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  1. Re: Best kit in the world i like ac milan's kit i think it is really good
  2. Re: arshavin for ronaldinho? the ron could play more now that kaka has gone but i dont think he will keep 94 for long so i say keep arshavin
  3. Re: all players in differant shirts did u make em urself
  4. Re: Juninho Pernambucano Heads to Qatar i think it is sad for him to go to that league he will now drop of the radar
  5. Re: FIFA 09 BAP - PS3 - Les Noirs Utd can i join
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread i think nani should be given a chance for man u
  7. Re: david Silva deal i would keep gourcuff try and get a deal with out him
  8. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * i dont think Huddlestone would be a good signing for villa at all he never seems to be fit and he carries to much weight
  9. Re: Loan Out Gago?! 3 of them are 30 + so i woud wait and see what happens at real madrid if u wanna sell him
  10. Re: all players in differant shirts dani alves
  11. Re: all players in differant shirts that is really quite good nick
  12. Re: Guti + Meira + 2mill = Carragher.. defo not u do this u will have 2 rubish players on ur team in stead of 1 of the best cb's
  13. Re: Bosingwa + 20 mill = Ramos? ramos can play cb cant he and as u have alves i would take ramos to play cb
  14. Re: Luis Figo Announces Retirement! figo over the last couple of years been poor
  15. Re: Julio Cesar or Michael Essien? well imo u need a better keeper ur midfield is pretty solid apart from maxi out of position James has 1/2 years left and then u will need a gk where ur midfield will be good for a few years in them
  16. Re: Higuain or Huntelaar? and with ruud van nistelrooy's future uncertain huntelaar could see more action than most people think
  17. Re: all players in differant shirts ur kuyt 1 is the best
  18. Re: Higuain or Huntelaar? better goal scorer huntelaar better player higuain but i would sign higuain although doesn't he play wide left/right (cant be sure which) for Madrid and they are signing ronaldo
  19. Re: all players in differant shirts any 1 got any to add
  20. Re: all players in differant shirts toure
  21. Re: all players in differant shirts santon
  22. Re: all players in differant shirts evra
  23. Re: How much is Cristiano Ronaldo worth? i would say 70-90 million euros
  24. Re: Andres Iniesta: Best player in the world? Really? 10 best players imo are 1. messi 2. iniesta 3. xavi 4. vidic 5. ribery 6. ronado 7. eto'o 8. ibrahimovic 9. kaka 10. daniel alves i suport man u
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