resignation so early and rather look forward to a point in future, when you might have to give up your Barca team to take up Gremio, Genoa or Anderlecht and keep this gameworld alive
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    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Do you think I would make a good deal if I offer Subotic for Branislav Ivanovic?
    I know Subotic is tallented and in a good form, but so is Ivanovic. I don't get to watch either of them, so I really don't know which one will be better in say 1 year's time.
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    Versus got a reaction from West Ham Till I die in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    I can understand why Alderweirdo is just fifth, but why Albiol is nr. 1? Even Arbeloa has been playing more than him.
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    Versus reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Looking for right back and advise on Muniain   
    Re: Looking for right back and advise on Muniain
    About Alderweireld, he's not a real RB either. I don't know how he ever got that position in SM, but he's the main CB at Ajax together with Vertonghen. Obviously vd Wiel is the #1 RB at Ajax
    Wouldn't really know which of these guys is best, I guess you should try 'n get Alderweireld or Boateng (maybe Howedes but don't know for sure).
    Wouldn't sell Muniain tbh, if he's that good he'll move clubs somewhere between now and the end of 2011 I guess. But if you need to sell him, cash big
    Will probably be some guy ready to pay big time, if Rafael is valued 25M at ManUtd should be worth at least about the same.
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