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  1. Hi all, Players in my GW are reporting others before coming to me. This is naturally getting everyone upset. But does anyone have any idea how I can work out if there are players who have mutiple accounts? For instance, I have a few players with a selection of numbera after their name. Is there anything I can detect, or is this just a problem that cannot be fixed?
  2. Does anyone know who I can contact regarding players in my GW being reported unfairly because someone believes them to have multiple accounts? The GW I have is popular and people are leaving because of it. I need to contact someone who will be able to help.
  3. Kompany, the captain of a Champions League side, captain of the Belgian National Team and only 29, has had his rating dropped from 94 to 93. I'm pretty certain this should not have happened. Any thoughts from anyone?
  4. Really simple, this could be a really challenging, fair and enjoyable league. We only have two people represented at the moment, which means there are good teams, players and money out there for those who want it. Have a quick look, I really want to get this to as high a standard as my other leagues. Cheers.
  5. To all at SM looking for a new challenge! I have three Custom Game Worlds which have been going for some time now, two I took over that were floundering and one I started myself. We have commited and long term players in them, however we have had a few players drop out recently. All three have some great teams in, with great players and money to spend! Check them out if your interested! They are: John Lewis Cup of Champions, Boon's World Championship and Tibbs Premiership Challenge League. All are serious competitions, with sensible rules and great competitors. Hope to see you on the pitch!
  6. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Cheers Kitey, just picked up Bologna.
  7. To all fans of Soccer Manager, this game world has only 10 of 80 clubs taken! I think this could become a very competitive league(s) given a chance. Premiership Teams like Man City and Everton still have not been taken. Please take a look and make this game world worth playing in!!:-D :-D An open and hopefully challenging league. No frills or ridiculous rules or preferential treatment (just no dodgy deals please). Just proper competition for all footie fans. Even Man Utd! Joke! Sort of....
  8. We have quite a few clubs needing management in this public league. I realise that they are the lower league clubs but surely that is the challenge of Soccer Manager? It's a good, competitive league setup so if you are up for a challenge give it a go! Thanks!
  9. Hi Just a quick message to let you know that for some reason the creator of this league has left, I took over today and wanted to extend an open invitation to all those interested in joining. I'm afraid most of the top teams are gone, I had to make do with Ajax, but there are plenty of clubs available and I think we can really start a fire under this league and make it really competitive. There are no harsh rules, just an open friendly league. Thanks for your time and i look forward to the competition. JamesT:)
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