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  1. As there aren't too many left backs that will rise big, I would just like some help on what these guys will potentially rise to in their respective contries upcoming ratings: Wayne Bridge 89 > Tom Taiwo 89 > Luis Felipe 89 > I'm after a LB that will hopefully hit 90 (next change), so if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know! How likely each is too rise would also help. Cheers!
  2. Re: Risers on Loan in League One (England) Nice thread mate. However Hartlepool are not newly promoted, despite our low finishes last 2 years!! Matty Robson's not a bad player if he keeps his head (rather than crossing the ball out of touch or something), scores spectacular goals every now and again too.
  3. Re: Players already potentially looking for a rise in England Very good thread mate. Nice to see some players outside the premier league mentioned for a change!! With regards to Peter Hartley he started all first team friendlies for Hartlepool and has slotted in at left back for the first 4 games (playing very well against Coventry in the CC win). With no other left backs in our squad 75/76 should easily be achieved.
  4. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi all need some advice on a cm/am/dm. Got around 8-9m, preferably for someone 17-23 rated 87-89 that is likely to rise in the countries next respective ratings. Candidates so far are: Gojko Kacar Stephan M'Bia PJANIC, Miralem Gourcuff and Giovinco are taken. Cheers
  5. Re: Miguel Samudio Yeah quality mate a decent rise by SM for a change! Great spot!
  6. Re: is there actually any good RB in sm!! I know what you mean. My full backs always have the lowest rating in the team. I've sort of solved it in 3 teams: 1) Played 3 CB's instead in a 3-4-1-2 2) In div 2 of an EC I brought in 91 rated Grygera and Jankolovski who get 6's and 7's 3) In another EC div 2 Glen johnson is good and Ally Cissoko at LB averages 6.18 However with this said in my GC team its very, very hard to find a RB available that doesnt average below 6..... Have heard people have problems with Dani Alaves rated 95 too so god knows whats up?
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Ye i'd be interested to know your opinions on those CB's too. Read the Porto review great stuff! Also what do you think of Papa Diawara Baba's prospects this season? Got him in a few teams.
  8. Re: Debt Help Good to see a fellow Hartlepool manager mate! Getting pools promoted and signing ridiculous players is the most satisfying part of SM for me! I wouldn't worry about the net loss every week. It'll get harder and harder to avoid it as you improve your squad (e.g 90+ rated players are on min of £40k/turn). Instead you gotta use the transfer money you make by signing a player before they get a decent ratings increase' date=' then selling for a huge profit. Then repeat the cycle.... Watch out at the end of season though if your overall money out is greater than money in [i']I think[/i] chairman refuses to invest any funds. (typical Hodcroft lol) Good luck with the promotion
  9. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA Good thread mate, nice little bit of money to be made there!
  10. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread I'm managing a Hartlepool team in a custom setup with friends. Not that many teams are taken so transfers are not too competitive. I am currently in the league below the prem in season 2, playoff position with half the season gone. My problem is the defence. I play 4-4-2 normally with: GK CRISTANTE, Hernán 88 RB Michel Salgado/Degen(loan) 88/87 CB Jonny Evans 88 CB Emre Asik 88 LB UZULMEZ, Ibrahim 88 RM JI-Sung Park 90 CM Danny Murphy 88 CM GEOVANNI, Deiberson/ Keith Andrews 86/85 LM Harry Kewell 88 CF Savo Milosevic 88 CF Jose Luis Calderon 87 Back-up: DAVID FUSTER, Torrijos Dean Windass Mike Mancinne (loan) Kontoes Carrico Kwadwo Asamoah Jay Simpson Papa diawara Baba The defence, despite being highly rated consistently performs poorly, with season averages all below 6. Evans, Asik and Salgado have all just had their TB end, which would leave me around £15-6M to spend on replacements. Any suggestions for new RB/ CB's please? Should I change to 3-5-2? The strikers score enough goals, but I could sell Milosevic for around £2.5M and replace him? Any ideas appreciated!
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