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  1. Re: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating Adil Rami signs for Valencia and Werder Bremen signed Swedish striker Denni Avdic.
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) I have a question,will Isaac Vorsah's position change to CB/DM?
  3. I've been having a tough time deciding which CB to buy. I was hoping someone could help me make up my mind. Here are the players Rechel Sidnei,Neven Subotic,Nicolas N'koulou,Toby Alderweireld or Mathias Zanka Jorgensen . Thank you in advance .Keep in mind i could only afford one of them .
  4. Re: Would you accept this deal? Try Daniel ALVARO PEREIRA of FC porto 87-89
  5. Re: who should i sign? Well from what I know Necid will rise to 87 .
  6. HYKEL T.T.D


    Re: Snow! Singapore , although i did went to a place called ''snow city'' . The snow there are artificial . . still nothing beats the original right ?
  7. I am in need of a rising striker . Rating should be less than 85 . I already have Pedro . . but will his position change ? ? Also a left back , rating below 87 . . don't really mind his age . Thanks:)
  8. HYKEL T.T.D


    Re: Snow! I never get to experience snow What's it like anyway ?
  9. Re: Benoît TREMOULINAS or Domenico CRISCITO? I'd go for Benoit Tremoulinas . . his team is performing exceptionally well at the moment
  10. I was wondering if i should sign him . Is his rating going to rise , stay or drop in the next rating changes .
  11. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time No Hagi ? I wouldn't say he is 99 but more of 96-97
  12. Title says it all , rating should be below 85 . . so that it will cost me lesser money . Thanks in advance
  13. Re: Guys..Need a DM You are a little too late mate , Moussa Sissoko and Étienne Capoue just rose to 89 and 88 respectively .However you could still get either of them as they are still young and have a long way ahead of them
  14. Can anyone name me some AM rating below 85 that is sure going to rise.Thanks:D
  15. Re: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams Great thread mate very informative. Hopefully this time round,my weaker teams can defeat stronger opponents.
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