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  1. Theres a trophy cabinet for managers, so why cant there be one for players. For example when you click on a player there should a tab named accomplishments/achievements, similar to how there is one for history, transfer, etc, and in this tab there should be the list of accomplishments by the player. For example some could be top goalscorer season 5(club at time), Division 2 winner, etc. These accomplishments would be given to anyone who was part of the club, or played a certain amount of games. This could also be given to the loan players who are at the club at the time..
  2. Re: The Squad Advice Thread SZCZĘSNY, Wojciech Gk 22 89 COURTOIS, Thibaut Gk 20 88 MIHAYLOV, Nikolay Gk 24 88 LENO, Bernd Gk 20 87 TER STEGEN, Marc-andré Gk 20 87 KAMINSKI, Thomas Gk 19 83 DELAC, Matej Gk 20 83 LEALI, Nicola Gk 19 75 FABIO, Da Silva LB/RB 22 86 SHAW, Luke LB/RB 17 75 AURTENETXE, Jon LB/CB 20 88 BOILESEN, Nicolai LB/CB 20 82 CRISCITO, Domenico LB/LM 25 90 MONREAL, Nacho LB 26 89 WILLEMS, Jetro LB 18 84 DIGNE, Lucas LB 19 80 POTTS, Danny LB 18 77 VRSALJKO, Šime RB/LB 20 86 CLYNE, Nathaniel RB/LB 21 84 HENLEY, Adam RB/LB 18 78 DALMAU, Albert RB/CB 20 75 HEWITT, Elliott RB/DM 18 75 RAFAEL, Da Silva RB/RM 22 89 ALKAN, Okan RB/RM 20 77 FLANAGAN, John RB 19 82 DA COSTA, Danny RB 19 78 BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 23 91 MIQUEL, Ignasi CB/LB 20 80 OTAMENDI, Nicolás CB/RB 24 89 ALDERWEIRELD, Toby CB/RB 23 89 SAVIC, Stefan CB/RB 21 86 ZOUMA, Kurt CB/RB 17 83 LASCELLES, Jamaal CB/RB 18 78 RAMALHO, Jonás CB/RB 19 78 WISDOM, Andre CB/RB 19 75 N'KOULOU, Nicolas CB/DM 22 88 PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos CB/DM 20 88 VARANE, Raphaël CB/DM 19 87 BRUMA, Jeffrey CB/DM 20 86 MARQUINHOS, Aoas CB/DM 18 80 BESIC, Muhamed CB/DM 20 80 RUÍZ, Víctor CB 23 89 BONUCCI, Leonardo CB 25 89 MUSACCHIO, Mateo CB 22 89 SAN JOSE, Mikel CB 23 88 COATES, Sebastián CB 22 86 NASTASIĆ, Matija CB 19 84 HANLEY, Grant CB 20 84 CAMPORESE, Michele CB 20 83 ĆOSIĆ, Uroš CB 19 80 LICHNOVSKY, Igor CB 18 77 VESELI, Frédéric CB 19 75 MAGALLAN, Lisandro CB 19 75 CAN, Emre DM/CB 18 75 RODWELL, Jack DM/CM 21 88 CAMACHO, Ignacio DM/CM 22 85 MENDY, Nampalys DM/CM 20 84 KONDOGBIA, Geoffrey DM/CM 19 83 BIGIRIMANA, Gael DM/CM 18 78 CRISETIG, Lorenzo DM/CM 19 77 GONALONS, Maxime DM 23 89 LUKAKU, Jordan LM/LB 18 77 MCCLEAN, James LM/Wing 23 84 BERNAT, Juan LM/Wing 19 80 KIKO, Femenía RM/Wing 21 85 CARRASCO, Bryan RM/Wing 21 83 VADILLO, Álvaro RM/Wing 18 78 BANEGA, Éver CM/DM 24 90 STROOTMAN, Kevin CM/DM 22 89 KATIDIS, Giorgos CM/DM 19 76 MARCHISIO, Claudio CM/LM 26 91 KOKE, Jorge CM/LM 20 86 RAMSEY, Aaron CM/AM 21 88 MAHER, Adam CM/AM 19 86 SHELVEY, Jonjo CM/AM 20 84 RAFINHA, Alcántara CM/AM 19 83 MERKEL, Alexander CM/AM 20 83 WARD-PROWSE, James CM/AM 17 75 WILSHERE, Jack CM 20 89 LEITNER, Moritz CM 19 85 LIVERMORE, Jake CM 22 84 GARDNER, Gary CM 20 82 YABO, Reinhold CM 20 82 RUIZ DE GALARRETA, Iñigo CM 19 78 ESPINOSA, Javi CM 20 78 KROOS, Toni AM/CM 22 90 THIAGO, Alcántara AM/CM 21 89 VILHENA, Tonny AM/CM 17 77 RITS, Mats AM/CM 19 77 ÓLIVER, Torres AM/CM 17 75 MÜLLER, Thomas AM/Wing 23 93 GÖTZE, Mario AM/Wing 20 91 AFELLAY, Ibrahim AM/Wing 26 90 LAMELA, Erik AM/Wing 20 88 ISCO, Alarcón AM/Wing 20 87 LABYAD, Zakaria AM/Wing 19 86 DRAXLER, Julian AM/Wing 19 86 KOVACIC, Mateo AM/Wing 18 84 BITTENCOURT, Leonardo