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  1. Re: Abdelhamid El Kaoutari (Money Maker) Rated 74 on DB Nice find mate hope he carries on playing
  2. Re: Surely this can't be right??? Honestly the match engine is what ruins SM for me sometimes. I recall playing a match and dominating with something like 25 shots on target (more overall) but losing 4-0 to the unmanaged team who had four shots, and 39% possession. I missed out on the championship because of this game. Heartbreakin:D
  3. Re: Frazier Campbell? - Buy/Forget?? No he hasn't seeing as he's only played 78 minutes as a sub in four games. Needs to start to rise - don't see that happening against Jones and Bent
  4. Re: Cheap Back-Up Winger help! I was thinking about Pienaar, have to see if the manager accepts, but tbh with the money I'm offering I wouldn't accept it. Batos is just too expensive but I've put in a deal for Pablo, I completely forgot about him, but the Valencia manager is pretty reluctant to sell other players, but lets see what happens.
  5. I am on a limited budget with my Bayer Leverkusen team in a WC. The competition is fierce but I have built a good squad and just need some help making a decision about a back-up player. I need a backup winger, to play on the right, Out of the following who should I buy? Steven PIENAAR- He seems to be capped at 89 with his performances at Everton and is the most expensive Mariano Gonzalez- He is available but I don't know too much about him Martin JORGENSEN- I don't know if he will play at Fiorentina this season, but a drop will rule him out for me Bosko JANKOVIC- Not sure how much he'll be playing at Genoa, will he stay at 88 or even rise? I have about 6.5 million to spend and these are all in my budget, or if anyone else can help with any other suggestions, it would be great, Reps to be awarded
  6. Re: Needing some help to renew my team Well we are pretty early into the season so this is a pretty hard question to answer but I'll try my best to help Joe HART Hart went out on loan to Birmingham this season after realsising he won't get much game time against Shay Given at Man City. It was good thinking from the youngster, and he has played all four of Birmingham's games so far. However, Birmingham are going to struggle against relegation this season and no matter how good his performances, I can't see him rising, so a stay at 89 is most likely or even a drop to 88 if he is in shocking form. Gregory VAN DER WIEL Quality youngster, had a +4 rise last time round after playing loads of games for Ajax. So far this season he has played 5 out of 5 games for the Dutch side and has played twice in Holland's World Cup qualifying campaign. If he keeps his place in the Ajax team, and plays well he could well get a rise to 88 or even an outside chance to 89 Andrea BARZAGLI The Italian centre back has a pivotal rople to play in Wolfsburg's defence and was a key player in their Bundesliga triumph last season. He is an undisputed starter in the team and will be playing Champions League football this season. If Wolfsburg can emulate last season's heroics in the league and have a good run in the Champions League, with Barzagli at the heart of the defence, he could be in line for a rise to 92 although he will probably stay at 91, all dependent on the form of him and his team Nedum ONUOHA Onuoha is a quick young defender, who has a bright future ahead of him but being in a star-studded Manchester City team, he has found himself lower down the pecking order. The City first choice defence is: Richards-----Toure-----Lescott-----Bridge So Onuoha is going to be the back-up centre back in case one of the above get inured or suspended. He has so far played none of City's games and if this continues through the season, I think he will stay on 87, or there is a small chance of a drop to 86 Franco DOUGLAS Don't know too much about him except he had a big part to play in last season's success at Twente, and had played 4 out of 5 games so far this season. He seems to have an eye for goal, with three least season, one the year before and another this season. If Twente can keep their form up, with Douglas playing, he could get a rise, most probably to 87, if he plays in and out of the first team or 88 if he holds down his place in a successful campaign for Twente Royston DRENTHE He rejected the chance to go out on loan this season and instead wanted to fight for a place in Real's team. He has too much competition to be played in left midfield for Madrid but has young Brazilian Marcelo to contend with for the LB slot. He will probably get the odd appearance, and I expect him to stay at 88 Luiz Gustavo The young Brazilian DM has played plenty over the last two seasons for Hoffenheim, who have a policy of playing youngsters but this season he has only made one appearance, with the manager appearing to favour Salihovic over him. He also has to contend with promising young Argentine, Franco Zuculini, so if he comes in and out of the team, as he is, he will probably stay at 87 Marko ARNAUTOVIC The young Austrian is one of the most promising forwards in Europe. After setting the Eredivisie alight last season, he gained a great +8 rise. This season, he has made the move to Inter Milan, initially on loan, which may have been the wrong move for the youngster. He is down the pecking order up front at Inter, with Milito, Eto'o, Suazo and Balotelli ahead of him, so don't expect him to get much game time, and also, Jose Mourinho isn't really renowned for giving youngsters their chance, at least at Chelsea, so I expect Arnuatovic to stay at 85 or a slight increase if he plays some games, but he has a bright future ahead of him and is worth keeping, or sending out on loan Well I hope it helped. It certainly took me ages to write, hope its worth it.
