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  1. Re: Biggest "what Ifs" In Football, What if things happened differently? What if Reggio hadn't done a list? Would we still be reading it until the 5th hour!!! lol This is my what if:- What if the ball was shaped oval like rugby? Would the players have to wear a box(like in cricket). Tough for goalies I would expect!
  2. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] Jurgen just has not the experience I would want. He has only really managed the national side. Who did do well. But they were the hosts! Ramos has at least had experience in europe. But we dont have one spanish player. January transfer window! We will prob buy 5 spaniards!!
  3. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] Klinsmann!!! Dont be daft! And also Sped. Ramos will be appointed within 4 days. Gustavo Poyet will be asked for the assistants role sometime next week.
  4. Re: Bye Bye Jol =] I am so unhappy with this decision!!!!! 2 seasons ago we nearly hit 4th!!! Only because of a dodgy meal. If we had finished 4th we would of been in the champions league. The money and everything would be different. The way Levy has done this is disgraceful!!! Really is not the way it should be done. Jol has been a breath of fresh air to us. Unfortunately I really do believe Bent was a very bad move. But the tactics have not been far wrong. The players have been unhappy for a while. Because of this whole crappy thing!!! And Ramos can hardly speak English! Po
  5. Re: Gold Championship 9 - Match reports / Transfers thread Frankfurt Manager Looking For Top 6 Finish Clayton Green, manager of Frankfurt has sais that he has set a target for the team. Top 6! With transfers for all other clubs happening, it does look like Frankfurt manager is holding back a little in the market. When asked about who he wants to bring in, he said this. "Well, I am just seeing all the players first to see where they are at. Also I want to bring in some loan players and then see where we can spend our money". So.................who has any 89-90 players for loan? Cmon
  6. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Pan Sizzle Seven Past Sevilla Panathinaikos 7 Sevilla 1 (and Sevilla played full strength!!) Panathinaikos showed Sevilla the way to play football tonight! Sevilla with a full strength team were looking to move to 3rd in this match. But were hugely disappointed!! 21 minutes had gone with most football in the midfield. But an inspired run from GIMENEZ who cut inside and blasted from 25yards. 1-0. From the kick off, Sevilla lost the ball, and GINENEZ scored his second, 2 in 2 minutes!! 2-0. On 33 minutes, team captain, MOUTINHO. He finished a slick te
  7. Well, tomorrow. On the 20th October!! I will have been here a year. So, just wanna say thank you muchly to everyone making it fun along the way. And thanks to SM for a great game. Thank you again....
  8. clayts

    Rugby World Cup

    Re: Rugby World Cup lol. Well. Who knows. England were not supposed to beat Australia or France. And I heard on the raDio earlier today that statistically they are the best rugby nation at the moment!!! lol
  9. clayts

    Rugby World Cup

    Re: Rugby World Cup Well my family side originate from England anyway. Only about 5 generations in South Africa!! Anyways. I have made my decision! I am going for ENGLAND!!! My heart just pounds more when they are mentioned!!! CMON WILKO!!!!
  10. Re: Faces to Names!! There is??? Well, I never knew that!!! Well, erm......ha ha. I dont wanna!! lol Ow.....you have spoilt everything now Steg!! lol. Just kidding. I will have a looksie!
  11. Re: Faces to Names!! My Avator is now a pic of me!! This I hope will encourage others to do likewise!!! SHOW YOUR FACE! lol
  12. Re: Faces to Names!! Lol. You are pretty good Shel. Ha ha. Tempermental at home. That would be the only thing I would disagree on. Everything else tho. ha ha. Well, I put it under suggestions and improvements. Because that is my suggestion. Having our pics on SM. As another avator or something! Is it a good plan, or are people having more fun guessing?? Sorry Shel, I went into your dream last night and nicked the idea!!!
  13. Re: World Championship 2 MKII Panathinaikos Stay Top Panathinaikos beat Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 at home to stay at the top of Division 3. With goals from news signing, Filippo Inzaghi and Basinas gave the greek side all 3 points! Clayton Green sat down with News reporter, Jack Luvable. Jack: Another good win for you Clayton. Me: Yeah, I am very happy with the guys, they all played well again together. It was good to see Filippo get a goal on his debut too. Jack: Yes, 6 million. A bargain? Me: ha ha ha. I definately think so. I couldn't believe it w
  14. Ever wondered what Bobo looked like????? Do you, like me. When you are writing a pm to someone or just talking to a forumer on SM. Do you get an image of what this person looks like? Well I do. Here are a few: lol!!! Greig Spence: - I dont know why, forgive me Greig. But prob because of your avator. But, you are 5 ft 5, brown hair with glasses! lol. Soz mate. Tebthereb: - 6ft something, distinguished grey/black hair. Dresses very clean cut! Roscoee:- Blonde hair, wears a kilt!! Raz:- Looks a bit like Rooney! Sorry mate. Jus the images! Alan Neller:- Aged, brown hair, b
  15. Re: Russia 2 England 1 Greig gave a reason. Not just come on here and say that England were rubbish!! Also, help also! Without them. You aint sure whether they are being serious or not. We need some serious talking on a thread. Dont we??? lol
  16. clayts

    im off to

    Re: im off to Ahem!!! *cough *cough!! "I met her in a club down in old soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola...." ha ha Well, which one is you. Lefty or righty. Then I can start a poll if you wih? lol Legends leave, legends arrive!! "Obla di, obla da, life goes on....la la la la, life goes on". Sorry, in my music mood. Got the guitar on, and writing a song. So, in a sing song kinda mood. Legends:- The Beatles, George Best and Winston Churchill To Be Legends:- Lily Allen, C.Ronaldo and Gordon Brown (*cough*) Happens in all walks of life.
  17. Re: Russia 2 England 1 Hmmmm......I think a lot of points that have been made are correct imo. England are over rated. But, not because of their players, because of the standard of their coaching and McLarens tactics. Russia are under rated. They have so many skillful players on their team. First of all, the positives. (And yes, there are some). Micah Richards, played very well I thought. Sol was better than Rio! Joe Cole was great. Bad points:- Lescott at left back? No way. Never went forward. Instead, Rooney was going to the left when Cole was cutting in. When normally Rooney
  18. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9 Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea [ESB] Everton 1-1 Liverpool Nots Forest 2-0 Doncaster Lincoln 1-2 Peterbrough QPR 2-2 Ipswich Colchester 1-2 West Brom Valencia 2-0 Deportivo Villareal 1-2 Barcelona There is mine. Good luck forumers!!!!
  19. clayts

    Rugby World Cup

    Re: Rugby World Cup But.................what do I do? Ok, this is me. Born in 1982 in Durban, South Africa. My dad is South African and my mum is english. oved to England in 1989! Been here ever since. Love football so much. But rugby has never left me. So......................who do I support in the Final??? If I am gonna be totally honest! I seem to be leaning towards England. But it is so hard. Either way tho, I will be happy!
  20. Re: Calling All Distinguished Members Of The Forum Hi matey. Is there a team available for me??? pm me dude. cheers.
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