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  1. Re: The exellent manager ? hi cale I am a Vietnam,I do not have much experience in this game, But, I am very lucky in the transfer sample : I bought Kaka when the management Milan have escaped with 20M + carrik = 30M outside team. I have 2 teams equivalent to each other is about. suspect believe or not believe While you:D
  2. first team young team no fotoshop . ok men :D:D:D
  3. hey , below, is a young player i know goodllukc
  4. Re: Fiorentina 5435 -winning with young player ^^' so. I also do not understand, morale created to do? this game, conditiol important . this game does not allow training so boring ^ ^ young player to buy, also waiting, if lucky, increase rating:D
  5. Re: Fiorentina 5435 -winning with young player ^^' this team that you lose newcastle,boro and even carlisle united ??? your Tactics OK, but I sure you do not notice Morale ^^' and Condition % as this Kaka rating 97 ,but condition remain 80% => rating = ~78 How can Nesto rating 80 Is this you must always change Tactics , Morale morale is very important ,to increase morale. I also do not know :D:D:D
  6. My team you see! Mutu Frey Gilardino except ... the player left, all rating> 88 my young team the highest is 80 so that results I lucky? or I'm a perfect management all, because this team thanks:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. Re: Real Madrid 1370 or also here, very good,
  8. Stevan Jovetic -shown through each match... The yuongtalent - new future star: the story is this normal...... but this goal. it came too soon... too much for a player 19 years old new
  9. Re: rilliant ombing razilians - ernardo & oquita yes, but Macheda and Formica more than rating 2 new player of you
  10. Re: Ivan Tomecak ok i will buy
  11. Re: Why not have a national team of Vietnam? to SM Dev (Ste) I think my opinion is not enough for you to create a new .This is not a jaundice with other countries in the region.60 rating also. Although not later than....
  12. Re: Why not have a national team of Vietnam? thanks.I will follow you hope one day last will have a national team and clubs Vietnam
  13. Sorry if my English poor, can be difficult for you to understand. I play SM and also long and found in the South-Eastern Asia.Team Singapore has thailan even Indonesia Malaysia.. so why not team Vietnam???Team Championships 2009 South-Eastern Asia.countries we beat all teams in the region countries we beat all teams in the region 2009.players JIAYI, Shi bambang thonglao SUBRAMANIAN, Sooryapparad probably no more than the Le Cong Vinh, Phan Van Tai Em ,Duong Hong Son ????. I hope SM add a national team to Vietnam SM Thank you. I apologize if this do not you fill. Thanhsk
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