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  1. Gold Championship 75 will be created at a random time on Monday 2nd of November.
  2. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Ionov will definitely get a rise. In my opinion he is worth 84/85. He has played a lot of games for Zenit after the departure of Arshavin and became one of the main players in attack. But the only problem now is he didn't play for the last couple of games because TEKKE and KEZMAN play upfront. Bystrov will get a rise to 90. HE has played most games since he transfered to Zenit and scored in nearly every game. If he continues to play at such a high level next season he can easily get a 91 rating. The only problem he is having at Zenit, is that the fans hate him- but it doesn't affect his game on the pitch.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 74|Match Reports|Discussion New man arrives at Malaga. More news to follow...
  4. Re: Your Footballing Life Nice thread. I play for a good side in Cyprus(near Greece for those who don't know). Got picked for them this season. It's an academy U17B side from a Cypriot First Division team - Apollon. You can search the club on the SM database. I'm the youngest there at 15(in December) and one of the worst . Have played(went on as a sub) in both pre-season friendlies and got 1 assist. I missed the first 3 games of the league because of an ankle injury and just got back to training. We travel across the whole country and some times stay in hotels for a night, it's wicked!!! Summer 08 I went to Russia for trials. I tried out for Lokomotiv(having an injury) and failed. Then got a chance, because my dads friend new someone in the club, to have trials at Saturn. I failed a medical(knee injury-miniscus) and they told me to come back when I'm 100% fit.:(
  5. Re: Gold Championship 72 Official Thread Match of the Weekend! DERBY COUNTY vs. LEEDS UNITED After Guus, Derby's manager, was asked about the match in the press-conference this morning. He said that there are 3 reasons for Derby to win the three points: the fans, home stands, the beautiful play. The squad line-up for Leeds is still to be announced, while Derby will play their 4-2-3-1 formation. Starting XI: ---Bywater--- ------Birindelli---Schildenfeld--Muri---Daf------ ------------Salifou---------Leacock------------ ------Fagan------Barnes------Pit------ ------------Thompson------------ Kick-off 20:00 GT.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 72 Official Thread Pride Park the home of Derby County this season. "There have been a few signings done by the club so far, but there are are more to come,"said Guus, the new manager of the club. The whole squad for the 09/10 season will be announced shortly. Derby managed to thrash their opponents in the first game of the season. 6-2 was the final score of the classic encounter in Div.3! Vaughan scored his first hat-trick for the club!
  7. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread I support you here. Pesjakov will always be that second one after Dzhanaev, unless he leaves. While Higmatullin and Pomazan both at the same club, they will have to battle for that top spot when Akinfeev leaves- if he ever does.../ Ben, what do you think of Polyakov Valeriy? Haven't had time to see him play much, but maybe that's because Zhevnov took the main spot at Fk Moskva.
  8. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread ---------------------X--------------------- Parshivlyuk-Vlasov-Makeev-Schennikov -------Mamaev--------Gorbatenko------- -----------------Dzagoev----------------- --------Ionov------------Yakovlev-------- ------------------Kokorin------------------ I could not pick a goalkeeper for my starting XI. This is because Nigmatullin and Pomazan are still at the same level. The only goalkeeper, who is young, that stands out for me is Dzhanaev(22). Back 4, we all know why I picked them. Mamaev and Gorbatenko in the Centre of the field, hard task for both- they have to control the game. Dzagoev as my AM, I could write a player report for him, but there is no need.LoL. Ionov and Yakovlev have both been superb for their clubs. Kokorin keeps that CF position, although in-game he would always be changing positions with Yakovlev and Ionov. Prudnikov(Sparta Prague), just missed out on my squad. + He is not in the Russian PL.
  9. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread I know you don't know me Ben and this is my first post on the thread, but in my opinion Yakovlev has to be in your starting 11. Not sure who will have to be taken down because Ionov is playing very well for Zenit after the departures of 2 main players upfront- creative wise and scoring wise. Kokorin, on the other hand, is playing superbly for Dynamo. Watching him play I think he moves away from that CF position out to the wing(RM mostly). Yakovlev has been outstanding for Spartak- definitely the best out of the U21s in my opinion(forget about Parshivlyuk here, he's a defender- more of him later.). Not sure about Gotagov, he's been playing football and he shows potential, but I think he should be on the bench on that Top Russian U21s Squad you got. One more comment, it's about Makeev. After he shaved his hair off, he reminds me of Aleksei Berezutskiy and his brother. Rough, strong play! Hope he breaks the barrier in the next 3-5 years and gets into the NT of Russia. All of the above is my opinion. Feel free to argue and critisise me.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. FC FALKIRK APPOINT GUUS HIDDINK AS THEIR MANAGER. Manager and Chairman reached an agreement. The Scottish side, FC Falkirk, have reportedly got a new manager for the upcoming season. Guus Hiddink, the man who will be in charge of the club for the next two years, had officially signed the contract yesterday at 19:00. The Dutch man had previously managed Chelsea, but he left the club to go to Russia, where he is not needed anymore. Guus Hiddink puts pen to paper. WWW.FALKIRKFC.CO.UK/NEWS More news to follow...
  11. Re: Gold Championship 58 ITALIAN FOOTBALL CLUB LAZIO APPOINT THE MAN AT LAST! Manager Guus Hiddink becomes the new manager of Lazio. After trying to manage Lokomotiv and Bordeaux he has came up with an idea of moving to Italy, Serie A was one of the only leagues that he had never managed in... Just a few hours past he got the job offer and already he says he sees the future bright for the team from the capital Rome. Lazio will try to strengthen their side by bringing in new players. These below are the players that luckily got into Lazio's shortlist! Alou Diarra (Bordeuax) Christian Panucci (Roma) Tonetto (Roma) Loria (Roma) Matteo Brighi (Roma) Cavenaghi (Bordeuax)
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