AM/Wing 18 82 ADRYAN, Tavares AM/Wing 18 80 HOYOS, Michael AM/Wing 21 78 HAZARD, Thorgan AM/Wing 19 76 OTAVIO, Monteiro AM/Wing 17 75 CAZARES, Juan AM/Wing 20 75 NIYAZ, Recep AM/Fwd 17 75 TASSI, Lorenzo AM/Fwd 17 75 KLAASSEN, Davy AM/CF 19 78 MOISÉS, Gómez AM 17 78 BRUNO, Massimo AM 19 75 PAREDES, Leandro AM 18 75 VALENCIA, Antonio Wing/RB 27 92 HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 21 92 MUNIAIN, Iker Wing/AM 19 90 SHAQIRI, Xherdan Wing/AM 21 89 RODRIGUEZ, James Wing/AM 21 89 GAITAN, Nicolás Wing/AM 24 89 REDMOND, Nathan Wing/AM 18 82 RABELLO, Bryan Wing/AM 18 77 CUENCA, Isaac Wing/Fwd 21 86 EL SHAARAWY, Stephan Wing/Fwd 19 86 INCE, Thomas Wing/Fwd 20 83 MIYAICHI, Ryo Wing/Fwd 19 83 SARABIA, Pablo Wing/Fwd 20 83 JORGENSEN, Nicolai Wing/Fwd 21 82 CAICEDO, Marcos Wing/Fwd 20 82 LUQUE, Carlos Wing/Fwd 19 80 JESÉ, Rodríguez Wing/Fwd 19 80 STERLING, Raheem Wing/Fwd 17 75 BENZIA, Yassine Wing/Fwd 18 75 IBE, Jordan Wing/Fwd 16 75 SILVA, Toni Wing 19 75 JUANMI, López Fwd/AM 19 82 BAXTER, José Fwd/AM 20 77 KOBYLANSKI, Martin Fwd/AM 18 76 SÁNCHEZ, Alexis Fwd/Wing 23 92 BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd/Wing 22 90 WELBECK, Danny Fwd/Wing 21 89 CALLEJÓN, José Fwd/Wing 25 88 MUSA, Ahmed Fwd/Wing 20 85 TOSUN, Cenk Fwd/Wing 21 85 MARKOVIC, Lazar Fwd/Wing 18 83 MCMANAMAN, Callum Fwd/Wing 21 80 PACHECO, Dani Fwd/Wing 21 80 VINICIUS, Silva Fwd/Wing 19 78 DYBALA, Paulo Fwd/Wing 18 76 NOBLE-LAZARUS, Reuben Fwd/Wing 19 76 BORINI, Fabio Fwd 21 86 ADEMILSON, Junior Fwd 18 80 ANDRADE, Victor Fwd 17 80 CHALÁ, Walter Fwd 20 78 KABASELE, Nathan Fwd 18 77 FABRICE, Olinga Fwd 16 75 DONGOU, Jean Marie Fwd 17 75 TORRES, Érick CF/AM 19 84 CARROLL, Andy CF 23 88 FERREYRA, Facundo CF 21 85 CASNOS, Luc CF 20 85 DEMIR, Muhammet CF 20 83 ARAUJO, Sergio CF 20 80 TAFER, Yannis CF 21 80 TROTTA, Marcello CF 20 78 AFOBE, Benik CF 19 78 ZOHORE, Kenneth CF 18 78 DEPAY, Memphis CF 18 77 SERDEROV, SerderCF 18 75 TALLO, Junior CF 19 75 YEŞIL, Samed CF 18 75 BENNETT, Mason CF 16 75 Any help would be helpful
  3. Re: .: The 'Transfer' Thread :. Taking by your username you must be Kyle Brown:p
  4. Re: youth players / freindlys My idea would be to separate the two, but still be under management of the same coach, but each team would have a separate budget. It could be split into a first team and youth/reserve team, and a certain amount of money gets seperated for the youth/reserve team. For example, lets say a team starts off with 20 mill, the chairman puts aside 5 mill, to improve the youth squad. The youth/reserve team will also compete in a different league among other youth teams, and play in a youth cup. I know its easier said than done considering that there a lot of teams in one setup, but just an idea.
  5. Re: Youth/reserve league I think a better idea would be making the youth managed by another manager. The youth manager gets his own balance ( really small of course) and he/she worries of buying youth, while the manager only has to worry of buying players for the first team. There can be youth competition for cup and league. The first team coach can also keep in contact with the youth team coach and when the first team coach resigns, the youth team will be first to be offered the spot. If there is no youth team managers, then the first team coach can manage till someone takes the job. This would probably work best in GC. Just some suggestions.