  7. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers What does everyone think about Benaglio's chances of rising at Wolfsburg? He's a quality keeper and his team have a chance to shine in the Champs League
  8. Re: Opinions on these midfielders please I would say Ashley Young as well, then Misimovic. But I wouldn't get Valencia, at least not right now. He might be starting for United but he's been playing really poorly, especially yesterday against us.
  9. Re: My Strikers If I was you mate I would try and loan out Bojan and Benzema, and use Totti as a player exchange to try and improve other parts of your squad, as Roma look a weak team and won't have a very good season. Keep the rest and alternate between them or even play 3-3-4:D But definitely keep Eto'o because he's had a great start to his Inter career, playing well yesterday and scoring in his first game. Hope I helped:D
  10. Jobla Bonito


    Re: CM i would but unless the other guy is a dope then he wont accept
  11. Re: 70 Rated Risers http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=48161&highlight=dobias-------> Big riser
  12. Re: RINOCCHIA, New Alessandro Nesta Yeah I think if he plays regularly he could rise to 84, 85. But dude his name is spelled wrong
  13. Re: Help needed!!!!!!!!!!! Pls!!!!! Giovinco wont be reaching 91 anytime soon mate. He's quality and he definitely has the potential but he never gets a game for Juve, unless it's off the bench. If he breaks into the first team and does well, he could make 89, or even 90 if he does brilliantly
  14. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? Lol how right was he?
  15. Re: clinton morrison!!!!!! Oh my days Morrison is such a hot young prospect!!! Who knows what he will achieve in the next 5 or 6 years left of his career? P.S. Nice thread
  16. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread TBH what I did with my Millwall team was pack it with certain risers who I found out about on the forums - Pastore' date=' Formica, De Federico, Iberbia etc. Depending on the money you have, I think you should go for some of the following who I've heard about on the forums: [b']Silva NEYMAR[/b] Absolute quality, been hailed as the new Robinho, and has started 5 games, and made sub appearances 13 times out of a possible 20 matches, scoring four goals. Looks a dead cert for a rise. Chagas PAULO HENRIQUE I dont know much about this guy but hes been touted on these forums as a shoe-in for a rating increase of about 13 or 14:eek: at only 10k he's a must buy Timon DOBIAS Another 10k riser who I've heard is looking to rise about 10ish from 70. Could be a good money maker. Hope that helps:D
  17. Re: Help needed!!!!!!!!!!! Pls!!!!! I think maybe Hazard and Kroos could be in store for rises. I know they aren't exactly the positions you want but these two are future supertars
  18. Re: Looking for 10k riser YEP i dont know how I forgot about him:eek: lol
  19. Re: Who Is Better to Sign?? Gignac definitely apparently Ben Arfa has made hardly any inroads into the first team and isnt getting as much game time as he should
  20. Re: Looking for 10k riser I've heard good things about Timon DOBIAS:D
  21. Re: Argentinian Analysis How do you rate Bertolo? And do you think he'll do well in Italy? Thanks
  22. Re: jack rodwell to rise That's exactly it it is WAY too early in the season to be predicting rating changes. He could play amazingly, and get a higher increse or perform miserably, anddrop out of the team, dropping his rating. These kinds of threads are too premature this early in the season
  23. Re: Skint team needs help Ahh im in the same situation with my Millwall team, except probably a bit more money. I'm going to get: De Souza DOUGLAS COSTA He may not necessarily rise this time but he will be an amazing player in the future, linked strongly with Man Ut this summer, his potential vale is somthing like £60mil, about the same as Kaka:eek: Silva NEYMAR This kid is one for the future and has been playing recently for Santos, and scoring. He's been linked with pretty much everyone and looks to be a brilliant player. He's started five games, and come on as a sub 13 times, scoring four goals and bagging three assists. Timon DOBIAS He's a 10k riser, but I dont know too much about him, there's a thread on him, if u search around you'll find him. Jose EVERTON SILVA Young RB has been playing recently, he's a money maker,looking to rise to about 78-80 Mendes ELIAS Been reading about him on the forum,apparently he's long overdue an increase, he's started 15 games out of a possible 20. Not bad Other youngsters include Marc MUNIESA, Kyriakos PAPADOPOULOS, Olazabal OIER, Matteo MUSSACHIO and Martin GALVAN, although I'm not sure they are going to rise. Hope it helps. Reps appreciated:D
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