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  1. Re: Transfer Advice: On Fabregas (Sell) and Mkhitaryan (Buy)
  2. Is there even a method behind this? I have a Bradford who have had two successive titles, did well in cups, currently top of Division 2 and yet we only average 14,000. We averaged 9,000 in Division 4 so an increase of just 5,000 in that time is rather pitiful? Whilst we're flying, have a few big names at the team, etc, teams at the bottom are basically filling their stadiums and there just seems to be no logic behind it. Or am I just expecting too much?
  3. Re: Squad Advice Trust KRSTICIC to rise to 86, now is he a keep/sell?
  4. I just completed my second season with a Bradford team, and will be in division 2 after two successive titles. It's not as if theres no competition either... Anyhow, I need to get rid of a bunch and invest in new risers. I just don't know who to get rid of. Alexis Sanchez (92) - Only bought him because I could get him for cheap, going to sell when his TB is up unless anyone thinks other wise? AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick (90) - Will keep. MKHITARYAN, Henrik (90) - Will keep. PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos (89) - Keep? FLORENZI, Alessandro (87) - Keep? BERTRAND, Ryan (87) - Keep? FRED, Santos (86) - Keep? JESUS, Juan (86) - Keep? Could he hit 88 next review? MCEACHRAN, Josh (85) - Keep? ALBERTO, Luis (85) - Keep? SCHÄR, Fabian (85) - Keep? RAFINHA, Alcántara (85) - Unsure/Keep? BORJA, García (85) - Unsure KOLASINAC, Sead (85) - Keep? MARRONE, Luca (85) - Keep? HORN, Timo (83) - Keep? BRUMA, Armindo (83) - Keep? DEMME, Diego (82) - Unsure? KRSTICIC, Nenad (82) - Sell? BENZIA, Yassine (82) - Keep? GRIMALDO, Álex (82) - Keep? Klke, Martínez (82) - Unsure ANDRADE, Victor (80) - Unsure GAYLE, Dwight (80) - Keep because he's playing regularly in the prem? HOFMANN, Jonas (80) - Keep PERICA, Stipe (78) - Keep CHAMBERS, Calum (78) - New on the scene at Southampton, keep? So my problem is obviously that I need to keep like 99%...
  5. Re: Memphis Depay I got him for 990K in a competitive game world;)
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Isn't a deal but is Santos Dante in for a rise?
  7. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? ALESSANDRINI, Romain BEN YEDDER, Wissam GUILAVOGUI, Josuha M'VILA, Yann (Moved, probably best to sell?) OGBONNA, Angelo FLORENZI, Alessandro Keep/Sell?
  8. With rises in my team for; Paul POGBA Appelt GABRIEL Vasconcelos GABRIEL M'baye NIANG Panagiotis TACHTSIDIS Alessandro FLORENZI Stephan EL SHAARAWY Lorenzo INSIGNE Jesus JUAN Pedro OBIANG BEN YEDDER, Wissam OGBONNA, Angelo Who do I look to sell? I assume I keep hold of Pogba, Niang, El Shaarawy, Ogbonna, Ben Yedder and Obiang? Don't really know about the rest.
  9. Re: Lazar Markovic - a future star in making Sold him by mistake whilst clearing my team out, the day before he rose! Would he be worth resigning for the 5M or so he costs now? Edit: Signed into my old account by mistake! Thought I lost my password for this aha!
  10. Re: Who Will Rise? Ok ty , nice little team for a bristol rovers.
  11. Re: Marko ARNAUTOVIC - will he rise again? None of this has helped... shall i sell him for the 8.5m?
  12. Highest Rating First. SANTON, Davide ARNAUTOVIC, Marko COLLISON, Jack FULOP, Márton WELBECK, Danny LJAJIC, Adem BELLUSCI, Giuseppe MATTOCK, Joe MACHEDA, Federico DELPH, Fabian BOSANCIC, Miloš HOBBS, Jack DELFOUNESO, Nathan BOQUITA, Rafael NAYAR, Sebastián COLES, Danny JOAO PAULO, Purcino BARNES, Ashley KEKO, Sergio Gontan RYBALKA, Serhiy PAPY, Faty CLARK, Ciaran AKCA, Murat SNIJDERS, Genaro DAMJANOVIC, Ognjen GILLIS, Cor PORTER, Gareth GOMELKO, Artem MISEVSKI, Filip HENDERSON, Stephen Transfers Coming in: Will they rise? EVERTON SILVA, José GIULIANO, Victor de Paula CIRO, Silva If you would like to join this league it is. English Championchip 2690. I am Bristol Rovers.
  13. Went up 8.. i am bristol rovers in EC2690, and i need the money, been offered 8.5mi... Also will Faty Papy rise? Take a look at my team in there aswell, tell me who to keep. English champ 2960- bristol rovers.
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