  6. Re: Old players kept on database?!? http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=2053
  7. Re: Old players kept on database?!? Gareth Southgate: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=1144
  8. Re: Old players kept on database?!? Just some i manager to find SOLSKJAER: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=1134 Keane: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=1123 STAM: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=2462 Maldini: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=2465 Rui Costa: http://www.soccermanager.com/player.php?pid=2469
  9. Re: Old players kept on database?!? This is amazing!!! I already spent 10 minutes just putting in random numbers XD
  10. Re: Forty Special Ones - discussion thread Anyone got a striker 87 or above that is willing to loan to boca juniors (preferably south American, excluding Brazilians )
  11. Re: Forty Special Ones | Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Boca Juniors new Coach promises home grown talent New Boca manager has promised fans to not shop for foreign players, instead just shopping for Argentinian and south American players. The manager has also reported interest in Uruguayan striker, abel hernandez.Romero has been keeping his eye on him since his days at central espanol. Along with hernandez, his cub teammate , pastore is also on Boca's radar. They are keen on the veteran zanetti who is put on the transfer list. Riquelme might also leave the club if the right price comes along.
  12. If you could pick 1 player of each country from each continent(UFEA, CONMEBOL, etc.). You are only allowed to pick 1 player from each country in the continent, with a 18 man squad (Starting X1 plus subs, 2 GK, 6 DEF, 6 MID, and 4 FWD). For CONMEBOL you pick 2 from each country while picking 1 player from two countries. For CAF you pick the 10 countries and do the same as CONMEBOL. I'm not sure if this game will work with CONCACAF, AFC, and OFC. You can use any formation and reasons for your choices would also be nice. These are my squads CONMEBOL GK- Julio Cesar (BRA)-Best Gk in the world atm. RB- Maicon (BRA)- Good RB in defence and supporting attack, and very disciplined, and good tactical player. CB- Samuel(ARG)- Formed good partnership with Lucio, and good in the air. They don't call him the wall for nothing CB- Gary Medel (CHI) - Good strong centre-back, also played well at the world cup. LB- Jorge Fucile (URU)- Versatile Fullback who helps the attack RW- Luis Antonio Valencia (ECU)- Good winger that delivers accurate crosses and gets back to help the defence. DM - Enrique Vera (PAR)- A strong tackler, and good vision. LW- Juan Vargas (PER)- Creative winger, that has a good left foot. FWD- Lionel Messi (ARG)- Best player in the world, what else needs to be said CF- Diego Forlan (URU) - A player who plays with his heart, he showed that in the world cup, and has a strong shot. FWD- Alexis Sanchez (CHI)- A good creative forward who has a fast pace and does good runs. GK- Renny Vega(VEN)- avergae GK, a good back up DEF- Ivan Cordova (COL)- a versatile defender that can an play any where on the back line, he also has good anticipation. DEF- Torres (PAR)- Solid CB, decent back up. M- Manco (PER)-apparently a good young player M- Galindo (BOL)- another good young player. M-Noboa (ECU)- A good creative midfielder. FWD- Falcao(COL)- A fast forward who can score goals UEFA GK-Lloris(FRA)- Best upcoming keeper IMO, good positioning and good reflex. Pretty smart, goalkeeping wise, for a young keeper. RB- Vefdan Corluka (CRO)- Physically big, and good in attack. CB-Vidic (SER)- Best CB ATM, Very strong, good tackler and good in the air. CB-Vermalean(BEL)- Good centre back, Arsenal's only good defender, and a good goal scoring bonus. LB- Domenico Criscito (ITA)- Good left-back, and is still young. ACM- Dzagoev(RUS)- One of my favourite players, creative with the ball, and nice passing. Has a bright future. MF- Sniejder (HOL)- Creative playmaker, with wonderful passing. MF-Xavi(SPA)- Good vision and excellent skill with the ball. Very good playmaker RFWD- Muller (GER)- Showed what he can do at the world cup. Upcoming striker with a big future. FWD-Rooney(ENG)-Fast, strong forward. always running and trying gain possession and scores a lot of goals. LFWD-Ronaldo(POR)-Top player, can shoot from anywhere on the field, and has a couple of trick too leave defenders behind. GK- Samir Handanovic (SLO)- A good reliable goal keeper. DEF-Kjaer(DEN)- Good defender with nice passing long passing also. DEF-Torosidis(GRE)- A very versatile defender, and utility man. Has good crosses and good passing. LM-Gareth Bale (WAL)- Very good left winger. Fast, good crosses and a good finish. AMF-Hamsik- A creative player, who leads the attack very well. W- Arda Turan (TUR)- A good winger with a nice shot, and fast pace. FWD- Ibra(SWE)- A tall predatory striker, who can get in the box and score goals.
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