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  1. New game world. Serious managers only. GW I.D. 395573
  2. For central mid I already have KIMMICH, DEMBELE (Spurs) and DAVID SILVA. Wingers, I have CALHANOGLU, ZIYECH, DAVID SILVA, RAMSELAAR.
  3. I only have enough money to buy one of the following players in a very competitive GW. They are both in positions I need but not sure who to go with: FELIPE ANDERSON (91) SERGEJ MILINKOVIC-SAVIC (89) What do you guys reckon?
  4. How do I join this... or can I advertise my custom league right away? Cheers
  5. Which team are you? For everyone else... league is now open, first game in 7 days. Still plenty of top teams up for grabs... take a look Game World ID 251407
  6. One more needed to get things going. Plenty of top teams left... Request a team and I will accept.
  7. World League Elite Game World ID: 251407 Still some quality teams left to takeover. Or if you want a challenge then take up one of the 'smaller' teams and make them the greatest!!! Serious managers wanted for competitive brand new custom league. Search the game world ID: 251407 and request a team... Come and join us and see who can take the honours!!
  8. Nice one. Accepted. Just waiting for more managers before game world to begin.
  9. World League Elite Game World ID: 251407 Genuine managers required to start a new custom league. Really want this to be competitive and challenging. Please search league ID above and apply for one of the vacant clubs and let's make this happen.
  10. World League Elite Game World ID: 251407 Genuine managers required to start a new customer league. Really want this to be competitive and challenging. Please search league ID above and apply for one of the vacant clubs and let's make this happen.
  11. Bonucci for cash and Sakho. yes or no? Cheers
  12. I need a goal scorer and have been offered Danny Welbeck or Javier Hernandez. Who is the better bet, both short term and long term?
  13. Re: Best XI under-22
  14. glinka

    Gareth Bale

    Re: Gareth Bale Whilst I agree with what a lot of what is being said I do still have an issue with other rateings compared to Bale. If he is then many other players' ratings are wrong. I believe because he playes for Tottenham he is not looked on as favourably. For instance, Fernando Gago got to a 90 rating for doing what exactly - oh hang on, he plays for Real Madrid. He is a solid player but not a 90. If Bale had played the way he has thuis season, in particularly in Europe in a real madrid shirt then I believe his would be rated higher. I don't want to repaet myself but if SM can justify Bale being a 90, which I can get on board with then how can Carrick be a 92. I am a man utd fan and I can guarantee Carrick has not done anything of note for a while now, let alone tear apart the reigning European Cup holders. I actually agree that Bale deserves to be a 90 - I guess my real gripe is t5he over rating of other players who play for more 'glamorous' clubs (although this can be disputed as they are not always regulars). The list goes on: ANDERSON - rated 90. What has he done. Bale is better than him! PEDRO LEON - rated 89. Only played 5 times this season for Real Madrid!!! PARK JI SUNG - a good solid player but the same quality as Bale? DARREN FLETCHER - Rated 92. Is he 2 ratings better? JOHN O SHEA - rated 89. If Flethcer is rated 2 better than Bale then surely, SURELY Bale is 2 better than O'SHEA!!!!???
  15. glinka

    Gareth Bale

    So the rating changes have just taken place for the ENGLISH PREMIESHIP. There is on small thing that is getting to me, so i'm sharing it on here. GARETH BALE!!! his rating remains unchanged at a 90!!! Eh? surely this isn't right? Gareth Bale has been sensational the last 2 seasons yet he is rated the same, yes the SAME as Joe Cole who has been awful the last season and a half! Darren Fletcher is rated at 92 (as is Carrick)... whilst I rate Fletcher (I don't rate Carrick) - is he really 2 ratings better than Bale? I would suggest Bale is 2 better than Fletcher. *I stand corrected if this changes in the next couple of days but it would have been the first rating change made for me! What do people think. Should I just pipe down and drink my tea?
  16. Re: Transfer/Player Search Section There should be a catergory for all players that are at level 4 or 5 in terms of their morale
  17. Why can't you arrange friendlies in the off season. This is a perfect time to try out new tactics/formations/players etc... so simple to put in place as well. Also, what really annoys me is when you leave one club for another in the same game world, why doesn't your history show that you have managed another team pryor to the team you currently manage. for instance, I managed Vasco da Gama in game world 70, I then got offered the fulhum job. When i click on my profile, it just tells me my manager history for my Fulham career. Why doesn't it have a combined. something like; MANAGER CLUB RECORD DATES PLAYED WON LOST DRAWN WIN% VASCO: FULHUM: TOTAL: Again, would be very east to do.
  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I think Totti is decent value for 14mil.... at the very worse he'll go down to a 93 (although I think he'll stay 94), he'll do a good job in creating and scoring goals and you would get 3 SM seasons out of him whilst he is still a top rated player.
  19. What do you guys think his potential is. I'm pretty sure his rating will rise soon (1st choice for Barcelona and Spain). Also, what do people think on a deal involving me swapping Busquets and Nasri for Fabregas with the condition of me also swapping Pique for Chiellini as a separate deal? I think this would be a really good deal, I'm just concerned as I know Busquets will rise.... thoughts?
  20. Re: custom formation Yeah I definitely agree. You should be able to be more flexible on formations: placing a player any where on the pitch and being able to adjust their position is something that should be in place. (like on pro evolution soccer)
  21. glinka


    Re: Penalties yep, needs to be sorted out. for a start penalties are never given during matches and when a cup game goes to pens you have no control over who takes them or anything.... slightly unrealistic and all it achieves is making the game seem more distant from the game player!!
  22. Re: Injuries Yeah but this only promotes player hoarding which does my nut in, the big teams have 6 or 7 90+ players for each position so when they get a player injured they have no problem replacing him - however if like me your reserve squad is full of promising young 80-85 rated players then when i get pavlyuchenko out for 15 games with a broken cheekbone or diego milito out for 6 games with stubbed toe then its detremental to my season!!!!
  23. Re: Injuries One thing that gets me with injuries is the length of time a player is out for, or more specifically how many games they're out for. This point may have been made before but anyway, on SM two league games are played every week without fail, if a player suffers a minor hamstring and is out for 2-3 weeks (as would be the case in real life) then that on SM equates to around 6 games as apposed to real life where a player might only miss 2 or 3 league games! Another example of this is at the minute i have Pavlyuchenko out with a fractured cheekbone - he's out for 7 weeks, 2months in real life may be 8 league games, on SM he will now miss at least 15 league games which is nearly half a season with a broken cheekbone!!!! This seems a little unrealistic and should be changed accordingly, baring in mind that we play 2 league games every week a players injury should either be timed on games he will miss, i.e Pavlyuchenko out for 8 games with a broken cheekbone or if you want to stick to the current way then the time should be halved due to the 2 league games a week process and quicker seasons versus real time! cheers
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