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  1. Re: need help with legal transfers reversed
  2. Re: need help with legal transfers reversed
  3. I play with Fenerbahce for 6 seasons now in World Championship 1943.I just found today that my deals for Schweinsteinger,Mata and Pablo Hernandez are reversed.This message was appeared to me: After an investigation by the SMFA, the deal involving Fenerbahçe SK and Bayern München regarding Juan Manuel MATA has been reversed. After an investigation by the SMFA, the deal involving Fenerbahçe SK and Bayern München regarding Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER has been reversed. After an investigation by the SMFA, the deal involving Fenerbahçe SK and Bayern München regarding Dominguez PABLO HERNANDEZ has b
  4. He is in my team and i got offer for him to swap with Luca Toni?What do you think?is this a good deal?
  5. What do u think about this player with his ratings will go down or stay same?i have chance to swap him with jesus navas rating 92.is this good deal or not?
  6. Re: Good Buys anyone else?
  7. I am in very competitive WC and these players are in unmanaged clubs but i dont know which are of these are good buys and what will be their future ratings: GUTI, José María CM/AM 91 PIRES, Robert AM/LM 91 BEREZUTSKY, Vasili CB 90 POLGA, Anderson CB 90 JONAS GUTIERREZ, Manuel Wing 90 CETIN, Servet CB 90 SALIHOVIC, Sejad CM/LM 89 Just to mention i am short in midfield especially CM and i have need of one backup CB and thats just why i placed a bid for berezutsky which i think is safe in his ratings.what do u think?
  8. I receive a bid in competitive wc for my striker david villa for 60 million plus gerard pique. my other cbs are:SAMUEL, Walter,TASCI, Serdar,ROLANDO, Jorge,VERMAELEN, Thomas,CIANI, Mickaël and other strikers i have are: GOMEZ, Mario;HULK, Givanildo Vieira;BELLAMY, Craig;HIGUAIN, Gonzalo i am thinking that this is a good deal,what do u think?
  9. Re: 3-4-2-1 formation or 3-5-2 nice styles there just one question:what about attacking style:mixed,through middle or down both flanks.i play with 3 CBs,1 dm,2 cms,RM/AM,LM/LB and Fwd and CF in of 3-5-2.what attacking style do u recomend?
  10. Hey,i want to buy him to play in cm position but i dont know will he remain at his current position CM/DM or will he change to CM/LM or LM/CM as he this season play more wide for barcelona.any opinions?
  11. djzomax

    Up Front?

    Re: Up Front? what about these pairing: 10 9 David Villa Fwd 96 M.Gomez CF 93 i used them like this in 3-5-2 formation.Which of these i should make my target man?Do i need to swap places villa goes to 9 and gomez to 10 position?
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thread anyone to respond to this?
  13. I have him in my team and have a lot of CBs should i sell him for 15 million?How his rating will be,stay or drop?My other CBs are Marquez,Samuel,Rolando,Tasci,Subotic,Forlin.Help will be appreciated
  14. Re: Tactics Help Thread which tactics and playstyle will suggest for this team: AKINFEEV, Igor Gk 91 ASENJO, Sergio Gk 88 CISSOKHO, Aly LB 86 SANTON, Davide RB/LB 86 MARQUEZ, Rafael CB/DM 93 LUGANO, Diego CB 92 SAMUEL, Walter CB 92 TASCI, Serdar CB/RB 90 ROLANDO, Jorge CB 89 MARCANO, Iván CB/LB 87 SUBOTIC, Neven CB 87 FORLIN, Juan CB/DM 86 PRANJIC, Danijel LM/LB 90 MICHEL BASTOS, Fernandes LM/Wing 89 MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo RM/AM 93 BENAYOUN, Yossi RM/AM 89 LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar CM/RM 93 MEIRELES, Raul CM 91 ZANETTI, Javier DM/Def 94 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM 88 OZIL, Mes
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