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  1. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Cisse is unbelievable. Newcastle is defeating big time opponents (and losing to Wigan..). One thing that made me happy is Ba's performance too. Cisse's goals were spectacular but Ba was also very lively even though he didn't net one. If he returns to form and Cisse remains this effective, Newcastle will be scary good
  2. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread those reactions of Pardew, the fans, and Di Matteo are perfect. You can't even be mad at your team for that..amazing
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Anyone think this is true and/or have info on the kid? http://www.nufcblog.com/2012/04/27/newcastle-after-top-south-korean-forward/
  4. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Fair enough, hadn't been on the forum in ages so I thought it was still ok. No worries, gamecast here i come..
  5. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread anyone with a link to watch the game for a stateside geordie?
  6. Re: NFL Predict Broncos @ 49ers Jaguars @ Cowboys Dolphins @ Bengals Bills @ Chiefs Redskins @ Lions Panthers @ Rams Packers @ Jets Titans @ Chargers Vikings @ Patriots Buccaneers @ Cardinals Seahawks @ Raiders Steelers @ Saints Texans @ Colts TB56
  7. Re: NFL Predict Yeah he's having a good season, coming on very strong now and his team is firing on all cylinders. Troy is mid who can play all across the midfield and even up top on attack. A threat with both feet, he has an explosive first step and is excellent at taking people on with pace and skill. Currently looking at playing in college for Bentley or Assumption. (I think johnny that you maybe be the only one who knows what schools those are on this thread)
  8. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread think i havent tried to keep him in it? he says he is just bored with the game. Tbf though SM has changed from when me and him both joined 4 years ago. Weird to think ive been on it for so long
  9. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Just talked to troy, i think he's done with SM. really unfortunate because his squad is absolutely amazing. hope after he quits that someone just as active takes over for him:(
  10. Re: NFL Predict Bengals @ Falcons Steelers @ Dolphins Bills @ Ravens Jaguars @ Chiefs Browns @ Saints Redskins @ Bears 49ers @ Panthers Rams @ Buccaneers Eagles @ Titans Cardinals @ Seahawks Patriots @ Chargers Raiders @ Broncos Vikings @ Packers Giants @ Cowboys TB-45
  11. Re: NFL Predict Dolphins @ Packers Browns @ Steelers Lions @ Giants Seahawks @ Bears Saints @ Buccaneers Falcons @ Eagles Chiefs @ Texans Ravens @ Patriots Chargers @ Rams Jets @ Broncos Raiders @ 49ers Cowboys @ Vikings Colts @ Redskins Titans @ Jaguars - TB 61
  12. Re: NFL Predict Jaguars @ Bills Broncos @ Ravens Chiefs @ Colts Packers @ Redskins Rams @ Lions Bears @ Panthers Buccaneers @ Bengals Falcons @ Browns Giants @ Texans Saints @ Cardinals Titans @ Cowboys Chargers @ Raiders Eagles @ 49ers Vikings @ Jets TB 52
  13. Re: NFL Predict Jets (2-1) @ Bills (0-3) Panthers (0-3) @ Saints (2-1) Bengals (2-1) @ Browns (0-3) Broncos (1-2) @ Titans (2-1) Lions (0-3) @ Packers (2-1) Ravens (2-1) @ Steelers (3-) 49ers (0-3) @ Falcons (2-1) Seahawks (2-1) @ Rams (1-2) Texans (2-1) @ Raiders (1-2) Colts (2-1) @ Jags (1-2) Redskins (1-2) @ Eagles (2-1) Cardinals (2-1) @ Chargers (1-2) Bears (3-0) @ Giants (1-2) Patriots (2-1) @ Dolphins (2-1) - TB 40
  14. Re: NFL Predict 11-4 before tonights game. shocked myself lol guess you gotta get lucky sometime;) edit-me and stuart both picked the packers tonight so thats my first W
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread One thing i was upset with is that Tiote was a completely different player in the second half. Disappeared for the 30 minutes in the second half that he was on for. In the first half he was box to box, perhaps more defensive but I was disappointed with Newcastle really losing control of the game in the second half. Not a result that I expected, especially after the first half.
  16. Re: NFL Predict Titans @ Giants 49ers @ Chiefs Cowboys @ Texans Bills @ Patriots Browns @ Ravens Lions @ Vikings Falcons @ Saints Steelers @ Buccaneers Bengals @ Panthers Redskins @ Rams Eagles @ Jaguars Colts @ Broncos Raiders @ Cardinals Chargers @ Seahawks Jets @ Dolphins Packers @ Bears TB-52
  17. Re: NFL Predict am i missing something:p
  18. Re: NFL Predict Lets hope i don't screw it up that bad this week Bills @ Packers Ravens @ Bengals Steelers @ Titans Bears @ Cowboys Eagles @ Lions Buccaneers @ Panthers Cardinals @ Falcons Chiefs @ Browns Dolphins @ Vikings Seahawks @ Broncos Rams @ Raiders Texans @ Redskins Jaguars @ Chargers Patriots @ Jets Giants @ Colts -The Manning Bowl, excited to see how it goes Saints @ 49ers -51
  19. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread some people on this forum are so silly, claiming others are on their high horse.... Roma GC19 Could use a FWD on loan or if anyone wants to deal PM me in game River Plate GC116 Looking to add a little more quality, mainly in the LM or RM department
  20. Re: NFL Predict - Proposal Vikings @ Saints Browns @ Bucaneers Dolphins @ Bills Bengals @ Patriots Colts @ Texans Broncos @ Jaguars Falcons @ Steelers Raiders @ Titans Panthers @ Giants Lions @ Bears Cardinals @ Rams Packers @ Eagles 49ers @ Seahawks Cowboys @ Redskins Ravens @ Jets Chargers @ Chiefs TB-38
  21. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC116 River Plate beat Manchester United in the SMFA Champions Cup Quarter Finals first leg by a score of 1-0. Torres Juanfran with the lone strike sees us preparing for a return trip to Manchester in 2 weeks time with a lead. If we end up crashing out after this round, I'll still like to consider this a successful campaign in non-domestic competitions. Also, sitting nicely in second in the Argentine league behind Boca Juniors, but as always I am still looking to improve my side. Get in touch, although it seems Abdel may be the only other ac
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