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  1. Re: Best kit in the world i like ac milan's kit i think it is really good
  2. Re: arshavin for ronaldinho? the ron could play more now that kaka has gone but i dont think he will keep 94 for long so i say keep arshavin
  3. Re: all players in differant shirts did u make em urself
  4. Re: Juninho Pernambucano Heads to Qatar i think it is sad for him to go to that league he will now drop of the radar
  5. Re: FIFA 09 BAP - PS3 - Les Noirs Utd can i join
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread i think nani should be given a chance for man u
  7. Re: david Silva deal i would keep gourcuff try and get a deal with out him
  8. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * i dont think Huddlestone would be a good signing for villa at all he never seems to be fit and he carries to much weight
  9. Re: Loan Out Gago?! 3 of them are 30 + so i woud wait and see what happens at real madrid if u wanna sell him
  10. Re: all players in differant shirts dani alves
  11. Re: all players in differant shirts that is really quite good nick
  12. Re: Guti + Meira + 2mill = Carragher.. defo not u do this u will have 2 rubish players on ur team in stead of 1 of the best cb's
  13. Re: Bosingwa + 20 mill = Ramos? ramos can play cb cant he and as u have alves i would take ramos to play cb
  14. Re: Luis Figo Announces Retirement! figo over the last couple of years been poor
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